Obutto 5.1 Speaker Mount Accessory

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Obutto 5.1 Speaker Mount Accessory


  • compatible with oZone or r3volution cockpits

  • front speaker mounts are nearly invisible

  • front speaker mounts can be configured for single or triple monitors

  • max 32″ triple monitor setup

  • max 27″ single monitor setup

  • loads of adjustability

  • rear speaker mount is attached with a wide hook & loop strap

  • rear speaker mount/seat wire management provided

  • wire management hook & loop straps provided for entire setup



From the manufacturer: Obutto stands by its products, and even though our cockpits & accessories are more robust than anything on the market, problems do occur. Therefore, OBUTTO offers a 6 month warranty on it’s cockpits & accessories. If you’re Obutto products are damaged during shipment, or during normal use in the first 6 months, we will replace your damaged parts free of charge. In order to get your new parts, please send us a detailed photo along with a description of what caused the damage. Emails & photo’s should be sent to info@obutto.com http://obutto.com/information/warranty/

Reviews (4)

Great Add-On, but has some Issues...

Written by Nathan on Nov 3rd 2016

This speaker mount works great, and does exactly what it sets out to do, but has three problems: Firstly, the front three speaker mounts make the monitors more difficult to adjust. The monitor mount is extremely time-consuming to position properly in the first place, and the speaker mounts just elongate that process further. That being said, they don't induce drift in the monitor position, so once you have them correctly placed, you won't have to go through the process again. Secondly, the rear speaker mount is attached with Velcro. It's secure enough to not fall, but it does sag significantly. The Velco very loosely attaches the mount to the chair, and while functional, its not nearly as secure/sturdy as the rest of the rig. It stands out like a sore thumb. Thirdly, the rear mounting bracket, being metal, weighs a lot. This causes the chair's angle-adjustment spring to no longer pull the chair up when unlocked. Without the mount, the chair operates like a cars', automatically re-positioning itself into the upright position when the adjustment handle is pulled. Unfortunately with the speaker mount, the spring isn't strong enough, and the chair back needs to be manually pulled up when adjusted. All in all, this product is worth it. Given the price (and lack of material cost), these three problems shouldn't be present. But if the Ozone/R3volution is in your budget to begin with, odds are this add-on is too.

A great Add-on

Written by Jonathan on May 23rd 2016

On the whole I love this mount. I love being able to have the speakers by my ears and not having to put them on the floor. But there could be some improvements. I noticed that there was some sag from the Velcro on the seat mount (as my speakers are on the large size.) I solved the issue by drilling some screw holes just a view milometers above the openings as well as the seat so that I could put some screws to help support the weight. Otherwise I love the mount.

Obutto 5.1 Speaker Mount Accessory

Written by Nervis on Nov 26th 2014

The speaker mount for the R3v is must have for those with 5.1 surround sound on their rigs. Installation is a breeze and comes with everything you to install it. The only downside was using the velcro to mount the metal bracket for the rear speakers. I occasionally bump into my rear speakers and then I have to readjust them since I knocked them out of their original position. Otherwise this is a must have. I'm happy with it and looks awesome as it really completes the rig.

Obutto 5.1 Speaker Mount Accessory

Written by Charles LeMaire on Jul 27th 2014

Its a 5 star product but the way it gets held on to the cockpit should be a bracket , not Velcro.. The Velcro works, but lets the bracket sag about 1/8 of an inch putting pressure on the bottom of the Velcro.. eventually this will wear.. that's the only thing I would improve on this.. make a metal bracket or something.. but it is a great product.. easy to assemble, without instructions even thought the instructions are included.. I have recommended this to some of my other sim race buddies so hopefully they will get one too...