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We have ended our distribution of Obutto products as of November 30th, 2018.



 Main Performance PC is looking to make the next big step, you can become a part of our awesome growth potential by contacting us about potential investment opportunities.  


First, a little bit of background information.


In 2009 Main Performance PC was started by Michael Main & his wife, Sarah. What started as a small hobby within the sim racing genre of gaming, quickly became a successful computer building company. Computers were built for customers within this niche community on a coffee table in a small 400sqft condo located in Northwest Washington, DC (Georgetown area).  As word of the service that Michael provided his customers spread, the orders kept coming in.  Keeping true to the motto "Treat your customers how YOU would want to be treated." Michael learned early on that providing great customer service, fair pricing, and working 24/7 would pay off.  What became roughly 3-4 PC builds per month from the start, has grown into over 1000 computers sold every year (As of 2016).


In 2010 Michael came across a great opportunity with the Obutto line of Gaming Cockpits. Gaming Cockpits were quickly gaining traction in the simracing world, and Obutto was an extremely sought after product within the community. The only problem was that the existing distributor at this time was not keeping up with their end of the bargain to their customers within the US.  Michael reached out to Obutto, and was turned down at first.  Persistent, and not wanting to take "NO" for an answer, he kept on.  Eventually, the US Distributor at that time had done something quite awful to hundreds of Obutto customers, and the door opened up for Michael to take over. The only problem was, there was little money to place the first order of Obutto's to bring over to the United States.  Michael had built a system for a customer who he knew was a private investor, and immediately reached out to discuss the potential opportunity.  $60,000 was required, some of which was borrowed by family, but the majority from one of Michael's customers ($50k).  A lucrative deal with the investor was reached, that was NOT such a good deal for MPPC, but it was a chance! 


In just 12 months, the investor that MPPC had borrowed from had made over $70,000 + Their initial investment of $50,000 back.  MPPC re-paid the investment, and was immediately debt free and able to move forward on their own by 2011.  PC system sales have grown year by year, and MPPC was critical in repairing the social reputation damage of the Obutto line of products from the failed distributorship prior to MPPC taking over in the US. The Obutto Gaming Cockpit is now the worlds #1 gaming cockpit, and especially popular in the United States.  Selling thousands of units annually, and attracting interest from larger retailers.


Why does MPPC need investment/seed capital?  The answer is easy, our next step is to grow the entire business into something much more.  Investment funds would be used for advertising campaigns, trade shows and Purchase Order funding. We are a stable, 100% debt free, American Owned business. We are 100% self funded, but in order to expand, we need working capital to grow.  Instead of acquiring this financing from a bank, we'd like to bring on investors who are able to guide us into the growth we're looking to achieve. 


To contact us regarding this, and find out what we can offer each other, please email us: support@mainperformancepc.com


We look forward to continued growth, and having YOU as a partner!