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Turbo X8000K™

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Lowest priced, highest performing system. The Ultimate iRacing PC!

  • CoolerMaster HAF 912
  • Intel Core Coffee Lake Gaming Processor
  • 16GB DDR4 Memory
  • 500GB Solid State Drive Performance
  • 24x CD/DVD-RW
  • Triple Screen Ready!
  • 3 Year Warranty / 5 Year Optional
  • 24x7x365 Technical Support

Reviews (18)

Turbo x4000K

Written by Stuart on Jan 14th 2016

I'm very happy with my new Turbo X4000k which was purchased to replace an 8 year old Alienware to run iRacing. I have all the eye candy on and still have great frame rate and racing is a much more pleasurable experience. Hats off to the great support staff who not only answered all my questions but did so twice.

Great Gaming Computer

Written by Gil on Sep 30th 2015

I have a triple screen Obutto gaming rig and got on the phone with Michael Main to discuss what I need to run iRacing correctly. I upgraded a few items (980Ti, SSD) and after a month of solid racing am very pleased with the product & service.

Turbo X4000K™

Written by Bob W./iRacer on Jun 7th 2014

Ditto to what everyone else said..I'm not a computer wiz so I had lots of questions and these guys answered them all...before I spent a nickle...even made a recommendation that I spend less than I was going to because it would have been much more PC than I needed for iRacing. Decided to plunk down the bucks and held my breath waiting for the package...As a freight guy, I've seen a lot of smashed boxes but not my new PC..perfectly packed and protected in a heavy duty carton with no skimp on packing materials..plugged it in and WOW!!! Michael even helped me get my triples going and that was over the top time! I've been iRacing for years now and everything feels new. Lovin' it....

Turbo X4000K™

Written by Guest on May 31st 2014

Totally awesome - my framerates in iRacing and Battlefield are through the roof! I was looking at ibuypower but Main Performance offers much more for your money, with 3 year warranty and 24/7 tech support.

Turbo X4000K™

Written by Peter on Mar 15th 2014

As others have mentioned I wanted to upgrade my iRacing pc. I filled out the form and noted my budget. The response was quick and the recommended pc was under my budget. The pc arrived without delay and has been a pleasant experience since I opened the box. I needed help with triple screen setup, quickly sorted by Chris. It's such a comfort knowing this system is well built by enthusiasts who support their product 100%. It is simply amazing how much of the iRacing experience I was missing. No second guessing the Main Performance purchase, best decision I've made in years!

Happy Happy Happy

Written by Richard on Feb 14th 2014

I couldn't be any happier with the service quality and performance of my main performance PC. The staff is very helpful all inquires answered promptly and accurately. The shipping was fast packaging perfect. I would recommend these guys to anyone in the market for a new PC. Thanks again Michael and guys at main performance pc.

Amazing Machine for the price

Written by Rodney Haack on Jan 23rd 2014

Started on iRacing with a very old computer, after a year of 20 FPS and all graphics turned off I decided it was time to up grade. Went to the big box store and bought what I thought was the best machine they had. I am not very computer savy and they must have seen me coming because what they told me the PC would do and what it actually did when I got it setup were totally different. SO I started saving up to get a dedicated machine. After looking around and do some research this time I choose Main PC, I called them up and they where EXTREMELY helpful on the phone, I placed my order and the PC is above and beyond what I expected. GREAT MACHINE, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. GREAT BUSINESS TO DEAL WITH.

GREAT DEAL on a great PC

Written by Geoff Bickers on Jan 12th 2014

The crew at Main Performance did a tremendous job of giving me a advice on the best choice of components for my iRacing rig. Before ordering I compared prices and the cost of the Main Performance PC was about equal to the cost of components at the local electronics store! After ordering they kept me up to date on construction and shipping. The PC I received is PERFECT for iRacing, a real bargain and runs like a CHAMP!

Rating Dealer & X4000K... I wish they gave room for more stars!

Written by Stephen Tarpley Sr. on Jan 10th 2014

So glad I made the choice to go with Main Performance PC as opposed to purchasing a lesser yet more expensive Alien Gameing PC from Dell! I have been iRacing almost non-stop on my 3 monitor liquid cooled X4000K with every graphic setting maxed out without any stutter or lag what so ever for over a month now... What a treat! The pre-sale and post-sale customer service has been more than excellent, what a pleasure to deal with them, great prices and 3 year warranty as part of the deal! That is why I became a repeat customer having now purchased my racing rig from them as well. Thanks Michael Main and all the folks at Main Performance, I will continue to spread the word!

Great Performance

Written by Mike A. on Dec 25th 2013

I had been iRacing for close to a year on an older PC and knew I had to upgrade to continue. After considering picking the parts and building one, I decided to go with Main Performance. Got my new computer within the time frame given, hooked up my triples and gave Mike a call (as he told me do). He had my trips configured on online in less than 5 minutes. Excellent service and a GREAT computer! Exactly what I was looking for.


Written by ALAN SODEN on Sep 8th 2013

wanted to update my iracing pc so decided to call main performance pc.because they are iracers they knew just what I needed . told them I wanted to run iracing flat out and they did not fail to deliver .they explained what and why I needed and what I wouldn't . went ahead and ordered and received delivery almost to the day promised.since im not very good with computers I needed to call with a few issues and was swiftly given answers .purchased the line of fanatec products and even helped to get those up and running .purchased triple monitors which they helped to explain difference in monitors and then helped setting up software and setup screens in iracing . cannot thank them enough for time and support . im sold

My First Foray Into Custom Gaming Computers

Written by Addison on Jul 25th 2013

I had had gaming computers before, but never custom gaming computers like this one. I really enjoyed the process of picking out all my own parts. I wanted something that could give me a smooth frame rate for iracing and other graphically intense online games, and that's what I got. I couldn't be happier with the customer support, either. They made things as simple as possible.

An Affordable Gaming Desktop PC

Written by Ben on Jul 23rd 2013

This is my first foray into a true dedicated gaming desktop PC, so I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted. All I knew is that I wanted something that would run Crysis without problems. This proved to be the simplest way to set up my ultimate gaming PC. It's not as powerful as some of the higher-priced models, but it's more than adequate for what I use it for. And I still got to customize it to my own needs. This was the right choice.

I Planned This Gaming Desktop PC

Written by Ella on Jul 23rd 2013

I knew what I wanted in a gaming desktop PC, and those stupid bundles at Best Buy and on the Dell site are so underpowered as to be laughable. They claim it's a "bundle deal" if they throw in a mouse pad and a copy of SimCity 2000. Main Performance, on the other hand, pumped out this great little gaming PC exactly to my specifications. If I'm going to spend over $1000, I want to get my money's worth, not a bunch of anti-virus software I didn't ask for. Way to keep your focus on the gamers, Main Performance!

Great Performance from X2500K Gaming Desktop PC

Written by ComeAtMeBroZ on Jul 2nd 2013

If you're in the market to replace your desktop PC, this is an excellent choice. If you're used to playing on older machines and experience crashes and lag, you're in for a real treat. With 1TB of HD space, storage isn't an issue for me. It runs my games smoothly and I'm really happy! Excellent product and service.

Great iRacing PC

Written by Conor Mackenzie on Jun 30th 2013

I have been a Mac guy all my life. Needed to get a dreaded PC for iRacing and everyone recommended Main Performance PC. Their customer service was second to none. They promise to call you back within 45 minutes for customer support - and they do! Even if the boss has to do it himself, which he did in my case. Can't fault it. Everything works perfectly and I'm enjoying the system.

Custom Gaming Computer

Written by Kevin H. on Jun 27th 2013

A lot of sites that offer custom gaming computers just let you customize a component or two. This computer, on the other hand, was built specifically for me. I love that I can use this page to put together exactly what I want. I already had something in mind, but Main Performance PC let me put it all together for a great price.

Great Performance As Promised

Written by Jeff Jacobs on Mar 22nd 2013

I was just getting by using a medium-performance laptop for iRacing when I called Main Performance PC for a recommendation on a new desktop that would provide a better experience. The salesperson took the time to walk me through the differences between the models and provided great advice on what things would made a difference for my use (iRacing) versus those that would not (and thus be a waste of money). My computer arrived as promised and I was setup and running in a few minutes. A huge difference in performance! And, the one small question I had for tech support about a month after getting the computer was answered promptly.

De-Lid & Apply Liquid Metal Pro to Intel CPU for better cooling & overclocking ability - Includes 15% larger copper IHS for even better performance
Logitech G29 Racing Wheel
MPPC Warranty (required)

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