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SimPedals™ XBOX/Playstation Fanatec Rj12 Connector Wheel Cable

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*This Product REQUIRES the use of the Main Performance PC Pedal Controller, or the end user MUST own a set of Main Performance PC SimPedals (SimPedal's were discontinued in 2015 and are no longer in production).*



Fanatec Wheel Cable for console gaming compatibility. Compatible with all Fanatec Wheels with Rj12 style connector.


For PC use, just use the included USB cable that comes with your SimPedals. Using this cable to connect your pedals to your wheel for PC use is not recommended, and may cause electrical failure of the circuit board, not covered under warranty.

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Great Product, Would Like it to Apply to All Platforms

Written by Craig Capon on May 16th 2016

This cable does exactly what it says it does - it allows you to connect the Simpedals to the Fanatec CSW wheel. The only problem is that MPPC recommends against using the cable for PC use, at it could damage the board. That means this cable is basically only useful if the wheel is going to be used solely for console use. I have managed to get around that by running some RJ 12 phone cable from the back of my wheel to a connector, which then connects to the Simpedal cable. When I want to console sim race, I connect this cable to the connector. When I want to PC sim race, I use the USB cable. As always, MPPC was lightning fast to ship. Their customer service is unparalleled.