Obutto oZone/R3Volution A10 Thrustmaster HOTAS Flight Stick Mount Accessory

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The all new Obutto A10 Flight Stick Mount - for use with the A10 Flight Stick ONLY.

The Obutto oZone Flight Stick Mount Accessory comes with the following:

  1. Obutto A10 Flight Stick Mount

  2. Obutto HOTAS Throttle Mount

  3. Flight Stick Mounting Post

  4. Necessary Nuts/Bolts to connect the flight stick to your Obutto frame.

  5. Instructions for mounting



Additional Information

  • Works for both Obutto Cockpits, the oZone and the R3Volution

  • Attach your flight controls to the suitable mounts and immerse yourself in the game like never before with a realistic cockpit seating position.

  • General Aviation - our base cockpit provides a height adjustable yoke mount....if your yoke clamps to a desk it will clamp to our cockpit, and the included pedal plate provides a perfect mount for rudder pedals.

  • WWI & WWII - If you prefer flying the old warbids of the past with your stick between your legs, just add our Flight stick/Throttle mount accessory and you will finally have a realistic seating position while combing the skies for bogeys!

  • Fly-by-wire - If you prefer the latest in jet fighters just attach your stick on the right and throttle on the left.......whatever your preference the Obutto can accommodate!

  • The Obutto gaming cockpit delivers much more than just a more immersive flying experience. Do you play first person shooters or RPG's? How about browsing the internet? Email? The Obutto oZone can handle it with its included
From the manufacturer: Obutto stands by its products, and even though our cockpits & accessories are more robust than anything on the market, problems do occur. Therefore, OBUTTO offers a 6 month warranty on it’s cockpits & accessories. If you’re Obutto products are damaged during shipment, or during normal use in the first 6 months, we will replace your damaged parts free of charge. In order to get your new parts, please send us a detailed photo along with a description of what caused the damage. Emails & photo’s should be sent to info@obutto.com http://obutto.com/information/warranty/

Reviews (4)

As nice as the rest of the Obutto accessories

Written by Ross on Jan 14th 2016

Like the rest of the Obutto accessories for the Ozone this works great. Solid construction and looks good just like the others. My only complaints are my kit didn't have the correct bolts to be able to mount the stick center between my knees. It seemed the kit of bolts/washers they sent was either for another accessory or just poorly packaged as it included tons of stuff I didn't need and was missing things I did. That's the only reason for 4 vs. 5 stars as in fairness it wasn't perfect. I contacted Main Performance as soon as I realized what was missing and they were extremely attentive and quick to reply offering to ship out a new/correct set of bolts. As that was silly for a bolt I can get at Ace (right next door to my standard grocery store so not out of the way at all). They sent me the specs of what I needed and sent me a $15 Paypal we're-sorry-we-screwed-up refund which was rather generous of them. How companies handle problems like this speak hugely to me about how good they are and in this case they were outstanding. Wish I could give them a 5 but have to be fair given the initial order wasn't right.

So glad I got these

Written by Anon Andon on Jan 9th 2016

If you have the TM Warthog, these are essential. I had the regular joystick & throttle kit, and was considering modifying them; there is no way I could have made them as good as Obutto already did. I do agree with other posters in that there is room for improvement--I'd love to see a quick-release, indexed detents, or even a hinged tilt-forward feature to make hopping in and out of the chair less of a production. For how well they are made, as with the rest of the cockpit, they are a bargain.

Still Waiting

Written by Tre on Jan 10th 2014

The product itself is well made and fits the Thrustmaster warthog perfectly. However, I was shipped the wrong parts and after many pictures, emails, and almost a full month later I'm still waiting for the correct parts. There is no excuse for paying for a product, being shipped the wrong parts, and to still be waiting a month later without any status updates for this problem to be fixed thus I subtracted 3 stars. However, Christopher Sparks was very friendly and helpful.

Works Well

Written by Glenn Pechacek on Oct 16th 2013

I purchased the mount for the Thrustmaster HOTAS Flight Stick. The mount fit the two parts perfectly. The mounts are secure and solid enough to prevent unwanted motion. I replaced the provided mounting screws for the thruster side with some that where a little longer to avoid removing the rubber feet. On my wish list would be a marking system to index the mount shift to the chair. A square shift instead of a rounded shaft would be ideal. Nice product.