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Why Obutto?



From OBUTTO's own everyday use  and from feedback from thousands of very happy customers worldwide, they have incorporated many new design features which simply make this cockpit the ultimate computer workstation & gaming station.   Able to meet all your computer needs, whether it's work, gaming, sim'ing, or a combination thereof.

At MAIN PERFORMANCE PC we stopped using desks or "computer desks" over 7yrs ago. Not only do we all use our cockpits for work, such as creating this website right now & using the internet, but we also game for hours and hours every day testing computer systems for our customers.

Compare the OBUTTO R3Volution below to the popular Fanatec Rennsport cockpit & other competitors, and learn how you too can have a high end cockpit, without the high end price tag!


Compare to Fanatec Rennsport

Compare to Volair Sim



The original OBUTTO oZone gaming cockpit transformed the way we game.  It was created based on a need to have a more comfortable solution for using a computer when gaming, and to easily switch between simulator games which need mounted controllers, then back to shooters, rpg's, and other genre's of games which only require a keyboard & mouse.  

It was originally designed in 2006, but has gone through many minor design changes throughout the years based off our own extensive use every day for work & gaming, as well as from feedback from great customers all around the world.  Even after all these years it is still the only "affordable gaming cockpit" available giving customers not only a frame & seat, but includes a swiveling/telescoping keyboard tray, steering wheel & shifter mount, and a single VESA monitor stand.

Today we have many thousands of very pleased OBUTTO oZone owners all over the world.   If you are looking for an affordable, much more comfortable way to use a computer and/or game console, then look no further!   Find out below why you should choose the Obutto vs. those other gaming seats.


Compare to Fanatec CSL

Compare to Volair Sim

Compare to Playseat

Compare to rSeat

Compare to SimSeats

Compare to GT Omega

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