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Join the REVOLUTION in gaming! Obutto has done it again, with the extremely versatile, comfortable and even more adjustable Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit. The Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit is the PREMIER gaming cockpit for Flight Sims, Racing Sims, and general Computer use/Workstation use. The Obutto series of cockpits are the FIRST cockpits to ever be multi-task cockpits, catering to Flight Sim, Racing Sim and General Workstation users, all in one. Looking for the ultimate racing simulator cockpit? The Obutto R3Volution is perfect for this. How about a flight simulator cockpit? That too. You can even mount up to 6 displays to the R3Volution for flight sim users for the ultimate immersive experience, at a truly affordable price point.

Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. 

*Optional accessories shown in product photo’s.

 What does the Obutto R3Volution Base Cockpit come with? 


  1. Real car sports seat with a slight tilt for comfort - The seat fully reclines and is adjustable on sliders.

  2. Very stable steel frame with 2mm thick walled tubing

  3. Fully articulating keyboard & mouse tray for optimal positioning

  4. Includes a self-adhesive mouse pad material for covering entire surface of the keyboard & mouse tray. Rubberized padding for wheel deck mount, and pedal tray for a noise dampening effect.

  5. Separate monitor stand with single monitor mount to accommodate any size monitors from 19" to 55" and supports VESA 75x75, 100x100 and 100x200 patterns. Optional Triple Monitor Mount Add-On Accessory supports up to 32" screens MAX.

  6. Main monitor mount has fully articulating arm with approx. 25cm of travel

  7. Foot or pedal tray with angle & over 20cm of distance adjust-ability, pre-drilled for major racing and flight controllers (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec)

  8. Tall shifter mount to accommodate major H-pattern shifters (Logitech, Thrustmaster, Etc - FANATEC Shifters require hard mounting.) Also, works as a throttle mount for flight sims.

  9. Steering wheel mount is pre-drilled for major racing and flight controllers (Logitech (G25/27 & Flight controllers), Thrustmaster T500 RS, Saitek, Fanatec 911 & CSR wheels)

  10. Steering wheel mount is pre-drilled with 75x75 & 100x100 VESA bolt patterns so displays can be mounted instead of controllers (For flight sim users)

  11. Steering wheel mount is height, distance and tilt adjustable

  12. Includes a 1.5mm thick self-adhesive neoprene for steering wheel mount & pedal tray (this softens the interface between the controllers and the steel mount, making it more comfortable, and allowing your devices to remain in pristine condition)

  13. Hidden wire management inside the spine of the cockpit.

  14. All required assembly Tools & Hardware. (Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Instructions, Wrench, Allen Keys.)

  15. Cup Holder - Hold your favorite brew or refreshment for those long gaming sessions.

  16. 6 Month Warranty by Obutto. 
From the manufacturer: Obutto stands by its products, and even though our cockpits & accessories are more robust than anything on the market, problems do occur. Therefore, OBUTTO offers a 6 month warranty on it’s cockpits & accessories. If you’re Obutto products are damaged during shipment, or during normal use in the first 6 months, we will replace your damaged parts free of charge. In order to get your new parts, please send us a detailed photo along with a description of what caused the damage. Emails & photo’s should be sent to info@obutto.com http://obutto.com/information/warranty/

Reviews (56)

A solid workstation for the computer age.

Written by Leif on Oct 19th 2016

I bought the Obutto R3Volution to use primarily as a workstation. It is way better for one’s body than a conventional desk and office chair. Realistically, there is no correct posture for sitting upright at a computer, especially when working for extended periods of time. The “cockpit” design puts you lower to the floor with your legs comfortably stretched out. The bucket seat hugs your rib cage in a more reclined position, distributing the weight more evenly over your back instead of concentrating it all on your lower back. This works because you can easily position the monitor in a way that complements this new posture. The seat is great. It is durable, adjustable, comfortable, and good looking. The frame is heavy, solid, and durable—very important. The last thing I wanted was something that felt cheap, rocked, vibrated, or squeaked like every lame office chair I’ve ever had over the years. The monitor stand is a little odd in that it is three pieces that fit together but are not actually bolted. However, it works well and has a very robust articulating arm for the VESA mount. The acrylic table tops are way cooler looking and more useful than you might think. I highly recommend them. Do expect a tremendous amount of static electricity after first removing the protective paper from the acrylic, but it does go away. This thing takes time to build, and after you’re finished don’t expect it to be perfect immediately— keep your parts and tools handy for a few days. Build it, use it, adjust it, repeat. Do this and it will just get better, more useful, and comfortable over time until it is just right. The cons are these: There are no extras for certain pieces of hardware. There were not enough flat washers for example. I had to buy extras so that everything was bolted properly. The instructions are not that great. They seem like an afterthought and keep referring to online videos that don’t actually provide anymore detail than the paper instructions. However, they are generally good enough and the boxes are referenced by number and that helps a lot. I recommend that if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer type, enlist the help of a friend who is. One minor gripe is that the plastic feet that insert into the frame at the rear of the cockpit under the seat, don’t fit snuggly at all. They fall right out which results in scratches on hardwood floors. My solution was to wrap some black electrical tape around them before insertion and that worked well. By far the biggest con is the articulating arm on the keyboard tray. It is not nearly hefty enough. It needs to have much bigger, more robust joints. The tray sags and bounces no matter how much you tighten the joints. I even attached the tray to the arm backwards which more centers the connection point and better balances the weight. That helps but it can still be annoying. If you accidentally leaned your weight on the tray it would probably break. While not the worst thing, it is definitely the weakest point of an otherwise awesome rig. I use the included shifter mount to prop up the far side and this works well. I covered the surface of the mount with stick-on neoprene so the metal wouldn’t scrape. Now I can swing the tray over after climbing in and have a solid support on the side opposite the arm resulting in a very sturdy surface—it even looks as if it were made for that purpose. Overall I am very happy with my Obutto R3volution and I highly recommend it to anyone with similar computing needs. Conventional desks and chairs were not invented with computer use in mind. However, this beast has been engineered exactly for that purpose. The build quality is excellent and none of the cons that I highlighted would be deal breakers were I to buy it again. My setup: Obutto R3Volution with acrylic tabletops. 34” Curved Samsung monitor. Macbook Pro retina.

I like it, but the seat is not comfortable .

Written by Jon on Aug 17th 2016

I like this rig, but this is not a real car seat. I have never sat in a car and have lower back pain. I have had this for a month now and it still hurts my back and I never have back problems. I have tried making adjustments but nothing has worked. I don't regret buying it but I was expecting a better seat for 700 hundreds. Probably just going to get another seat for it someday.

it's okay...but with few issues

Written by Enrico on Aug 3rd 2016

It’s almost 2 years that I’m using it and I would like to share my experience. Let’s start from the pros: - Everything you need is there. No need of extra bolts/tools. - Well packed and protected - Heavy central structure - Order and shipment was top notch and perfect A part for this the list of cons is quite long so be ready: - two washers where damaged/cut and one thread of the bolts damages and no spares present - Seating position can not be change in elevation (im actually driving with 3 cm of washers under each of the 4 screws of the seat + pillow) - Triple monitor stands is very hard if not impossible to align and if you touch/push/pull you will risk to lost your alignment. - With 27 inch screen the provided holes to regulate the monitor height are not very effective. This is connected also with the point no. 1. The seating position (I’m 1.75cm) is too low and the screen center is well above the eyeballs forcing you to watch upwards creating stress and pain to your neck. If you use the lowest point the screens are too low and impaired by the wheel and you need to put them too far away from your position - The legs and the entire monitor stand is not firm and stable. - Keyboard and mouse is never flat. I’ve tried to regulate with the provided screw without success (btw they are very uncomfortable to reach and use) - The cover mat is not covering the entire surface. - The bolts are too shorts for connection between the seat structure and the central rig structure. - Seat is not so rigid and when using load cell brake you can feel the back flexing and moving - The wheel support has springboard effects. Very solid when moving left and right but up/down is not. - The fabric of the seat is on the itchy/hot side. Always used a light towel to cover it It would have been a great rig but not for the selling price. It does the job and you can leave with all the above issues that you can try to solve with some modification but again not at that cost. I was planning to upgrade to Direct Drive wheel and better pedal set but unfortunately i will have to change it as it won't be able to handle the weight and forces of this type of equipment.

Its Perfect...

Written by Mike on Jul 23rd 2016

Aside from 3 stripped bolts/screws, assembly was pretty simple. I used the videos online as a guide, which narrowed my installation time to about 3 hours. I was nervous about size, being the desk was going in a 9x9 room. Fits great. I strongly suggest the acrylic mounts immediately. Im very glad I got them with the purchase of the Revolution. I have a 40" 4k 400x400 vesa patterned monitor attached to the monitor stand. The standard bracket on the stand would not fit, so a $10 adapter from amazon did the trick. I am 6', 155 lbs, about a 34" waist, and I fit in this seat nicely. I followed most suggestions in the installation videos regarding where to setup things, and im pretty happy. Great desk. It will serve its purpose for many, many years to come.


Written by Noah on Jul 5th 2016

I don't have time for a long review, but I just wanted to let it be known that I bought mine in 2014 and have used it every single day to this day and have nothing but absolute love for it. I'm not sure why anyone has any complaints about the seat being uncomfortable but I guess we are all made differently. I'm 6'2" 186 lbs and 32" waist with fairly athletic build and it fits me like a glove. I use this rig for working for IT / network administration from home so I have the acrylic desks to hold a phone and coffee, etc. It's so nice that this thing can accommodate so many roles. I sim race, FPS games and do at least 8 hours a day of working remotely on servers and with my previous typical wooden desks and desk chairs, I was in constant unrest to be comfortable but now, work is the only discomfort I feel now lol. Keep in mind that these desks are more or less custom fitted to you when you build them. It is no easy thing to go back and adjust pedal tray or positioning of certain things so get it close to how you want it while building and explain to others that it is customized to fit YOU and not them so they shouldn't try to judge it based on their own experience if they are made differently than you. My wife is much shorter than I am and smaller frame so she has a real issue of seeing over the wheel, which metal risers under the seat would fix that but it wouldn't help me any so.... its more of a one person desk more or less. Still I've looked high and low and for years for a desk that could answer all the needs that this one does and for way more money than this costs, nothing out there managed to nail all of my wants perfectly like the Revolution.

Functions Perfectly, Except for the Primary HID

Written by Jason VP on May 18th 2016

What do I mean by the primary HID, or Human Interface Device? The seat. But I'll get to that in a moment after I stop gushing about how wonderful this setup is otherwise. It really is wonderful. I don't play racing sims, but I do play flight sims and other such games, along with FPS/shooters. For both styles of games, this setup is exactly what I've always needed: an easy way to use my keyboard and mouse, and just as easy a way to use my flight stick, throttle, and rudder pedals. I have the Thrustmaster Warthog attachments, and it's set up center stick (between my legs), with the throttle on the left, and the keyboard/mouse tray on the right. Perfect. The LCD panel stand is also relatively good, but it's not well suited for those of us who are... short. Even its lowest setting has the panels up too high. I fixed that by just removing the height bolts and letting the LCD carrier rest on the lower part of the stand's legs. Basically: gravity is holding panel in place versus a pair of bolts. Finally: the seat. There's no way I can say anything good about this seat. I'd be more comfortable sitting on a flat, metal bus stop bench for 5 hours than I would sitting in this seat for 30 minutes. Absolute and unrelenting back and leg pain. It's obnoxiously bad. I'm not a large person by any stretch (32" waist, FWIW). The seat's side rails are metal tubes with the thinnest of fabrics and padding over them. I literally can't sit in the seat for more than 30 minutes without being in horrendous pain. To solve some of that, I have a pile of pads and pillows on top of the seating surface, but they're still not enough. I've love to rate the R3v higher because it solved my perennial problem of keyboard/mouse/joystick setups. But the seat, which is the primary piece of equipment, just sucks. Horribly.

Great comfort.

Written by Joshua on Apr 8th 2016

Love it. Finally I am comfortable gaming at my comp. The only complaint I have is that one of the acrylic table tops had a corner chipped off. Other than that, I am very satisfied.


Written by Matt on Mar 28th 2016

Just got my Obutto R3Volution setup and so far think I'll be able to spend hours upon hours in it working. Currently have the acrylic tabletops tilted, one is holding a textbook and the other is holding a set of construction drawings. I have the drawings clipped at the top with a binder clip and am able to flip through them easily that way. The seat is holding me (6'0" 185lb) very comfortably. Regarding the TV Mount, it could have been engineered to be a bit more stable. I have two 32" LED Insignia TVs on it right now. The mount and TVs aren't going to tip over but there is a little play when they are moved around. I have the TV stand setup on carpeting so that may be the reason it has some give. Either way, that is the only complaint I have about the system, otherwise I love it! Like someone said in another post, the box arrived like it been drug everywhere. The package that holds all of the small parts; bolts, nuts, washers, and lock washers was opened when I started putting the cockpit together. Didn't lose any bolts, nuts, or washers but did have to go find some other lock washers. This problem should be addressed. All in all the cockpit is fitting my needs very nicely. Thinking about buying some racing/flying simulation gear now that I have the cockpit to go with it!

Great... but not perfect

Written by Matthew on Feb 6th 2016

Let me start off by saying this is an absolute masterpiece of equipment and I am happy with it overall, but for the money... I expected more. I agree with a previous review stating the lowest wheel height adjustment is still really high. I am 5'8" and my Fanatec Wheel is a little too high for my liking. One way to remedy it would be to add spacers to the seat to make it higher. Another gripe was that I was constantly cleaning out the threads on the unit and hardware because they were full of powdercoat overspray. (Why isn't Obutto cleaning the threads after the powder coating process?) One of the biggest issues I have is the Single TV Mount. I have a 47" LG TV that weighs 40 lbs and it is sagging at the articulating point of the mount and no matter how tight I go with the hardware the TV is constantly tilting down. With the single mount, I don't need it to extend and/or articulate because I can move the mount closer or farther if I'd like. I understand that all the triple mount is, is an extension of the center single mount, but a fixed mount (with tilt only) should be offered. (Yeah yeah I know.. get a smaller TV... not an option, I like my 47" LG) My last issue was the packaging/shipping. My cockpit had to go from Washington State all the way across the country to New York and by the looks of the box when I received it, it looked like it was dragged behind a truck the entire way. I was devastated once i saw the boxes, expecting the worst. Fortunately, most of the items inside were still in good condition when opened. My only suggestion would be to either A) ship it using a freight company and put them on a pallet or B) Ship them in more than 2 boxes, because UPS doesn't deal with the 125 lb box too well, they are used to carrying boxes under their arms, instead... mine looked like it was kicked and pushed off the back of the truck at every UPS terminal during its travels to me. On a final note, I am happy with my Obutto R3volution Cockpit. I really like the overall appearance of it... think Stealth Bomber. I like the adaptability of the unit, it gives people many options of use instead of it being limited to only one. I would give MainPerformance PC 10 out of 10 stars if I could... they are the only place that offers the Obutto R3volution Cockpit to US consumers and they back it with an awesome warranty. Thanks MPPC... you guys are great!

Great and flexible

Written by Richard on Feb 5th 2016

I only had one problem. One of the welded on nuts for the main frame that the steering wheel attaches to had messed up threads, no matter which bolt i tried, they wouldn't screw in. I think its still strong enough though with only those 3 bolts holding main frame. I am running this with a 55" Sony tv with 300mm by 300mm VESA bolt pattern and it works great with this adapter I bought. It was hard to find this so I will link it below https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AEBDU3Y/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit + Triple Screen Mount

Written by Joe on Feb 4th 2016

After a long wait to get my new cockpit (almost two months!) I finally received my order! After removing all of the boxes and setting them up in order, unwrapping the perfectly wrapped pieces and cutting out the 'pieces' box, I was ready to go. First off I have to say kudos to the designers of the packaging, as well as the installation video. I would suggest browsing the documentation for the install but rely on the video. Step 1, grab box 1 with this other piece and assemble with these parts, Step 2, grab box 2, etc... Very well done, super easy to put together. After the install I had issues with the triple-screen mount, but it was easily remedied by the support team at Obutto. Overall, I have to give this beautiful piece of craftsmanship five stars in every aspect. The seat is very comfortable, the setup and configuration of all the components are really simple and give you a great range of configurations. I use is as both a desk and a racing cockpit, and both configurations work great. The seat is comfortable enough to sit for several hours without any discomfort. I can adjust the wheel back down, move the seat back and it is completely comfortable for a desk setup, move the seat forward, pull the wheel out and works great for a racing sim. If I have to give it a negative it would have to be for a better cable management system. Using velcro and twist-ties to keep cables together works fine, but I think some plastic cable management points on the chassis would make it more desirable. Definitely not a negative overall, but a suggestion for the future. If you've thought about buying one as a replacement for a racing cockpit, or even a desk, I would highly recommend it. I have already sold my old desk after a few weeks as this as my replacement and I am completely happy. Even though the cost is somewhat high, the craftsmanship of the entire chassis and the adjust-ability of all the components make it a perfect workstation and racing cockpit. I'm sure it will last for many years and keep a smile on my face!

Awesome rig!

Written by Eddie on Feb 4th 2016

This rig is almost perfect! I'm sure you know all the good stuff about it already and that won't really help out now... It is really a the best of the best. I do own a Ozone as well and that is still a great buy. BUT this thing is on a different level! If I'm to be critical about it though, the two things that I could see improvements in are, The seat is a little stiff and narrow, and the dash or wheel plate is a little too high for my liking. Everything else is spot on. Thanks Main Performance for making it available to us in the US.

Surprisingly solid build quality

Written by Arnav on Dec 1st 2015

Very well thought-out product. Surprisingly solid build quality for each part! Monitor stand is has lots of flexibility for adjustment of height, tilt, distance from user, rotation, etc. The seat is also high quality, with a nice touch of carbon-fiber-like patches sewn over. I'm using the Fanatec Clubsport V2 Wheelbase, and there's absolutely no flex, even with FFB turned all the way up! Without the base adapter, the wheel fits perfectly over the steering mount. The The Fanatec Clubsport V2 pedals fit like a glove on the pedal tray, which again, has no flex. Keyboard tray with all the swivel adjustments is very solid (there's square piping to keep it rigid under the seemingly thin metal top). The mats for the keyboard tray, pedal tray, and steering mount is a great idea! So is the cup holder :-) I can go on and on about the great stuff on here, but I need to stop somewhere, so this is the last one: I use it also as a workstation, and can sit on it all day without breaking my back. Installation tip (in case you didn't read the manual): Keep all bolts finger-tight until everything is assembled. This ensures that everything lines up as it's supposed to, and the final assembly is rigid. Nitpicking: - Shifter mount is not pre-drilled. - Insufficient lumbar support (can be easily rectified with a small, stiff pillow) - Monitor mount is somewhat unstable. Since it is not attached to the cockpit, it is not a major issue. - The holes drilled for Fanatec steering wheel for use with the supplied base adapter are symmetrical, but they are asymmetrical on the wheelbase. This means that the final alignment of the wheel is slightly off-center. You can fix this by removing the base adapter, and directly mounting the wheelbase instead.

Comfort at Last

Written by Paul on Nov 3rd 2015

At first, I tried to race sitting in an office chair with the wheel clamped to my desk. It was awful. Then I got a cockpit which was only adjustable for the distance between the seat and the wheel/pedal frame. It was better, but the wheel was too high and if I got the distance to the pedals correct, the wheel was also too far away. My shoulders ached constantly. But then I made the plunge and got the R3volution cockpit and I can finally race as long as I want without pain. Comfy seat, almost infinite adjustment for pedals and wheel positon as well as easily setting the rake for the seat. It's just wonderful. Assembly was straightforward. I used the video from the website rather than the printed directions and it went smoothly. Assembly took about four hours with the help of a friend. Might have been tricky at times if I didn't have a helper. Was short a few washers and lockwashers, but that's about par for the course. You couldn't ask for a better cockpit. The R3v isn't for casual gamers - they can get something cheaper and it's good enough, but if you take your gaming seriously, you need the best tools. A good computer, a good monitor and a good cockpit. For me, anything that makes gaming more enjoyable is worth the money and this cockpit is absolutely worth it.


Written by Sean on Oct 4th 2015

Purchased an Obutto R3volution with all accessories. Just wanted to say its awesome, all parts, no damage, easy assembly (following videos), overall great product. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks for all the shipping updates posted etc. Would highly recommend doing business with Main Performance PC!

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

Written by Ronnie on Apr 18th 2015

WOW! So worth the money. I play a wide range of games and this is exactly what I needed. From Elite Dangerous to iRacing and the massive amount of FPS games I play including the Far Cry series, the R3volution is perfect. I also wanted a setup that I could swap between the games quickly. I was able to setup the keyboard tray and the flight mounts (HOTAS) to swap between the two setups in about 10 seconds. I am also about to swap to the racing setup fairly quickly. I bought the Acrylic table top mounts and the flight mount accessories as well, I highly recommend getting these if your looking at them. Besides being able to swap between all my favorite games very quickly, I am really liking how ergonomic and comfortable the setup is in FPS/browsing, racing and flying configurations. The seat is very comfortable though I do sometimes feel a bit of a "squeeze" from the chair. I had seen this mentioned in reviews prior to purchasing the rig, and after using the rig I feel this is due to the bucket seat design. The Obutto seat is easily 10 times more comfortable than my office chair (which wasn't cheap) and I am finding I can enjoy longer gaming sessions without having to get out of the rig. It just seems to "squeeze" or "hug" you a little while in it. For reference I am 5'9" and 190 lbs and have wide shoulders. My gripes with the rig were very minor (and very nit picky). The best one being that I found the mounting hardware to seem "cheap". The hardware looks very good once on the rig, but I had problems with some of the threads in the nuts and/or bolts seeming cross threaded. I even fought with one nut for a minute trying to get it to start only to pull the bolt and nut, take it to better lighting and figure out that the nut didn't have any threads cut in it. It takes a long time to put the rig together, I thought I could do it faster than others had said it took, I was wrong. Set aside a couple afternoons or about 8 hours. Though it took a long time, I rather enjoyed putting it together, minus the hardware gripe. My other gripe was with the neoprene pads. First I have to say it is so awesome that these come with the rig (wheel, pedal, and keyboard/mouse pad). The keyboard/mouse pad is very nice, but the edge of the mat isn't rounded around the edge so while my hands are on the keyboard and mouse that edge will dig into my wrists and forearms. I often find myself rubbing on the red line it creates across my forearm or wrist. This could very easily be remedied, just how it is out of the box. The adhesive is a little weak, glue fixes this quick and I only noticed this on the pedal pad. I have torn a small hole in the pedal pad from where my heel sits, I added more glue and seems fine again. It you read through all of the minor gripes you will notice I really had to look for some flaws. The R3volution is an awesome product. I could not be happier with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to someone else. This is the perfect solution for others out there like me that Race/Fly/Shoot/Browse and want to swap between each very quickly.

Obutto R3Volution Ergonomic Workstation

Written by Echo Miranda on Apr 3rd 2015

For years, I've worked at the standard desk set up. I've used ergonomic desk chairs priced from $200 to $1200. I've tried ergonomic keyboards, mouse/rollerballs, footrests, backrests, etc. NONE of them come close to the comfort and functionality of the Obutto R3Volution. I spend an average of 12 hours in front of my computer, in front of multiple screens. For less money than a high-end ergonomic chair, the entire workstation is worlds better! I was impressed by the overall construction and design, and by the quality of the materials. This is not a flimsy item made of PVC piping. This is solid steel construction, made to last years. The seat is very comfortable. Firm, sturdy, adjustable and has a nice headrest. The upper part of the seat supports my shoulders and elbows so no arm rests are necessary. I am short - 5'2" so this will suit big and small people. I've seen great reviews on the internet for large and heavy people. One size does fit all in this case! The keyboard/mouse tray is perfect. Mounted on a fully articulating arm, it can swing into any position. I can adjust the height of the tray with one knob. The tray does not tilt (I imagine if it did, my mouse would go sliding off of it) and it is large enough to hold more than a keyboard/mouse. This thing is sturdy and the anti-skid mat keeps everything in place nicely. I bought the acrylic desktops too but I could always move my mouse/keyboard and have an extra table surface to use if I wanted it. The footrest is adjustable to my short height (or your tall height) and works wonderfully. No pressure on the backs of my thighs because I can rest my feet on the footrest, taking the pressure off of the rest of me. I love the cup holder. My tasty beverage is always right by my hip. Now, I bought the entire set up - triple monitor mount, acrylic desktop and the workstation. I was a bit concerned about where I would put things that usually sit on my desk (pen holder, scotch tape dispenser, useless USB aquarium with plastic fish, a desk lamp... I read that the staff at Obutto all use these as their workstations so I asked how they managed the loss of desk space. I got a personal email from Chris (the cool dude who happens to have invented this awesome thing) who gave me some tips. Once I received everything, I realized that I didn't really lose any desk space at all! The acrylic tables are quite large and, since they also sit on fully articulating arms, I can place them anywhere and in any position. That being said, I did place a two-shelf bookcase next to my Obutto and it works beautifully to hold my printer, desk lamp and a few other things. I scrapped the USB fish tank. The little plastic fish creeped me out anyway. My concerns about loss of desk space were unnecessary. If anything, everything I need is within easier reach than it was with my desk set up. Assembling the Obutto was amazingly simple. I was very intimidated about this part. I am a girly-girl - what's a wrench again? (imagine me twirling my hair as I ask this). I was also worried about keeping all the parts straight. But everything arrived in three boxes, all parts, nuts, bolts, washers and such were clearly labeled and everything was accounted for. There were written instructions, which were okay, but the assembly videos they provide were all I needed. Short, to the point and very clear. I could rewind when I wasn't certain about a step, I could watch Chris do the job and mimic him and in about 5 hours, I was sitting in my Obutto and surfing the 'net. 5 hours may seem like a lot of time but for someone lacking handy-man skills, I was pretty proud! Trust me, you are going to love this Gaming Cockpit/Workstation. I sure do. Thank you!

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

Written by Kevin on Apr 2nd 2015

Love this rig! My first race in iracing on this rig, I was 3 seconds faster than when I was on my PVC rig. This thing is a tank. Well built and nice to look at. I got mine together in 5 hours with everything on it. Thanks main performance and can't wait to buy pedals from you guys in the near future.

So bad ass!

Written by Mark on Mar 13th 2015

I got this thing on the last round of pre-orders and have to say I LOVFE IT! Putting it together was actually pretty easy after following the tutorial videos. I had a Volair Sim cockpit before and did not like it for a few reasons. all of which the Obutto rev cured out of the box. It's def much sturdier and awesome looking. the volair is quite overpriced and complete junk in comparison (yes the obutto r3v is more expensive, but it's obvious why!) the volair just felt really really cheap. the triple mounts dont adjust like they do for the rev, and they do come with it, but no option for a better triple mount that honestly is whats needed. the r3v triple mount articulates and is fully adjustable. the seat in the r3v is 100x more comfy too. The volair seat was really hard and uncomfortable. anyway - very happy with my Obutto R3volution, and super glad I ditched the Volair. Do yourself a favor and dont waste the money. When I was buying it I called and all the guy did was talk trash and compared it to the obutto and how it's much better. I guess he did me a favor though as I had not heard of the Obutto before he (The volair sales guy) started talking about how much better their volair junk cockpits are. Main Perf was even professional when I asked questions about it (the obutto) compared to the Volair - they refused to even acknowledge the Volair cockpit and said the policy is they dont talk about their competitors products good or bad. Dont let them (Volair) sweet talk you and make the mistake I made. Get the Obutto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit - ETA Late May 2015

Written by Guest on Mar 12th 2015

Very nice overall except for the defect that cost me $3700+. The legs and the top of the stand are not locked together, meaning if you go to move it with monitors on it, the legs can rotate while the top does not, and your 3 high resolution 30" monitors coming crashing to the ground and shatter....and then you are out $3700 for replacements. :(

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

Written by Garrett on Jan 14th 2015

Hey Guys, I have had the Obutto Revolution for around a month now and still love everything but the directions on how to install it. The product was easy to put together the directions complicated the process and slowed me down go figure. If you plan on buying this leave yourself plenty of space and time to put together and think one step ahead you shouldn't have to many problems if you find yourself stuck go on YouTube there are good installation videos out there. Ok so product shipped to me from the west coast to Massachusetts in little time and no damage I was able to track the progress so I give that... 10/ 10. Packaging was great but directions were ok... 7/10 product quality and finishing 9/10 only because the tv stand could be a little better and it should come with brackets to fit your 30" plus tv come on guys.. Build time around 6 hours without wiring & wheel installation, and not including cleaning up the cardboard! Durability... Guys I am 6' 210 lb and I fit in this thing perfect mind you I have broad shoulders i can see this thing being around for years overall 10/10! Great job Obutto & Main performance pc!!!

not just for gaming

Written by Dimoko on Jan 14th 2015

Have been using the Rev as my workstation (CAD/CAM/3d Graphics) for about 2 months now. I love it. I got some strange looks from the guys in the shop, but i didnt use my "desk" to do anything but collect junk. This is very comfortable, great for my back, and makes my workstation feel futuristic and high tech, which is what management liked about it. And price-wise, i know people in my office who have spent more on ergonomic chairs, or standing desks than this. I am a big guy (300 lbs and 6') and the workstation fits me fine and feels sturdy. It is a project to put together, count on a full day. But very very worth it.

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

Written by Bruce Mueller on Jan 3rd 2015

Best purchase I've made all year!! Had no problem putting it together. Getting monitors level with the triple screen setup was a little bit harder. Very comfortable! The acrylic desktops are amazing. It keeps my keyboard at perfect level. Mounted on the swivel like it is, if it's not needed, just push out of the way. It is built like a tank. I wasn't sure how it was made, but it is fully welded, and solid as can be. I have sat in the obutto ozone, and this is much easier to get into and out of. Your not pulling on your display rack. I would give it an ATABOY! I am using for flight sim mainly, but I have started racing sims, now that I have a set-up for it.

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

Written by Tim on Dec 28th 2014

Great customer updates from Main Performance on status of shipment when ship was late to arrive at port. Very professional and frequent communication. Now about the rig. I've also purchased the Triple Monitor Stands (used with 24" Asus 144 Hz monitors) and Table Tops. Using Clubsport wheel, pedals, and shifter. The assembly videos are excellent. Didn't have to use paper instructions. Main rig (pedals, steering wheel, seat) is very sturdy. Easily accommodates my 5'9" body and my son's 6'3" frame. You do have to be a little careful getting in and out of the rig to not bump the left monitor. There is ~20" between the monitor and the seat (keyboard tray is moved out of the way). Overall, very happy with purchase. Not sure there is a better option/value for the money. Since I didn't want to spend many weeks planning a cockpit system and several more weeks building it, this Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit is the perfect solution.

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

Written by kyrth on Dec 27th 2014

I don't usually write reviews, but Chris and Main Performance PC have been super friendly and super helpful. I've never had customer service that responds this fast and well. He replied within a couple hours to my emails, and was able to help me solve the building issue I had (Just had to scrape one of the holes with my pocket knife to make something fit). Building it for the most part was straightforward. The instruction videos explained everything really well so I didn't even need to look at the instructions. A few of the bolts were not long enough and I had to go to the hardware store to get longer ones, but that's really a non-issue. The cockpit itself is wonderful. Super comfortable and ergonomic, just like it looks in the pictures. I've been using it for a couple weeks straight now and still love it just as much as the first day. The chair is getting a little squeaky already, which concerns me a little, but otherwise, this thing is super stable, and really well designed. I got all the accessories: triple monitor mount, 5.1 speaker setup, acrylic tabletops, and flight stick mount. I don't regret any of them, except perhaps the speaker mounts. Triple monitor mount: Really cool for triple monitor gaming, and it's hard to go back once trying it. But the side arms sag a little more than you can make up by adjusting, the best I can get is about a half inch lower than the middle monitor. Acrylic Tabletops: Perfect! I love how they are adjustable, just like everything else on the R3volution! They look futuristic too. :) I have my keyboard on one, so I can have it off to the side when flying, but still reachable. 5.1 speaker mounts: These would be good for little speakers. I only have 2 speakers (Behringer MS16 Powered Studio Desktop Monitors), but they are bigger than these were designed for. They held mine OK with the velcro, but it wasn't stable, and even with rubber bands I didn't feel comfortable using them. I ended up buying actual speaker stands for this (VideoSecu 2 Heavy duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Satellite Speaker Stand MS07B M99 ) and they work perfectly. Nothing wrong with the mount accessory; it was just designed for smaller speakers, so keep that in mind. Flight stick mount: Essential for what I use the cockpit for! But pre-drilled holes for mounting a joystick and throttle would be nice. It does come with velcro, which is how I'm using it right now.

Cockpit is great - haven't tried the monitor stand yet

Written by wlr3 on Dec 24th 2014

Items we packed well with no damage. I appreciate the way the hardware was packaged - very high class. The finish on the parts is excellent. I got it together in 4-5 hours at an easy pace. Nothing difficult in the assembly, just time consuming. I followed the video instructions which worked very well. The cockpit itself is top quality and well thought out. Personally, being 6'5" with wide hips, the chair side bolsters are quite uncomfortable. Easily fixed by adding a pillow to the bottom. I would recommend two seat options- one racing style and one more comfort oriented for us fringe cases and non-racers. Most people don't have a full-motion rig to require those crazy bolsters- even tighter than my GTI. The placement of the holes on the pedal tray is causing my G27 pedals to be very low on the tray- the heel rest hangs over the front edge. A set of higher holes would be nice to more center the G27 pedals. But other than minor gripes, I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

Written by Maher A. on Nov 30th 2014

Just recieved my cockpit. Spent the day assembling. My thoughts: Packaging was EXCELLENT. Really. I always get nervous when heavy items are shipped to my place as things invariably get destroyed en route due to poor packing. Not so here. Everything was secure, delivered un-damaged. Set aside about 30 minutes to unwrap the frame tubing, but leave the numbered boxes unpacked until each step in the course of assembly. Speaking of which: Assembly video is straightforward and a definite must. Clear, concise instruction that made putting it together more fun than I expected. Build quality is sturdy, and the thing is a looker. With the tables I definitely get a 'stealth fighter' impression. Monitor stand is the only disappointment--too much of a tipping risk given the legs rotate free of the mount. I realize it is by design, but my initial though of mounting a 55inch display went out the window after I realized how wobbly it was. It's going to need some modification to match up with the quality and sturdiness of the rest of the cockpit. Definitely not a deal breaker, though, and I imagine it might be suitable for most with a smaller monitor attached. Optional acrylic tables are awesome.definitely worth the buy. All in all, this really is the sim cockpit I've been dreaming of. I originally bought it for racing, but the versatility of the design means I may repurpose it for flight sims and space sims as well.

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

Written by Sneetch on Sep 20th 2014

I have owned this setup for almost 2 years now and still love it. Comfortable, and have a10 hotas mounted (stick on right side) so I can swivel it out of way when working. Yeah, it is my everything pc "desk". Some of my Cons: - steering wheel too high even when pushed in all the way. Wish had up/down adjustment (even tho obutto says I am wrong on this point) - mounting points for accessories are fixed in position and do not allow forward back adjustment quickly as you move seat forward back. You can remount accessories, but requires tools and not suitable for every day/ different people changes. - monitor stand is not ready for prime time, and monitor weight will stress metal mounting points. Especially triple screen, but it does work. - acrylic tabletops nice, but wish had height adjustment - would still purchase again however so minor quibble. - center post for flight stick does not move with seat and not comfortable to get in and out of seat with it there. So I don't use this and have stick on right. All above considered, I would buy it again, yet since it is well built no need for that. :)

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

Written by Sharita on Jul 14th 2014

I just purchased, delivery took about 4 days. I watched the videos, and followed along during assembly. It took about 3 1/2 hours pretty straight forward, no surprises. It is very comfortable. Purchased the triple mount, and throttle & stick. I am really enjoying the product, it is very strudy, and well designed. Thanks, I would recommend to anyone looking for a great product for flight sim.

Obutto R3Volution Gaming Cockpit

Written by Matt on Jun 2nd 2014

The product was available at a local distributor the next day and saved me shipping, what luck. That is the way this purchase started. Assembly was straight forward, but the instructions basically suck. Every video review not by obbutto say the same thing, so no surprise there. I am 350+ man and although the seat is made for the masses, not for big guys, it really is pretty comfortable, and sturdy enough for us big guys. As far as lasting, we'll see. I am a flight simulation guy, and this pit does work as such, it is not a perfect fit without some modifications. I bought all the extras, have Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, and the mounts work perfectly. The really only bad thing is that the 3 screen mounting system is not very well supported without mounting the base to something rigid. It seems like there should be another cross member attaching them together, not just the single monitor bridge. A second brace would be much more stable. All in all, I would recommend this pit for the racing or flying enthusiast. A bit pricey but you could not build one yourself for less. I hope this helps others decide favorably on this product.


Written by Troy on May 3rd 2014

GREAT PRODUCT LOVE IT WELL BUILT JUST AWESOME 1 OF THE BEST THINGS I HAVE BOUGHT FOR SIM RACING!!! a little drawn out to put together but easy to do just a lot of parts to put together. GET YOU 1 !!!

Rock Solid

Written by Fisher44 on Jan 1st 2014

Since this is the first substantial gaming cockpit I have purchased, I can't compare it to other comparably priced items. The previous setup was cobbled together and was less than ideal. This product is outstanding in its stability. Nothing moves when at the wheel, and the seat is extremely comfortable even after a couple of hours of intense racing. The only disadvantage that I have noticed is the inability to adjust the angle of the wheel when raising or lowering. I like the steering wheel low and parallel to my body when I drive, just as I do when driving my real Corvette. However, this I consider to be only a minor irritation. Other than that, I consider this to be an outstanding product, and a rock solid investment that will last a long time. Although it took 4 hours to assemble, it was worth the effort in the long run.

built like a tank

Written by william martinez on Dec 27th 2013

This is built like a tank it will last forever nothing moves or wobbles while you drive like a maniac. Assembly takes some time to get everything square and perfectly straight but once your done its worth it. The seat is comfortable for a few hours but I noticed the material will wrinkle on the bottom cushion I wish it was all leather. The key board tray is ok but I wish it had a small solid mounted tray on the right side of it for my phone, remotes, etc and a small hook to hang my headset. Other than those small things I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their game and be comfortable for the first time while you race or play your favorite shooters. I also purchased the triple monitor stand and assembled it looks cool but it feels like it could fall forward with heavy monitors it needs a better stance to take away that wobble and un easy feeling what if I bumped into. Other wise plenty of adjustability and it will last forever solid steel tubing.

Cockpit is fantastic, get back to work on triple monitor stand

Written by Onyzym on Dec 25th 2013

While the cockpit itself is fantastic, the triple monitor setup stands out as a complete afterthought. While it holds the monitors, the rig does not give me confidence that it will keep from falling over if I were to even slightly bump it. There should be L-brackets added to the outside of the Obutto cockpit to ensure the monitor stand remains firmly "grounded." Also, what's the deal with selling the Buttkicker as an "add-on" option when, in fact, there are ZERO mounting provisions for it. Add the proper holes in the cockpit and mounting hardware for the Buttkicker BEFORE you go calling it an "accessory."

What else can be said this thing is awesome

Written by Daniel G on Nov 26th 2013

Tons of reviews listed here as well as lots of great video reviews online. What else can be said this thing is damn near perfect and anything that I can manage to find wrong are really just nit picking. I haven't been this happy with any purchase I've ever made. This thing will last me for decades.


Written by T-Bone on Nov 23rd 2013

Let me start my review with this...the cockpit is great for racing. If that's all you're going to do with it, it's going to be great for the most part. However, if you're planning on using this as a desk or gaming station that you'll sit in for multiple hours at a time (like it's advertised), I don't think that the obutto is that great. The biggest problem is the seat...after a few hours it really starts to get uncomfortable. My height (6'4") causes issues as well. The keyboard swivel arm barely fits under the wheel for me, knocking my mouse off all the time. I can't move the arm any lower(already scraping the tops of my legs) so it's basically an unsolvable problem. Also, when in 'desk' mode, there's not really any place to put your legs. I end up putting them on either side of the pedals, which isn't that great. The monitor stand doesn't match the instructions. I put it together and then realized that my monitor was too low (it used to be adjustable, now it isn't). After hours of putting it together, taking something apart like that isn't that appealing. In closing, I guess my thoughts are that if you're looking for a racing cockpit with light pc use, this might fit the bill. If you're looking for a 50/50 split though, this just isn't adequate in my opinion because of the low comfort level after multiple hours. I'm probably going to end up selling it because of that, which really sucks after all the time and money I spent on it.

Extension To My Review

Written by Nick on Aug 17th 2013

The ObuttoR3Volution is so fun to put toghter i'm 14 and it took me 9 hours but I love using my hands so it was a good project. The only thing That was a con is that I had alittle trouble putting toghter the monitor plate but I was watching the Videos by Obutto it's on their website I watched the videos and I put the whole thing toghter and it helped me put the monitor plate the right place.

Just Amazing

Written by Nick on Aug 17th 2013

This cock pit is just amazing I can't ask for anything more. I'm an Iracer and it's perfect for any type of race. I'm getting triple monitor mounts in the future and can't wait till I get them I know it's going to be money. Thank you MainPerformancePc your products and customer support is second to none.

Glad I Didn't Give Up

Written by Henry on Jul 25th 2013

So, it took me a really long time to set up this computer gaming chair. So long that I was about ready to give up and send it back because I didn't think it would be worth the hassle. I put it down for a few hours, and then I was able to finish pretty quickly when I came back to it. I'm happy I finished, because the chair makes gaming much more fun and comfortable. With my triple monitors, this thing is so immersive. Next time I'll have to get someone else to set it up for me.

Awesome Gaming/Computer Rig!

Written by fstcvc on Jul 24th 2013

I got one of these along with the additional Triple Monitor add-on (see my review for under that product). Short review: This thing totals kicks @$$!! Longer review: I ended up having to pick it up from FedEx and let me tell you this thing is HUGE! I have a small hatchback and it barely fit. All the parts came in excellent condition (there were a few scuffs but nothing to be concerned about). It took me about 4 hours to completely assemble the unit. Just most everyone else here, I highly recommend using the videos to assemble. The print manual is only useful for figuring out what parts you need. I can spend hours sitting in the seat (may not be as comfortable for those with larger backsides!) without it getting uncomfortable. The frame is super sturdy and doesn't flex one bit. Well worth the money! Setup: I'm using a Fanatec ClubSport Hub w/ F1 & M3 wheels, ClubSport v2 Pedals & ClubSport Shifter SQ (awaiting it's release!). As mentioned above, I'm using triple monitors (LG 27EA63P-V 27" IPS LED) that look phenomenal with the entire setup. I have a custom DigitalStorm rig with Roccat Isku FX keyboard & Kone XTD mouse. I also use the center monitor for playing my PS3! Final Verdict: 5 stars all day long.

The Ultimate Computer Gaming Chair

Written by Harper on Jul 23rd 2013

My boyfriend harps at me all the time for buying this computer gaming chair, but I don't regret it for an instant. There's a huge difference between piloting my Armored Core mech using a lousy keyboard and mouse and sitting in a custom cockpit with a joystick. He just doesn't understand the gaming experience. This thing puts me in the thick of it with comfort and responsiveness. Everything is adjustable and looks really cool. Boyfriends suck, the Revolution is awesome.

Work, Play, All Good in this Sim Cockpit

Written by Owen on Jul 23rd 2013

Let me just say that this computer gaming chair is my life. Not that I'm gaming 24/7 (that's a pipe dream), but I also work from home as a freelance coder. That means I spend upwards of 16 hours a day on my computer, sitting at this cockpit. It does get uncomfortable after, say, 12 hours, but that's not the cockpit's fault. Everything is at my fingertips here. It makes my work and my play so much more efficient and easy.

Not thrilled with it

Written by MattL on Jul 18th 2013

I really wanted to like the r3v but there are a few things that brought the score down for me - I am finding the seat very uncomfortable, and the assembly process took me about 6 hours. In the end, I have ended up with an uncomfortable cockpit and bloody knuckles. The powder coat isnt all that great as I dropped a piece and it got scuffed pretty bad. it does give a proper driving position. Hint - watch the instruction videos, the paper instructions for mine were non existent.

Awesome gaming seat

Written by Victor on Jul 14th 2013

Simply awesome gaming seat! The keyboard tray is awesome vs. the oZone keyboard tray. Stand alone monitor stand is really nice, and the cup holder is the best part haha

More Than a Computer Gaming Chair

Written by Troy Luckson on Jul 2nd 2013

I think the Revolution transcends your ordinary computer gaming chair. There's a bit of a setup process involved, but once you pass that hurdle, the cockpit is very intuitive to use. This is the perfect captain's chair for any sort of simulation game. Adding accessories like pedals and steering wheels was easy as pie. This takes the computer gaming chair to the next level.

Obutto Gaming Cockpit Not Just for Games

Written by Scott Pearsons on Jul 2nd 2013

I work from home, so I use this Obutto gaming cockpit for business as well as fun. The chair is super-comfortable, and it creates a really ergonomic work space. Working at home is so much better than going to the office for that very reason; everything is fast and at my fingertips. When I'm done for the day or if I want to take a break, I just boot up a game and go.

Simply Remarkable!!!!!!

Written by SeanM18576 on Jun 30th 2013

Versatile and virtually indestructible! The little things do matter and Chris and company saw to every one of them. Well worth the price and the wait for it to come in and then ship cross country. Yes, a lengthy build, but quite honestly, taking your time and building while watching the videos turns out enjoyable and gives you a real sense of what went into making this the best cockpit/rig/workstation out there. Well done!! If I had to dig really deep and reach far for one thing that could be improved, it would be the angle and height of the center spline/steering column. Even at 6'1, I find myself wanting the wheel closer to me, but to do so would raise the height too much. But thats a reach and certainly there is enough tilt in the center mount to find a happy place. With a horrible back, there are so many ways the perfect comfortable position for me or anyone can be achieved.

Great cockpit, takes a bit of adjusting to get it right. I will recommend it to all of my friends!

Written by James R. on Jun 30th 2013

I really like this stand a lot. I cant wait to get more time in on it. A few things I would like to have changed if I were to have it adapted to my preferences: 1. Lower racing wheel mount: Right now the only way to bring the wheel closer to your chest is to have it raised up at the same time (due to the angle of the spine of the cockpit). I'd prefer it if this angle were not so steep, as it raises the wheel much higher than I prefer. 2. I wish the arms for the keyboard tray and tabletops were stiffer. They swing too loosely, and when I try to tighten the bolts to make them stiffer, the plastic gaskets things underneath them crack and split. 3. I wish the monitor mounts had more height adjust-ability. I have my middle mount as low as it goes, and the side mounts as high as they go, and they line up perfectly. However, if the sides were any lower, I would not be able to get them all the same height. 4. I wish there was more adjust-ability on the shifter mount. I would like mine to be lower, but that isn't possible with the current orientation that they have set up for it. 5. Minor gripe, but my boxes were missing the additional acrylic table tops that I had ordered. The arms were there, but no table tops could be found. Main Performance PC is shipping me new ones. Also, the left arm is angled incorrectly, and won't hold the table top properly flat, while the right arm is at the exact correct angle. I hope new arms come with the new table tops, as I didn't notice this issue when I first put it together (as I had no table tops to place on the arms). For now I'm using them as speaker mounts, which is quite convenient. 6. It supposedly takes 3 hours to put this unit together. I think I took 9 hours. A lot of this is because the instructional videos have so much extra talking in them, that it took that long just to watch them all+follow the directions. I think they should redo them, and offer a short and sweet option, so you could just do the exact steps they take to get the cockpit and stand put together. Also, I wish they would link their videos together on YouTube, so I didn't keep having to go back to the Obutto page to click on the next one. It's not hard to do.

Obutto Reveloution 3 Gaming Cockpit

Written by Gregory M. on Jun 30th 2013

Great investment, comfortable, easy to assemble as long as the Instructional Videos are followed. One very minor problem was a small rip in the seats material, but got that fixed thanks to Main Performance PC's excellent customer service! Solid cockpit even for a big guy.

Take Your Time Assembling This!

Written by Phoenix599 on Mar 25th 2013

After extensive research, I decided on the R3volution will the triple monitor mount, acrylic tabletops, and flight stick mount. Before assembly, watch the Obutto assembly videos on their website. Even though there have been some minor changes to packaging since the videos were made, they are still a "must watch" if you want to avoid adding to your curse-word vocabulary. I mounted 3 Dell U3011 monitors to the triple stand. That represents 60 lbs of dangling monitors. My Dell monitors were mounted with a slightly recessed VESA backing plate, affixed with T15 Torx flat-head screws. Check your monitor(s) first, before your R3volution arrives, to make sure you have the right tools to remove the OEM stand. In my case, I replaced the OEM screws with 4 M4x.7 x 12mm cap screws and one M4 washer, obtained from Home Depot. I also inserted two broom sticks (they fit perfectly, again purchased from Home Depot) into the front of the triple monitor stand legs, just as an added safeguard to prevent tipping, especially on carpet. If you are mounting heavy monitors on carpet...do this for your own peace of mind. I also purchased two camera tripods from Best Buy (Dynex 60" Universal Tripod, $39.99) and placed one under the final knuckle of each side monitor arm (were the VESA plate is mounted), to relieve sag. I can assure you that even with making sure the middle monitor is mounted in the lowest VESA plate position, and both side monitors are mounted in the highest VESA plate position, and making sure that all joint pins were centered in the arm flanges...you will have sag (especially with large monitors in landscape mode). The tripods eliminated all sag and stabilized everything. Note that the tripods I mentioned are officially rated at only supporting 7.5 lbs, but I can assure you that the two I purchased can support at least 30 lbs each, without issue. I mounted my Logitech G25 pedals and wheel with 6 M6x1 x 20mm hex bolts, and used one extra Obutto black washer with each one. Other tools that I found invaluable: 13mm box end wrench T-handle allen wrenches Rubber mallet Adjustable wrench Round rat-tail file with medium teeth During assembly, regardless of how instructed in the videos, DO NOT tighten all main frame bolts until after you fit the pedal tray! Take your time, test fit everything (especially the seat mounting points and the pedal tray), and by the time you are done, you should have a great setup. Pros: Rock steady when assembled properly Monitor stand separate from base frame Superb adjustability Cons: Provided tools, especially flat wrenches, would make assembly even more time-consuming if used. No full size bolt diagrams provided in instructions Assembly videos could be cut to half length with proper editing Bottom line: Do your homework, watch the videos, assemble your tools, take your time assembling, enjoy your handiwork!


Written by Mr.Dangler on Mar 5th 2013

This purchase was an upgrade from a Playseat and triple screen PVC based homemade cockpit frame. The item came packaged very well with each box marked with a letter. This was an awesome decision to ease the assembly process. However, the packaged instructions were simply terrible. Be sure to have a computer or tablet nearby so you can watch the YouTube! step by step assembly instructions which made the entire process a breeze. When finished, the black powder coated unit is ROCK solid and aggressively attractive. The swivel keyboard tray is awesome, huge, and very firm. After starting a race, I move the keyboard out of the way and it doubles as an arm rest for the long haul. I'm 5'10 and weigh 280 (I lift a lot) and I can get into and out of the seat with out shaking anything, slipping, or sliding. The real sports car seat wraps nicely around the human frame, slides fore and aft, and the back can be tilted completely upright or way back for the low and slow ride and the built in adjustability ensures you are at maximum comfort. Case in point, I recently ran the iRacing Daytona 500 that lasted nearly 4 hours and at the end, it felt like I had been sitting for only minutes. I was IMPRESSED with that alone. Obutto even included the free cup holder with the product as well. The cockpit has built in expansion for future add ons (flight yoke post for eg.) or for additions by self modders.I purchased the triple screen mount to pair with the Obutto so check that review out as well. To sum it up, if you can afford it, buy it. It is worth every penny and is the best rig out there missing only the high dollar motion components to compete with $10,000 cockpits. With Main PC's use of Pay Pal pay-later function, I could spread the cost out over 6 months interest free and not freak out my wife with the initial cost. ;) If your a sim racer or sim pilot, GET THIS COCKPIT!!


Written by Jason Karlavige on Feb 22nd 2013

The Obutto R3volution is built for stability, but what is more surprising is the adjustability. You can adjust the wheel to be closer, farther, up, down, what angle it sits at. The pedal tray has mounts to adjust the angle the pedals sit at. The monitor stand is separate, so you can move the monitors closer or further away, and also you can adjust them up and down. The seat is the classic comfy obutto seat, and has the ability to lean straight back, who needs a bed when you have an obutto? The keyboard tray has 3 separate pivot points, and can also be adjusted to have an angle facing you. This whole setup takes up less room than your average desk, and with the acrylic table tops, this CAN be your desk. You will have no regrets purchasing one of these bad boys, that's a promise.

I love my wife

Written by Josep on Jan 14th 2013

Obutto review I love my wife. She said : "if you like it and you need it, buy it" So I pulled the trigger. Pros: 1-Sturdy and stable +++ 2-Configurable (seat,wheel, pedals,monitor...) 3-Reasonable priced for what you get compared to other options. Especially valued is the dual purpose. They reached the goal to create a workstation in substitution of the classic table and seat. It is way more ergonomic and confortable. All in all well "over" designed!!!! 4-Outstanding pre-during-after sales on line service from Chris-Obutto creator. He spends a lot of time on his R3volution. That's for sure. Cons (minor): 1-Mounting process is quite long, sometimes unsatisfactory and is hard to mantain the frame without scratches. But final result makes forget everything. To take a look on the mounting videos is preferable before starting the process. 2-Shifter suport should be fixed on the seat, not the frame. Lacks some adjustability on the fly. 3-Seat is still a bit too low on the ground for mi size.I raised it a few cm. to have a better view on the monitor when using T500 RS. Some finals considerations or additions for the future: 1-No tools required to adjust pedal and wheel tray should be great. 2-Some platform on the monitor stand for consoles, pc, buttkicker ampliflier, cds, books... 3-A pillow for the neck (seriously!!!) 4-Velcros to attach the cables along the frame. Anyway I like even more my wife.


Written by David Kaufman on Jan 3rd 2013

As a retired Engineer, I have a deep appreciation for well designed products. I have found that the entire R3Volution product line to fall into the catagory of "well designed". As I ordered one of everything, I can assure those of you thinking about making a purchase to delay no longer. All of the components assembled without any issues. Having a tripple 27" monitor setup is superb. I have my speakers mounted on top of the monitors and the monitors mounts are up to the task. Were I ever to purchase another Gaming Cockpit again, I would purchase another R3Volution. As a side note, this cockpit has completely replaced my dedicated Computer Desk as it is no longer required. Hesitate no longer, this product line is first class. David Kaufman

Outstanding customer service

Written by HARPOZ on Nov 7th 2012

I wanted to thank Mike, and everyone at "Main Performance PC" for the care and outstanding communication I recieved when I purchased my Obutto. The Revolution is top notch, and the outstanding customer service you give your customers is something that other companies should use as an example. Good customer service is hard to find these days. Once again thank you, I will be a returning customer, and will definitely recommend others to shop here . Thank You, Jesse Robinson


Written by seldridge1960 on Nov 7th 2012

Very impressed with the sale and after support from this Company. I had ordered an Obutto Revolution cockpit kit from them. Delivery was on time from Fedex. During assembly of the kit I found the manufacturer had given me two left hand pieces for the rear of the cockpit instead of a left and right pair. I called Main Performance PC and spoke with a representative. I did not have to wait that long on hold either. Once I told him the problem, the representative told me they would check the warehouse and would get the correct part shipped out. I was expecting it would be another 7 day wait for ground shipping. Main Performance PC suprised me with an overnight delivery. I would buy from them again without reservations as I know they support what they sell.

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