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In 2006 Chris Dunagan (Founder of Obutto LTD.) Set out to change how we all game. Gaming from a desk, that you also use for work can become not only boring, but uncomfortable. We do everything from our desk, from typing an email, doing homework, making calls, surfing the web, etc. The Obutto was designed to change all of this, by creating a central platform where work & gaming could be done in unison, and in complete comfort.  We here at Main Performance PC use Obutto products on a daily basis, and there is not a single cockpit on the market that competes with the Obutto Gaming Cockpit.  

As gaming has become more realistic in recent years, our interface with the computer or console has not kept pace. The Obutto series of cockpits are the FIRST cockpits to ever be multi-task cockpits, catering to Flight Sim users, Racing Sim users and General Workstation users, all in one.

All of this changes with the Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit! Now you can be fully immerse yourself in any gaming environment.

Whether you require the use of a steering wheel and pedals, keyboard and mouse or flight sim yokes, throttle quadrants and joysticks, the oZone Gaming Cockpit eliminates the need to detach hardware when you switch games. All your hardware controls are right there available for use.

Console only gamers can simply detach the monitor stand and place the unit in front of the TV. To top things off, your purchase will also come with a 6 Month Warranty from Obutto.


Please checkout the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


Please click here to view the online assembly instructions for the Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit.


*Optional accessories shown in product photo's.*



What does the Obutto oZone Base Cockpit come with?


  1. Carbon steel main frame - Powder-coated Matte Black (No other color options available)
  2. Real car sports seat (recline-able) as well as mounted on sliders like a real car.
  3. Steering and shifter mount
  4. Single LCD monitor mount for 19" to 40" Monitors/TV's - supports VESA 75x75, 100x100 and 100x200 patterns.
  5. Swiveling keyboard/mouse tray
  6. Pedal tray with rubber cover for grip
  7. Obutto Cupholder (As of 1/1/2014)
  8. All necessary assembly hardware & Instructions
  9. 6 Month Warranty by Obutto. Limited Lifetime Warranty by Main Performance PC - CLICK HERE


From the manufacturer: Obutto stands by its products, and even though our cockpits & accessories are more robust than anything on the market, problems do occur. Therefore, OBUTTO offers a 6 month warranty on it’s cockpits & accessories. If you’re Obutto products are damaged during shipment, or during normal use in the first 6 months, we will replace your damaged parts free of charge. In order to get your new parts, please send us a detailed photo along with a description of what caused the damage. Emails & photo’s should be sent to info@obutto.com http://obutto.com/information/warranty/

Reviews (53)

Not quite what I expected

Written by MachaQueso on Nov 9th 2016

First, there are lots of great things about this cockpit. It is sturdy and pretty easy to assemble. Unfortunately, there are a few issues I can't really overlook: - How hard would have been to pre-drill some holes in pedal tray? I bought this cockpit to replace my current setup with a DxRacer PS/1000 + Chair where sometimes the chair would move me away when pushing pedals too hard. I wanted a rig where everything was firmly in place and not move at all so I could execute precision driving manouvers. This cockpit is useless for me unless I drill the holes myself. - The mounts for shifter and keyboard tray are badly designed: you can't get out from they keyboard tray side, and the shifter gets in the way on the other side making it very cumbersome to stand up from the chair unless you have the flexibility of a yoga teacher. Did they even try having people sit, then quickly get out of chair? This could be easily fixed by changing the shifter tray to be mounted to the front half (monitor stand) side. - The keyboard tray itself is cumbersome to maneuver, the steering wheel tray gets in the way unless you mount it all the way back and at that position the keyboard is too close to the seat which is not a very ergonomic position.

Customer Service & Obutto Performance

Written by Michael Harris on Oct 12th 2016

I have had the Obutto oZone for about 8 months now, and it's still holding strong. The system is built very well and I highly recommend it as a basic gaming chair if you don't need something as expensive as the Revolution. Main Performance PC has been just amazing to me. Remember, they are just the distributor of the product - They don't make it. When I first left a bad review of their performance in my original shipment, they sent me a better part of the system to replace the part that wasn't working to expectation. The desk was then perfect and I've never gone back to a computer desk and chair. Last night I received my triple monitor display and after much anticipation I realized I had lost the monitor mount poles... So, I ordered the single monitor mount. I'll leave that review for that product, but MPPC LLC has been absolutely delightful to deal with. Get the oZone and you will enjoy it - DO NOT allow the oZone disappoint you - Main Performance WILL work with you to get the product up to your expectations (within reason). Best customer service ever - Ask for Christopher.

Solid, sturdy, complete product

Written by Eric on Sep 8th 2016

This is by FAR the best setup in this price range. I watched many reviews on setups in this price range. Those don't have the keyboard or monitor stand and they appear to shake/flex when steering and breaking. I did have a missing part on the seat adjuster and after I emailed a picture and they sent me 2. I have a thrust master TMX wheel and T3PA petals inverted. I mounted a full HD 40 inch TV to the single mount, with an adapter I got from Amazon. The TV does wobble a small amount if touched but I do not notice at all in iRacing. I used exercise puzzle piece floor for 23 bucks to protect my floor. It did take 4 hours to unwrap and put together, but worth it. Like others said, "watch the video". After a couple of months I still think it is a great product at a great price and fantastic customer service.

Awesome for Sims

Written by Derek on May 26th 2016

I took a long time researching other brands, but none offered the versatility as the Ozone and within a decent price range. The rig is sturdy, more than I originally thought it would be. I mounted my G27 wheel to the plate and it works awesome. Setup was easy, but the instructions were sub-par, and to be honest they made it worse. I ended up mounting the whole rig to some plywood covered by black fabric, and the whole thing moves around on casters. Simple and awesome. Let the nerd times roll!

Good gaming setup

Written by jason on May 23rd 2016

The frame is sturdy, the seat is good quality, and it's not hard to put together. Much better than a desk for what I use my PC for.

Solid, stable, and very happy!

Written by Sokes on May 22nd 2016

I have the Ozone with the stand alone triple monitor setup and table top option. I'm using this rig with three 27" Acer monitors and Logitech G27 Wheel and Pedals. The Ozone is a very solid and stable rig. And the new stand alone monitor stand works flawlessly with it. I have used the Rev in the past and I can tell you the Ozone is just as solid and stable. The main differences between the two are adjust-ability (Ozone still has plenty), and the Rev has a FULLY articulating keyboard tray (Ozone just swivels). Do NOT let the shipping cost scare you away. This is a beast! It is not light. Your local UPS driver is not going to be happy with your new purchase. Do him/her, and yourself, a favor and try to be there to help unload it from the big brown truck. It is more than one person can handle. FINAL THOUGHTS: If you're thinking about it, just do it! You will be happy with your decision. It's a chunk of change for a fun toy. But this toy is made with quality parts that obviously going last a long time. Thanks to MPPC!! You answered my questions accurately and quickly. And you shipped my rig the same day it was ordered. You rock!!

Mostly Great, a few minor issues

Written by Kyle on May 18th 2016

Was on iRacing trying to compete while my office chair swiveled, my pedals slid across the floor, and my monitor shook on my desk from the wheel force feedback. This was the perfect solution! Great quality. Very solid - does not move when playing; steering wheel, pedals, shifter, everything stays in place! Fits my Logitech G27 Wheel/Pedals/Shifter perfectly. I have a 27" gaming monitor set up on it and I'm having a blast. So many "pros" for purchasing this product. Assembly is not as bad as everyone is making it sound...the video on their website helped very much in the few situations where the paper instructions were vague/unclear. It still took a couple hours to put together though and get computer and pedals and monitor all mounted. I would recommend putting the seat at its farthest back option when mounting. My biggest complaint: The seat lever (lean forward/back) did not come with the safety/decorative guard installed and I don't have the proper tools to install it, nor did they come with the kit. The seat works fine, just you can see the metal/springs on the seat lever. Also, I see why they recommend 24" screens. My 27" is really big for how close you sit to it. Even with the seat all the way back. If you can get three 24" screens for the same price as one 27" (which I think you can, or very close to that)....get the three 24" screens and add on the three screen support they have.

Main Performance PC and Obutto seat

Written by David on Apr 22nd 2016

I'm new to gaming and not very knowledgeable about set up or equipment requirements. Spoke with Issac at Main PC and he set up the equipment I would need. I also ordered an obutto cockpit. All came in a timely manner an very straight forward setup. Being in business myself I know a business is only as good as the staff we employ. Issac is the best. He helped fix setup issues and questions with my system that went well above his area of responsibility. A 10 in my book.

I really enjoy it.

Written by Jonathan on Mar 30th 2016

I really enjoy the Ozone. I got the Stand Alone Monitor Stand and it looks great. I also figured out a way to add a 4th monitor to the top of the Monitor stand. With the 3 monitor add-on, I can become fully immersed in my racing games. I plan on adding some more items like the speaker mounts at a later date. Check out my set up at rankosaotome.com

It's ok for the price

Written by Beau on Jan 10th 2016

I've had this rig for a year and a half now and while it's held up fairly well I can't help but feel disappointed that I dropped $500+ on the oZone rig and the triple monitor mount. I primarily used the oZone for simracing and the occasional workstation and other gaming. First off, the instructions are awful. They're pretty much non-existant. It'll take a few hours to set up this rig and you'll need to watch a few YouTube videos and compare some pictures to really know how to put this thing together. Really wish that there were some proper instructions or even just an official YouTube video with some quick pointers. Unfortunately there's nothing. I started off using a Logitech G27 but upgraded to a Fanatec CSWv2 and Clubsport v2 pedals and discovered that the oZone really isn't meant for anything greater than the G27. The force being applied by the CSW is enough to shake the entire rig. This wouldn't be too bad if the monitors weren't mounted onto the rig itself. This caused my monitors to shake enough that I had some difficulty racing. I also wasn't comfortable with the monitors knocking into each other when I ran over some rumble strips. There's really not enough options to adjust the rig. The wheel mount has a metal bar that goes across the underside of the wheel mounting plate that prevents drilling for hard mounting your wheel. I had a very difficult time hard mounting the CSW. For the G27 it was fine as the G27 comes with the table clamp so that it clamps snugly with the wheel mount. Once the wheel was mounted, you can only really raise and lower the wheel from a 45 degree angle. To raise the wheel higher, you must also bring it more towards you. Because I'm 6' tall, I couldn't get a comfortable location for the wheel. Getting the wheel to a comfortable height also caused the wheel to come too close towards me that I needed to lean the seat back which caused the wheel to then become too high and then I had to readjust, etc. I was forced to pick the least uncomfortable position and just get accustomed to it. The pedal plate is just a metal plate that sits on a bar that goes across the back of the rig. For the G27 pedals this wasn't too bad as the G27 pedals don't have a load cell so not much force is being applied. However, once I mounted the Clubsport v2 pedals, the plate was constantly shifting tilting back with bar. I tried to remedy this by hard mounting the pedals to the plate and using a bolt to bolt the pedal plate to the bar using a pre-drilled hole by Obutto, however, the single bolt was not enough to completely eliminate this issue. The seat isn't comfortable. Not really much of a valid complaint as good racing chairs aren't cheap to begin with, but for a rig that is also supposed to be a workstation I was expecting a little better. I ran into an issue within the first couple months where the metal springs that are stretched across the back of the backrest began to pop out of their mounts. The springs are mounted onto bars that run along the sides of the chair. The only thing keeping the bars in place is a simple hole. They're not welded, taped, or glued to the mount so if you're a heavyset person, please be wary about this. When the springs came out of their mount, the backrest was simply a mess. I had to cut open the back of the seat and stretch the metal springs back into their mount and then use zip ties to keep the springs in their place. This was incredibly frustrating as the metal springs were very strong and did not want to go back into their mounts very easily. The keyboard tray, while a very nice included option for the rig, also suffered from poor adjustability. If you position the keyboard tray any further forward than the furthest back position, you ran into the problem of the keyboard tray hitting the bars for the wheel mount. Because of this, the keyboard tray always sat too close to me for it to be comfortably used for workstation use and general gaming use. It also has an issue of sitting too low so that I would have to lift the tray over my knees, however, this can be lifted and held in place by the twist screws that are used to keep all of the equipment in place. The shifter mount was ok. I had to hard mount my shifter to it so it required more drilling, but once I got it mounted I didn't run into very many issues. However, the twist screws that held the shifter mount in place needed to be twisted very hard to prevent the shifter from moving around while shifting. The monitor mount was pretty decent. It has the VESA mount so it should fit most modern monitors and TVs. I had some issues with getting the triple monitor mount set up properly but that's a separate review. Cup holder was amazing, 5/5 stars. Also, the quality of the metal bars and welding was good. It's a sturdy rig once put together. All in all the oZone is a decent beginner rig for getting started in sim racing, however, if you are interested in expanding to better equipment down the line, I would suggest looking at a different rig or look into making your own for less money.

Obutto oZone Cockpit

Written by Jerry on Nov 9th 2015

I was very excited to get this. Have been sim racing at my desk using a desk chair. Wanted a more stable platform. This is. It also fit so the pedals are under my desk and my monitor is on the desk edge. So I can also use it as a work station. And I can use it for flight sims. THE GOOD It came out of the box in good shape. Went together OK (with some fiddling). The video was helpful. It has plenty of mounting holes. It is solid and stable and my T-500 wheel locks on tight. NOT SO GOOD The written instructions are a little vague. The video is not detailed enough. The seat (bottom/lower back) is too hard; needs to be more comfortable. The T-500 pedals can't use the pedal tray. They fit nicely up against the tray bar but are too far away. I had to make a spacer to bring them closer. The steering wheel mount is not centered with the seat. My T-500 had to be positioned off-center to the left. I sent an email asking if I could get an extra L-shaped mounting arm about a week ago and have not heard back. Bottom Line: I expected better but this will work.

Great for sim, subpar for workstation

Written by Nick on Oct 9th 2015

If you're considering buying this mainly as a workstation like I was be aware of one caveat - the chair. The lower side bolsters prevent you from putting your arms by your side (the most ergonomic position) and push against the back of your elbows which may cause discomfort. Maybe the OEM will add an alternative chair option in the future.

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

Written by Karthik Pai on Jul 10th 2015

I got the Obutto rig after years racing on a not-so-sturdy table and garden chair combo. First off, I have to say the quality of the materials used is fantastic... The paint was nicely powder-coated, there were no-ill fitting bolts and such. I used a single 40" inch TV with a 200x200 VESA hole structure, that was incompatible with the mount. Even though I thought it was easy to use an after-market adapter and make adjustments, it was not-so-straightforward, as the size of the mount is close to 200 mm verically so there is no space for us to put in the bolts into the TV. So, my warning to potential buyers would be have a thorough plan for how you are going to mount the adapters if you use a VESA pattern other then the 75 mm or 100 mm sizes. But now that I have mounted the rig and everything, everything is pretty strudy and it works just as it should.. I can run pretty high FFB with my G27 and there is not much of an issue with flexing or shaking etc. Cons: 1) As you would be aware, the distance of the seat from the wheel can be adjusted by means of a railing. The problem is that sometimes, the seat can hook out and slide backwards unexpectedly when braking hard. This doesn't happen too often but it has happened a couple of times, so whenever I am starting an important race, I make it a habit to double-check that the seat will not move backwards in the middle of the race. 2) I use the Fanatec CSR Elite pedals, and unless you bolt them to the pedal plate, they will slide backwards under braking. The grip provided on the pedal plate is not grippy enough the prevent the pedals from sliding. So, that's a con. I have a workaround by placing a shoebox behind the pedals so that there is something to prevent it going backwards. Overall, I definitely recommend this product if u are transitioning from a table-chair setup. It gives such a better feel while racing, the seat is very comfortable and very adjustable. If you hard-mount the pedals or find a solution similar to mine, you can really go full on the brake pedal. Definitely, a great upgrade!!!

A little disappointed

Written by kevin on Jun 10th 2015

Manufacturer Response: Hi Kevin, Thank you for your purchase of the Obutto oZone. These pedals do actually fit, you'll need to adjust the cockpit to slide them into the front frame, but once in, they fit and work without issue. See here: http://i.imgur.com/mETXv9n.jpg If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@obutto.com Customer Comment: Bought this mainly for flight simulation. I already knew I wouldnt be able to use some of the items out of the box, didnt think I would be using only the chair and tabletop... I have three monitors, all of them do not support VESA. I can easily accomodate that problem with adapters. The rudder pedal table isnt large enough to hold Saitek Pro Flight pedals, so Im not able to use that part of this setup either. Along with that, the acrylic tabletop I bought with it, because I cant use my pedals with that setup attached. So in essence, I feel like I just paid over 700 dollars for a reclining chair. Id return this if I wasnt leery about paying another 200 dollars to ship it back...all of this because my rudder pedals dont fit. Ill continue to play with it to see if I like it overall, but really wish they would have stated these pedals wouldnt fit. Sorry...but make sure you know this before buying.

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit - ETA Late May 2015

Written by Jacon on Apr 6th 2015

First off, let me talk about MainPerformancePC.com. Main Performance has some truly excellent Customer Service. They are very responsive, and explain everything completely. Normally, I have my doubts about some online vendors, but these guys are excellent! (Only place to get an Obutto in the US, but I would still buy from these guys if they weren't.) For anybody looking to do SimRacing, or to step up their game, I recommend this cockpit over all others. First of all, there is the price. For what you pay here, you get a more complete system, complete with monitor mount than you would for the same money at Playseat. Secondly, I am a bigger guy. 5'11" 275 lb. This rig is VERY accommodating and comfortable, including long racing sessions. I have had everyone from my 5'2" GF and 6"3"+ Friends in this rig. It is universally comfortable. I cant recommend this highly enough to those looking to step up their game. There is simply nothing better than moving from a swiveling DXRacer to a solid mounted seat. I have already won 2 races in iRacing since I've had it for about a week. I'm punching above my weight because I am solidly put in position. Overall, this is a great product. Setup is easy, and it is pretty compact. The only flaw is the keyboard tray, which others have mentioned. Once I purchase the R3volution style mount, it should be good though. Great product sold by an excellent distributor. Thanks Main Performance!

Got this for my husband

Written by Stacy Bernhart on Mar 13th 2015

I got this for my husband back in Jan and he's thrilled. Main Performance did a great job answering my questions and helping me figure out what was best for his needs. I actually was going to buy the r3volution but they talked me into the cheaper one since he wont ever go with three screens. saved me a few hundred dollars and he is a happy camper! the main performance staff was very professional and everything arrived and was communicated as promised. I also ordered a PC for him too and that has been a blast as we both share it (He uses it for iRacing, and I use it for my girly games)

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

Written by Tyler C. on Dec 24th 2014

Taking off the bubble wrap was an absolute hell!!! The cockpit is top quality! It was very easy to put together, but putting the seat on was a bit tricky. I don't know if it's just me, but I don't think my legs are fat at all and it was a SUPER tight fit with the keyboard tray and the wheel being mounted. Overall I would ditch the keyboard tray like I did and put this on the side of your daily desk. The seat is very comfortable! Phenomenal for racing. Cockpit this is 5/5, but as a workstation I would give it a 3/5. Maybe having the articulating keyboard and the acrylic table would help a lot for every day use. My seat came with an indent, which has reshaped to normal like I was told and it also had a rip. I was offered a new seat or cash. The mainperformance customer service was TOP notch and very quick and caring and on top of it Chris from Obutto contacted me which just shows they care and stand by their product which is a MASSIVE plus! AMAZING company with an AMAZING product that really makes sim racing enjoyable.

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

Written by Dylan on Dec 7th 2014

in my opinion i was suggest that you spend a little more time on your assembly videos and instruction diagram, i had a little tough time putting the seat together, and iunno if it how i set it up or im just short but my keyboard and wheel platform interfere so i cannot type easily while i wait in a lobby before racing, seems like i have to lower my wheel platform to allow the keyboards in or turn to the side and type on the side. but all in all it a solid quality product, with despite the 3 month wait because of the shipment delay to the warehouse it got here relatively quickly.

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

Written by Vince N. on Aug 24th 2014

This cockpit is awesome! I get great back support from the chair and am playing all my games in it. I purchased it originally for Star Citizen and my x-55 set up fits nicely. I scrapped the intended joy stick holder and used the throttle holder from the flight control pack as well as the longer 'L' connector for my joystick (it gives you more vertical range and horizontally doesn't put it right between your thighs) and used the original chair stick shift holder for my throttle. There are plenty of extra parts to customize the chair to fit your needs. It all goes together very easily. It didn't take me very long to put it together. The only real issue I had was with the monitor mount. I ended up buying a new monitor because my HDMI and power plug were covered by the mount. If M.P. goes with an updated 'H' shaped VESA mount they wouldn't have any more complaints about that. Get the articulating keyboard mount and the joystick mount pack and you won't be disappointed! I may eventually add the acrylic desk top for some space but for now it is all great.

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

Written by Patrick on Jul 26th 2014

I had been looking for ergonomic chairs when I came across this item. At the prices some of the ergo office chairs are going for, this setup was a steal! I work & play in this seat, and have spent several hours per day in it. This is hands-down the most comfortable I've ever been in front of my computer screens. I'm a big guy, 6', over 250. No problem getting in & out of this, and I don't even have the seat all the way back. Assembly was fun, as the unit doesn't come with instructions, but it really is fairly obvious how it all goes together. My only complaint is that the tolerances of the parts (how well they fit together) is a little lax, but the unit holds together fine, and where the fits aren't tight, it's barely noticeable. Once assembled, it's pretty solid. They include an alan-key and a stamped crescent wrench. While the alan-key is fine, the wrench is rather a joke. I used my own crescent to do the work; less chance of it slipping off. Bolts/nuts are all standard-size (not metric). If you don't have the extra tools I'm sure the included one would work fine. Adjusting things like the table and keyboard platforms took some playing with, but with the large hand-knobs on the set-bolts this was fairly easy to get done, and they have stayed where I put them. I did not mount the joystick arm, and I replaced the standard keyboard table arm with the more adjustable accessory arm because my space is limited. I also have the acrylic table top, as my primary use of this is for work and I needed more space to put stuff. I later added the triple-monitor mount as well, but I'll review those things elsewhere. Ultimately, if you spend as much time as I do in front of your computer, you'll not be unhappy with this setup.

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

Written by Guest on Jul 25th 2014

Easy to assemble, but the package is pretty large/bulky. You will likely need 2 people to move it around. Only took about an hour to get it assembled, another half hour to run cables and finish the setup. Doesn't move around on carpet, very comfy to sit in for long amounts of time. Great for racing as the pedals and wheel is fully adjustable, position wise. Fits the G27 perfectly. Also works well as a normal desk setup, as I played quite a lot of Kerbal space program and banished in the setup as well. Totally worth the price.

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

Written by Lee on Mar 7th 2014

I think this cockpit is the best value for the money. I did a lot of research and this unit fit my needs better than anything else for the money I was willing to spend. Construction is of excellent quality and it is a very solid platform once put together. Although the instructions weren't all that great it still went together easily, especially with the help of the online videos on the website. I'm very happy with the seat, especially. I was expecting something of lesser quality for the money. It both reclines and is adjustable front-to-back which you don't often find in a budget cockpit. My only complaint about the seat is that for a guy my size (6'-2" 230 lbs) it's a little narrow but not uncomfortably so. I can still spend hours in the seat (with the help of a small pillow) with no problem. On weekends, it's not unusual for me to spend 8-10 hours per day in this seat. Ultimately, I found the shifter mount and keyboard/mouse tray to not be to my liking so I made my own tabletop from plywood to hold a lamp, keyboard, wheel, shifter and mouse pad. Since I use this cockpit for general gaming and not just racing I needed something that felt more like a desk when not using my racing wheel and the keyboard/mouse tray was just not that comfortable for me to use. I also prefer my shifter to be mounted closer to my wheel than the shifter mount would allow so the homemade tabletop was the perfect solution. I was going to order the acrylic tabletop but thought that its 40" length would not be quite long enough (my tabletop is about 45-46"). It would be ideal if the mounts for shifter, keyboard, etc. were optional and if they could pass along the savings but, even though I will likely never use them, I still feel that, for the money, this is a terrific unit and I've already recommended it to several friends. One of my friends was thinking of building a custom home-made rig but after trying my Obutto Ozone he said he would buy this instead.

Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

Written by Bradley on Mar 7th 2014

I am overall very pleased with the obutto ozone gaming cokcpit. Here are my Pro's and Con's Pro's: -Very solid, the construction of the rig is phenomenal. Very sturdy and very heavy. The package weighed in at 110 lbs. -Easy construction. The rig was mostly self explanatory to put together but does require a quite a bit of space to assemble. -The Seat. The seat is extremely comfortable. I have sat through several long races and different gaming and i have been very comfortable. This was one of the main things that i was worried about because i am a bigger guy. -Price. For the price that you pay for this rig you cannot go wrong. -No bar between your legs. This is one of the biggest reasons i purchased this rig over playseat and VRC rigs. **Plus for the price that you pay for those rigs, you can get more features with the obutto ozone** Con's: -The keyboard and mouse tray. To be honest this was one of the main reasons i purchased this rig,the tray is covered with "mouse pad" material which i love. But with the steering wheel mounted on the rig it is very hard to navigate this over your legs. Which i stated before, i am a bigger guy so this could be one of the reasons but i think that the overall construction of the tray could be tweaked and made more accessible. -The pedal and wheel stands. This is minor but i would have liked to had pre-drilled holes for the pedal and wheel stands. -The Monitor Mount. Again this is one minor flaw to the rig but i would like it if the monitor stand would go a little higher. I have a 32" tv for my monitor and the stand has to be all the way extended for this to look right. Once again this is a minor detail. In conclusion i would like to say that i am very impressed with this rig! It exceeded my expectations in some aspects but did have its flaws. If i had to purchase a rig all over again, i would not hesitate in buying this particular one. Great product.

Fantastic product

Written by Rob on Feb 10th 2014

This product is nothing short of amazing. Quality is great, chair is comfortable and it is sleak and smooth. Setup was easy, took me and hour and half and that was with spongebob on distracting me. I am using this as my personal desk/ office but mostly for gaming, and it is perfect for it. The most comfortable ive been when i have played. My friends and I play call of duty on the weekends and when we play it is usually a couple hours. I could not even tell this last weekend that i was in a chair for over 2 hours. My only problem was a fault of my own, i assumed that my monitor had all the holes for the mount but it didnt and i didnt know this until i was trying to mount the monitor( my monitor is only a year old) so i had to jimmy rig it a little. Went to lowes and got some roofing straps, their all pre drilled. I just built my own mount that went around the monitor and then i mounted it to my obutto ozone.....if your a gamer, this product is for you

One of the best options available

Written by Jason L on Jan 19th 2014

This is probably the best rig for the money out there. Sturdy constriction, a comfortable seat, and multiple mounting options for the attachments make this a great value. My only suggestions would be better instructions; that being said the way the Ozone goes together is pretty logical and not too difficult, but others may struggle. My other gripe is with the monitor mount. The holes lined up perfectly with my monitors VESA mount, but the spot where the power cord plugs in was covered by the Ozone's mount. I simply drilled new holes in the mount to make some room for the cord. Once again, those not as technically savvy may find this a challenge. All in all, this may have been the best investment I've made in my sim racing setup, and the fact that it can double as a normal workstation when not racing is just perfect for me. 5/5

Best bang for the buck!!!

Written by RMcCanney on Dec 27th 2013

Great sim for the price, very comfortable and sturdy. Same complaint as others about the keyboard but its not really an issue just preference. I actually didn't get the table top and drilled and taped the keyboard tray and mounted it behind the wheel until I come up with a better keyboard option. I would prefer a tilted keyboard tray off the right side so will probably buy a ram mount and go from there. Overall though its a 5 star product for the value and the overall strength of the cockpit. I would recommend to anyone!!!!

I spent three day on this chair...

Written by Oscar M. on Dec 18th 2013

Vizio 50' 3d tv, pc, ps3, g27 and a cup holder to complete my corner of heaven. I gotta say, I thought this was over kill, expensive and maybe not that comfortable. It's hard to gauge a product online and get over petty complaints from certain people. Well let me tell you those people are wrong. It is not overkill as I'm only using an extra foot and a half of space. Expensive? Think about it, it's a desk with one of the best chairs you can possibly get. You can easily spend $400 in a crappy chair and desk and not have the level of comfort offered by this cockpit. Uncomfortable? Not at all. I read someone complaining about lumbar support... Buy a Memory Foam Lumbar pillow and that will fix that problem right up. Not everyone needs/wants that support. But if you do, very easily fixable. I waited too long to make the jump on something like this. It will change your gaming experience even if you are just playing FPS. Delivery was promised til the 27th as the cockpit was a pre-order item. It was delivered on the 12th and playing on it by the 14th. Good company, good product. You will not regret this purchase.

great cockpit, really bad monitor mount design

Written by james redfern on Sep 15th 2013

this was very easy to assemble, very solid design and overall great desk/cockpit. BUT be warned the monitor mount is a very bad design. i wanted to use my 23" 3d monitor with this, but when vesa mounted the mount blocks all the display ports and power supply port for the screen. i then tried to mount 2 other 23 inch screens and again when vesa mounted the cockpits mount blocks all the ports, make sure you monitors ports face downward other wise the mount blocks them. if you use a 32" tv (which is what i'm using for now, and forced to play in the native 720p of it which sucks until i find a 1080p monitor that will mount) a 32" monitor mounts just fine and the ports are unobstructed, but every screen i've seen 23" or so the ports are blocked. so again, the rest of the design was great, but that one horrible design for the monitor mount makes the ozone an "ok" setup, rather than an "awesome" setup.

I'm sure Glad I bought This

Written by stone775 on Sep 11th 2013

HI All, i ordered the Ozone on 09-03-13 and it arrived on 09-10-13. I started to open up the BIG box and there was a really nice looking seat and a little heavy, then there was all the part's and when I finally got everything unwrapped 30-40 mins. later, they was nicely packaged also. Everything had a really nice finish on them, It did impress me, NO problems at all with looks on the frame, Simply Gorgeous! Then I started to put it together in about 2 hours I had it finished (I took a couple breaks) But, it was Very Easy to put together. Next I set in the seat WHOoooo, Very Comfortable easy to slide forward and backwards and recline works very well also. This seat is Not a Cheap seat like on some other rig's that cost much more than the Obutto Ozone. This really Impressed me! You need this one!

Very nice setup

Written by Myself on Aug 28th 2013

I purchased this primarily for an gaming / office setup for long periods. The only reason i give it a 4 star is the lack of lumbar support in the chair, otherwise everything is great. It fits me perfectly 5'11, but i could see anyone over 6'3 having some issue with stretching their legs out. I plan to upgrade to the 3 monitor in the future with 3x 27" Asus LED displays.

Glad I Sprang for Obutto Gaming Cockpit

Written by Alessa on Jul 25th 2013

I was already spending a lot of money on a good gaming PC, so I thought I might as well throw on the Obutto gaming cockpit to see what that was like. After a slightly frustrating setup, I can say that I'm really happy I picked up this "little" extra. The chair is very comfortable and the mount puts the monitor right in your face. It's a really cool way to experience my new computer. I think I could do with a little more table space, but all in all it's a great cockpit.

Best Way To Experience Simulators is Obutto Gaming Cockpit

Written by Caleb on Jul 23rd 2013

Man, I thought using a joystick was the height of realism until I got into my friends Obutto gaming cockpit. This thing is like playing in dream. It feels very realistic, with a comfortable seat that still puts me in prime control of all the action. It's got room for a joystick and pedals, so sometimes I feel like I'm in an actual cockpit. I don't think any of my other games will ever feel the same, either.

The best gaming seat available

Written by Angelo S on Jul 14th 2013

Great product. Does what it is supposed to do and does it well. For the price nothing beats it. Only problem I had was the mounting for my monitor. My monitor has the rear facing ports. Not obutto fault! Would definitely buy again.

Awesome cockpit for the money

Written by Tamika on Jul 14th 2013

For the price it can't be beat its well made my only problem with it is I got a few pieces that were stained with red rust that was easily fixed with a hint of black touch up paint that gave it a nice shine.Thank u Obutto for kick ass rig

Best cockpit available

Written by Kyle on Jul 14th 2013

WARNING: Long review, scroll to bottom for pros and cons! I've been on the look out for a cockpit solution for years. Option one was to build my own out of wood (or learn to weld). Option two was a racing chair welded to a tiny metal frame (No monitor supports or anything) for more than the price of the oZone. Option three was just making due with a desk. Consider the fact that a regular desk might cost you about the same amount, and suddenly the oZone starts to look better and better. The oZone isn't without its flaws though, most of which may be fixed with their newer Revolution product (But that thing is far outside my price range). the oZone can get the job done though, you'll just have to spend a bit to get it up to speed. I built my cockpit for flying fighter jets, so the lack of adjustment in the oZone's steering wheel mount wasn't an issue for me. I purchased the flight stick and throttle mount as well as the triple monitor mount. The oZone is a big, heavy metal frame that feels tough enough to be mounted on a motion platform. It is held together by several bolts and nuts, with washers and stoppers. You may be a bit frustrated at first because there are essentially no instructions. Here is a hint: use the long bolts to link the two main frames (seat and monitor mount) together. Adjustable parts are held in place by screws with big plastic nobs on them. Friction holds these parts in place, save for the monitor mount which has holes for the nob-screws to fit through, so don't worry about your precious gear falling far. The problem is that things like the keyboard mount are also held up by this friction screw, so when you swing it out of the way, it tends to lower its self. Again, they've fixed this with the swivel mount on the newer model, but that doesn't help us much does it! My cockpit came wrapped in about 10 miles of bubblewrap and packing tape. It took me a good hour just to free it, but the parts and their thin layer of black coating were undamaged. In my case, one part (the main frame for the monitor section) was rusted a bit near the top. I figure these older model cockpits are out in some yard somewhere, but in my case it wasn't a big deal. The chair is comfortable and adjustable. It functions EXACTLY like a car chair, as it probably is an off the shelf one. It can recline back far enough to turn your cockpit into an entry plug from Evangelion (or in other words, you could take a nap) and slides far enough forward and backwards to put your pedals where they need to be. But on that subject... If you have Saitek's combat flight pedals, be aware that they do NOT fit in this frame properly. If you use the footrest / pedal platform that comes with the oZone, you won't have enough travel room to move the pedals more than an inch or so. If you remove the footrest and position the pedals just right, you can almost get a full range of movement before slamming against metal. I was very disappointed when I discovered all this, but I figure most people are probably using this cockpit for racing. Also, if you have a Saitek x52 / 41 / pro, you'll need to get creative with mounting it. The throttle/stick platforms are too small for the suction cups to clasp, and there are no pre-drilled holes to mount via the mounting holes. You could probably use velcro or something though, and the Saitek gear does ok just sitting most of the time. You'll also probably like to be able to remove the joystick when you are not flying, as there doesn't seem to be any way to use a center-mount joystick and keyboard at the same time. All in all, I'm happy with this product. It has its failings, but it is a great way to get a cockpit build up and running. I wish they would at least toss in a swivel mount for the keyboard, as that would really seal the deal. If you've got the cash, just remember, this thing costs about the same as a new video card, and it isn't going to be out of date in a few months. With three monitors, it is also a huge step forward in immersion, and even if you use your computer for work like I do, you'll find that this thing makes a great desk too. Pros: + Affordable cockpit solution + Doesn't feel cheap! + Ergonomic and adjustable + Adds greatly to the gaming experience Cons: - No real instructions - A bit of rust on some parts - Keyboard trey doesn't function as expected (can't swing out of the way without it lowering)

Obutto Gaming Chair Great for Consoles and PC

Written by Zack Hudson on Jul 2nd 2013

This computer gaming chair is a nice little multi-tasker. I love gaming & iracing on my computer, but there are certain games only the console can play. But it's really easy to use my racing rig with the Xbox, which makes that a completely new experience. Forza is a new beast!

Obutto Gaming Cockpit Puts You In the Center

Written by Jeff Simmons on Jul 2nd 2013

This Obutto gaming cockpit gives you the single best gaming experience out there. The seat is insanely comfortable, and it reclines to fit your posture. It's really customizable for any computing or gaming setup! The lifetime warranty is really nice assurance as well. Thrilled with this product and company!

Nice rig...

Written by Eddie H. on Jun 30th 2013

The rig is very solid, easy to assemble & well made. Over all it is well worth the money. The cons are the seat is a tad narrow but I am a BIG guy, the dash is off center about 1 1/2 inches and the powder coat is very light. Had a little surface rust on several pieces but no biggie. But like I said for under $400.00 it cant be touched.

Obutto oZone Cockpit

Written by Todd P. on Jun 30th 2013

Great product and entry price for a sim cockpit. Quick delivery and satisfied with overall build quality.

Obutto Ozone Cockpit

Written by Kyle Simpson on Jun 27th 2013

If you play a lot of sims, the Obutto Ozone is a great choice for you. It's not tailored to a specific genre, so it's great for racing games, flight sims, and strategy games. I will say that it's not great for all genres. I don't really like how far away from the screen you're forced to sit, because my monitor isn't that big. But overall, this is a very comfortable gaming chair with a lot of extra immersive features.

First time I've been comfortable

Written by Kevin White on Jun 21st 2013

I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in about the Obutto Ozone. I am 6 6" and 260lbs, as such finding anything ergonomic is rare. I find I have leg room and can sit comfortably for long PC gaming sessions in this thing. I was hesitant at first due to price but compared to a nice wood desk its just the same and waaaay more comfortable. So if your a big guy also give this thing a try, I love it.

Honest review

Written by Le on Apr 19th 2013

I have to say that the only thing I like about this cock pit was the chair itself, a nice comfortable racing car chair fully adjustable. the only major flaw to this cockpit is the keyboard mount. it just doesn't hold its place at the adjusted height, because every time i have to push the keyboard away it just pushes itself back down causing me to constantly adjust its height every time. the other minor thing that i don't like was the instructions which was pretty much no instructions at all,.. Overall rating is a 4 star, I would have given this a 5 if they were to fix that major problem.just that constant adjusting the comfortable height of the keyboard mount made it not enjoyable as it should be. Would i recommend this cockpit? OH HELL YEAH I DO!, affordable sturdy cockpit, nice racing car chair fully adjustable, and I'm pretty sure they the revolution has a better keyboard mount that would solve my problem.

best cockpit for the money. better than playseat IMO

Written by James Huang on Apr 2nd 2013

Did lots of research for the best cockpit around 350 and settled with this. pure awesomeness. I had also installed buttkicker gamer 2, my simulation experience is now top notch. will upgrade to r3volution later maybe after I have more fund. a little rust on some of the spots but it's normal for products shipping by sea from China. pardon my English but I highly recommend it to any sim racing lovers

nice exept for off center

Written by Matt Hoose on Mar 23rd 2013

I have been happy with this product for the last month or so. The only problem was that the wheel and center monitor were lined up but the seat was off to the right. i tried everything moving around parts flipping parts over nothing changed. so i had to buy a couple metal drill bits and drill some new holes in the seat frame where it bolted to the main frame, and move it oever to the left about 2 1/2 inches. to get everything centered up. all in all good product bit pricy for what it is but hey when i have a couple grand in pc and iracing. whats another 600 or so right ! After 10 years of online racing i finally broke down and bought a cockpit and glad i did. Its nice and solid looks cool helps me drive better due to the fact my office chair dont move back when i hit the brakes lol. cya on the tracks guys.

Really good

Written by Brandon D. on Mar 20th 2013

I have thoroughly enjoyed the chair on this awesome product. It's great for RTS and Flight Sim gaming, equally, and those are genres I play quite a bit of. The only thing I don't like is my Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals don't QUITE fit in the pedal area, which is what makes this a 4-star review instead of 5. Other than that, excellent product.

Better than most

Written by D Chalk on Mar 14th 2013

Overall, very satisfied. Seat is excellent, comfortable and adjustable. Probably one of the best values out there IMHO! Only issue is keyboard is designed in such a way as it tilts away from me. Makes using keyboard an option only when keyboard is off to side.

Impressions After a Month

Written by James M. on Feb 4th 2013

I considered holding off and getting the Obutto R3volution instead but in the end, it made more sense with my budget to purchase the Ozone instead. I read many reviews on both and I had some concerns about the flaws that others pointed out in the Ozone's design. My thought though was that several of the upgrades included with the R3volution are available to purchase as add ons for the Ozone so I could always add them in the future as necessary. My main concern was with the swinging keyboard and mouse tray that was replaced with the articulating tray on the R3volution and this is definitely the weakest point of the whole rig. Assembly took about four hours with the additional triple monitor mount but once everything was done, I can say that I was very happy with the results. I'm using the Logitech G27 with the pedals inverted and mounted to a piece of MDF strapped to the frame. I haven't hard mounted everything yet but even without it, my racing experience has been taken to level of realism that I can't believe. The level of immersion with this rig and triple monitors is just incredible. I do have to make minor adjustments to set the rig up in racing or workstation mode but this is minimal. In about 30 seconds I can go from racing to playing Borderlands 2. The seat is difficult to get in and out of and feels a little narrow but I have no problem sitting in it for hours without the discomfort I used to get from sitting in my office chair. Overall the build quality is fantastic and I would have no problem recommending this to anyone.

Comfortable for hours

Written by Chris Welker on Jan 13th 2013

I spend hours iRacing. The seat is very comfortable and looks great. Easy to assemble.

Obutto is dual purpose

Written by Charles LeMaire on Jan 9th 2013

I currently use my Obutto for gaming, Iracing and Xbox . Not only that, I laid out my area with my computer and printer and am starting to use it as a computer/gaming cockpit.... Hopefully, Obutto will design an accessory to mount the computer on the cockpit, and maybe make a removable mount on the other end of keyboard tray for more support... This is an awesome product as is , and I know the Obutto people will make it better as time goes along... The company was a pleasure to deal with, and assembly was not hard... thanks for a great package..

A great addition for iRacing

Written by Scott Oleson on Dec 29th 2012

the Obutto cockpit is built sturdy enough for a bug guy.. i am 300 lbs. and have no problem at all with stability. Assembly upon shipping was pretty easy with the how to videos. The wheel mounts perfectly and easily. the chair is comfy and allows me to play for hours without discomfort. If i'm not racing, i just slide the seat back a bit, swing the ole keyboard around for chatting and other e-stuff. great product. I gave it four stars because of the tripple monitor mount issues I have ..and currently working on.

Obutto Review with FlightSim Periphals

Written by Gary Williams on Dec 16th 2012

Well I ordered the Obutto Gaming Cockpit and had to wait over a month for it since they were on back order. I finally received it and was very pleased with the construction of the cockpit as well as the packaging. I put the cockpit togehter with ease and was quite pleased when it was put together, however there was a few things that caught me by surprise. For one, I have a 27in AOC monitor and was only able to secure it with 2 of the four screws because otherwise I would not have been able to connect it to the monitor stand. Because of this I had to go out to The Home Depot and buy extra tubing that was longer, because if not the monitor would have been too low. Also since this seat is more so designed for car simming as opposed to flight simming, the keyboard stand is USELESS because getting in and out of the chair would be impossible once I hooked up my yoke and flight periphals. Also the biggest complaint I have with the design of the cockpit is that the base where the pedals go IS NOT designed for Saitek Pro Flight Rudder pedals. If it were about an inch wider it would provide total clearance for the pedals when pressed, however because of the smaller base the pedals do rub against the sides of the support bars. Is it a deal breaker? No, it's not, however I feel as though the designer of the cockpit should take a look at this. Because of these minor issues I can only give it 4 out of 5 starts. I am really enjoying the seat and so is my 11 year old son. We both fight for flying time. The seat is very comforatble, sturdy, and I must say the price is excellent compared to other similiar gaming chairs out there. Kind regards, Gary

Obutto Ozone Long Term Report

Written by John Neely on Dec 8th 2012

I've had an Ozone since Feb 2011. It has been a pleasure to use. The seat has held up perfectly with no signs of wear. It is so easy to modify to be specific to you I think that is half the fun. I can run long races with no pains and total comfort. It was a pleasure dealing with Main Performance. Anything I am looking for I always check to see if they have it. Thanks Mike, Chris Obutto too. John

Obutto Ozone Review

Written by Mark Barnard on Nov 27th 2012

For about six months I was looking for a sim rig that I could use as my office desk and also my racing rig, while I was looking around I always found myself coming back to the Obutto Ozone. Now that I have been using my Ozone for a few days I now see why I made this purchase. For the price I don’t think you’ll find anything cheaper for what you get in a standard package. The seat is just as nice as the seat in my wrx and holds me in nicely while working or racing, being able to swing the key board in front of me and not having to type on my lap was also a huge plus for me. I have to say this is a 5 star purchase and I would recommend one to anyone on a budget or who just wants to be comfortable while working or gaming. Thanks Main Performance

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