Obutto R3Volution Triple Monitor Mount Accessory

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Obutt R3Volution Triple Monitor Accessory:
includes the 2 side monitor mounts & hardware which attach to the main mount that came with your cockpit:
  • side monitor arms are fully articulating so you can set whichever angle you desire for the side monitors
  • fits up to some 32" monitors (depending on the bezel thickness)
  • vesa compatible with standard bolt patterns 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm
  • Comes with all necessary hardware & instructions.


*Incompatible with the Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

*Requires Obutto R3Volution Single Monitor Stand/Mount

From the manufacturer: Obutto stands by its products, and even though our cockpits & accessories are more robust than anything on the market, problems do occur. Therefore, OBUTTO offers a 6 month warranty on it’s cockpits & accessories. If you’re Obutto products are damaged during shipment, or during normal use in the first 6 months, we will replace your damaged parts free of charge. In order to get your new parts, please send us a detailed photo along with a description of what caused the damage. Emails & photo’s should be sent to info@obutto.com http://obutto.com/information/warranty/

Reviews (14)

Good triple stand.

Written by Eddie on Feb 4th 2016

Once all adjusted properly. It' perfect! I can't really say anything negative about it because the Revolution rig is really the best money can buy. (In my opinion.) The monitor stand is a solid 4 star rating, Only because the adjustments are so difficult to get perfect. Still haven't seen another one that compares to it as far as over all value. There are defiantly improvements that could be made to make for easier adjustments. Very proud of my rig! Thanks Main Performance for making it available to the U.S.

Price was right

Written by Rick on Dec 19th 2015

I bought this with the free standing base. I needed a triple monitor for three 27" BenQ monitors and fit with my existing DX Racing cockpit. I assembled it by myself without the instructions that were not included. (3 hours) After reading previous reviews , I immediately turned the center bracket upside down. This enabled the outside monitors to line up closer without sagging. I didn't use the short cheap wrenched\s that were supplied with the product. If you have access to basic ratchets, deep well sockets and open end wrenches, do so, but be careful. I did over torque an adjustment bolt and snapped it. (not the highest grade bolts.) That being said, I don't think you will find another triple monitor stand for this price. After everything is installed, you will enjoy your triples!

Obutto R3Volution Triple Monitor Mount Accessory

Written by Mel on Jan 18th 2015

Great product once you get the adjustments set. The key is gettig the mount to the rear of the monitors real tight. I added an extra rubber washer to the bolt. It came with a flat rubber washer one one side of the mount, but adding another does the trick. Once you crank it down, the monitors will barely move which eases the alignment process. Really great customer support from Chris, I believe was his name, who was available Christmas eve to help with an issue. Thanks!

Obutto R3Volution Triple Monitor Mount Accessory

Written by Tim on Dec 28th 2014

Using three 24" 144 Hz Asus monitors.Like others, I had to turn the middle VESA mount upside down (adjustment screw is on top instead of the normal bottom/underneath position). Just barely got the monitors to line-up horizontally with zero vertical adjustment left. The center monitor is positioned all the way one way and the two side monitors are positioned all the way in the opposite direction. I'm guessing this alignment occurred because of sag on the two side monitors. Again like others, lining up three monitors in all axis was very difficult and time-consuming. However, now that I have it (for 5+ weeks), they have stayed put and not moved. So hopefully this is just one-time setup issue. Overall, happy with this purchase but minor improvements could be made as noted.

Unstable and difficult to adjust

Written by klieber on Aug 8th 2014

This is a very poorly designed product. The biggest issue is the base is not wide/broad enough to support larger monitors. I have 3 29" monitors mounted on it and if I pull one monitor out too far, the whole thing starts tipping over. That's just unacceptable and easily avoided had they made the legs on the floor longer. Additionally, as others have noted, it is very, very difficult to adjust the monitors to get them all to line up. I still haven't successfully got mine to line up. Is the product usable? Yes, which is why it gets two stars instead of one. It is barely adequate to hold up three monitors. If you have no other choice (which you really don't, short of building something yourself), this will do. But your monitors will always be at risk of crashing over due to the shoddy, top-heavy design.

Obutto R3Volution Triple Monitor Mount Accessory

Written by Troy on May 3rd 2014

with 27' monitors i had to turn the mount upside down on the center to have enough adjustment to get them to line up other than that i would have given 5 star but as they are i still think they rock love this set up!!!


Written by Kimchee on Dec 12th 2013

I had some worries when i read the other reviews about how sagging and the monitors not matching exactly. had mine for about a month now and it lines up my 27" samsungs perfectly even, only have 2 monitors so not sure about the otherside. reason i ddint give 5 stars is that the tools were garbage and i think they just toss in a couple extra incase this happens but....yea..., came with 3 wrenches which only 1 actually works, NONE of the allen wrenches fit, so i had to grab one from the old sets from the bags i had from my r3volution, none of the tiny screws fit the visa mount also, only the bolts for the mounts are actually good. i do know that when shipped, they dont pack it very well, so alot of my r3volution bars are bent and out of shape but everything should be covered by the limited warranty.

Great Product Great Price

Written by James on Oct 22nd 2013

It works great with the monitor stand. I bought it for use with a zero gravity chair. Shipped fast and got here on time. Only suggestion I have is to make the monitors tilt more up and down, although I'm not using this product with what is was designed for, it works for me.

Looks nice, but very frustrating

Written by Chris on Aug 21st 2013

To begin, this monitor stand continues the same nice aesthetic look of the r3volution cockpit. Very purpose built-looking, thoughtful design that allows the seat portion to be separate and slide very close underneath the monitors. That said, the cockpit went together easily, but I cannot say nearly the same for this stand when paired with the triple monitor arms especially. Before assembly I read included instructions and watched Obutto's online videos. When finished, I found that there was an enormous difference in monitor heights. With the middle monitor's adjustment bolt in the middle (as recommended, and the lowest it can go), the right monitor sat about half an inch higher and the left monitor about 1 inch lower than both at its bolt's max height adjustment. Yes, I re-assembled the arms many times, per the Obutto video to account for possible sag. Had to come to the conclusion it was not due to sag. Frustrated, I determined the only way I could get the heights correct was to remove the middle monitor's VESA mount and re-mount it upside down so that I could move the height adjustment bolt in back all the way to the bottom. After doing that and maxing out bot side bolts, I got it near perfect, but the angle was crooked. I next realized that the monitor stand itself stood about an inch higher on the right side. I took measurements all the way to the floor and the height difference seems to start at the base. In fact, the right toe of the front right foot is lifting off the ground with the monitors installed. The floor on which this is set up is flat and level, with a 1/2" rubber mat overtop of the rug. The only way I can make this thing sit level is to slide the left pole up higher out of the base skid. I searched forums for days for others with this issue to no avail, but I can't find a ton of r3volution owner posts either, just a few reviews mostly. To note, I am an engineer with a background working on lots of cars and computers, which I feel means this would be even more frustrating for the typical customer. I am not sure what to do at this point other than live with this odd, lop sided monitor stand. I don't think it would've been a big deal if I was only using a single monitor, but the triples just make the issue awful. I don't know if a call to Obutto is the next step, but I feel the star deduction is justified since the instructions, videos, or product design somehow did not seem to account for these quirks of the product. Did I simply get a bad component? I can't figure it out. Or am I to believe my apartment floor has a visually imperceptible 1" difference in height over a 2.5 foot distance?

Good but could use a little Work...

Written by fstcvc on Jul 24th 2013

I purchased this along with Obutto's R3volution cockpit. It allows me to have a triple monitor setup for ultimate gaming! My only complaint isn't the extension arms, but the design of the base you attach them to. Similar to Mr. Dangler & Phoenix599, I ended up putting a support under the side monitors to help disperse the weight and allow me to align all 3 monitors. I have mine on carpet and with the weight on the ends of the arms (I'm using 3 27" monitors), the display stand tends to lean forward. I purchased a pair of $40 speaker monitor stands from Amazon to prop the arms up (less space & cheaper than tripods). For this reason, I docked this 1 star. Still a stellar looking setup and like that the monitors aren't attached directly to the rest of the cockpit.


Written by Talena on Jul 14th 2013

Great product, solid and takes my club sport wheel and locks it down. Bought the triple mount and that works great.

Best used with lighter monitors!

Written by Phoenix599 on Apr 8th 2013

The design concept has merit, especially keeping the monitor mount completely separate from the main cockpit assembly. However, I'm using 3x Dell U3011's that weigh 20 lbs each. Regardless of placing the center monitor VESA bracket at its lowest position (and zip tying the center arm to its completely collapsed position), and placing the side monitor's at their highest VESA bracket position...there was sag. I went to Best Buy and purchased two $40 camera tripods and placed them under the last knuckle of each outside arm. The tripods have an adjustable center post that cranks up/down, and locks securely with a knurled knob. Once in place, the monitors will not move...unless there is an earthquake. However, it cost me an additional $80 to tweak the mount. This mount should work better with lighter monitors, but I've got no idea what the max weight limit would be for the side arms.

Serves its purpose even with large screens!

Written by Mr. Dangler on Mar 5th 2013

After I completed assembly of the cockpit, I began working on the triple mount. First make sure your VESA mounts match the two the stand was designed for. If not you'll be modding your own mount. Thankfully, mine did. My 3 monitors are 32" LG LCD HDTVs, and have a large "footprint". Be warned, if you are assembling these by yourself, make sure you completely collapse the middle screen arm during mounting and consider using some extension on the front of the stands legs. I did not, and the center mount tv nearly came crashing down to the floor requiring me to change my underwear. ;) Obutto should warn buyers about this issue when using the largest of monitors/tv's. I used PVC pipes to extend the "legs" on the floor in the front of the mount to increase the stability and this helped keep the entire unit stationary during the rest of the mounting process. The assembly of the stand was a breeze...with the YouTube videos and not the packaged instruction, much like the cockpit. On the other hand I was dong this all by myself, so it will be much easier with a partner. Upon completion, I collapsed the middle tv post extension, removed my pvc leg extensions, and fine tuned the tv positions. Some folks have had issues with lowering the center screen due to side screen sagging. I DID NOT have this problem of "side sag" for whatever reason. Trying to line up the bezels on the 3tvs was a pain, but I'm a perfectionist. The assembly videos will ensure you put your screens together properly and without a large time commitment. I use this rig strictly for iRacing and if you don't have triples, you'll want them! I now have 3 screens at a 45' angle for true 1:1 viewing ratio. Obutto made a great decision on not attaching the triple mount to the cockpit, which allows easy sliding of the cockpit to best fit your eye to screen preference as well as not shaking the triple mount when entering and exiting the cockpit. I docked my rating 1 star due to the poor assembly instruction (use YouTube!) and the lack of warning when mounting larger monitors. Prior to purchase there was some confusing information on whether or not this mount could handle 3, 32" LCD tv's, but it does and without issue. Based upon the cost of other triple mount solutions, you, the buyer, are getting an excellent deal on a rock solid product.

good but

Written by lonnie on Dec 31st 2012

I have had the mount for about 1 month now. The mount works well and triple monitors are great but there are problems. The sag in the side arms are so great that you have to set center monitor at it's lowest position to have any hope of have all 3 in line. I did the assembly per Chris's video checking the bushings on all joints, lifting the arms to take the load off as I tightened each joint and the sag forced me to have my center monitor at it's lowest position and in my case this is to low. Great idea but needs work to work the way it should.

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