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Turbo GT 8000K-X370™

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Our most popular gaming system.

  • Cooler Master HAF XB EVO PC Case
  • Intel Core i5 or i7  Processor options
  • NVidia Graphic Options
  • 500GB SSD Hard Drive Storage
  • 24x CD/DVD-RW
  • Triple Screen Certified*
  • 3 Year Warranty / 5 Year Optional
  • 24x7x365 Technical Support

Reviews (12)

Great computer and service!!

Written by Barry on May 31st 2016

I am not much of a computer guy and the last computer I bought was outdated. I went with Main Performance as their reputation speaks for itself. I had several conversations with their technicians and they steered me in the right direction. Since getting my new system, it has been unbelievable! The computer runs great and I have all the eye candy on. It's like driving a completely different car. I would highly recommend Main Performance computers to everyone!!

Solid Purchase

Written by Bradley on Feb 12th 2016

I always feel anxious when making such a big purchase. Even when I bought my last pc I was looking at MPPC. After reading all the positive reviews I decided to make the purchase when the time came to upgrade this year. I wanted something that would last and that I knew I would have support for. MPPC delivered a solid product thus far. Shipping was fast and done right (unlike other companies I have bought from) to avoid damage. I haven't needed support thus far, but if other reviews are true I have no worries MPPC will be there.

iRacing Beast

Written by Jim Chiodo on Jan 22nd 2014

This is the best PC I've ever owned. Set up for iRacing was easy and straight forward. I can run iRacing with all of the eye candy turned on with triple 27" monitors at well over 200 fps. No stuttering no lag time and no glitches. Boot up with the SSD hard disc is incredibly fast, I don't even mind having to reboot after installing certain hardware, it's that fast. I will buy any future PC's from Main Performance PC when needed, but think that'll be a while, as I said, this is a beast.

a fine ride

Written by roy p aka rusty haulass on Nov 29th 2013

my computer arrived two(yes 2)days early and was plug and play right out of the box and oh boy is it a fine ride with absolutely no stuttering, no lag time and no headaches. no all i do now is race to the best of my abilities with no hardware or software issues surrounding me as my old ride did. main performance is the real deal from sales to build to technical support they are the best

Unbeatable Support on Custom Gaming Computers

Written by Mia on Jul 23rd 2013

The problem with building your own custom gaming computers is that you're on your own if something goes wrong. It doesn't matter how good you are at selecting and putting together the hardware, there's a chance that there'll be a system-crushing error. I avoided all that hassle by crafting my own build from Main Performance PC. The customer service is the difference. I got to use all the hardware I wanted to put in, but I didn't have to do it myself and I have the support line if something goes awry. Great company!

Fanboy Dream Fulfilled with Gaming Desktop PC

Written by AlexZ1876 on Jul 2nd 2013

I've always wanted to be able to afford a custom gaming desktop PC that could run everything. I was really excited to put together my gaming rig, and Main Performance made everything really simple. My PC is customized to my specifications to be a lean, mean, gaming PC. I love knowing exactly what components are in my rig.

Great PC

Written by Douglas on Jun 30th 2013

Excellent computer and GREAT service. Works perfect right out of the box.

My Gaming Desktop PC is All Mine

Written by Kyle Larson on Jun 27th 2013

I love how this site lets you craft your own gaming desktop PC. I've done it myself, but it takes a lot of time and hassle. It's a labor of love, and my love lies more with actually playing the games. The order page made it very simple to specify exactly what I was looking for for my PC. I think I got the best compromise between price and performance.

Great iRacing PC

Written by Conor M. on Jun 21st 2013

I have been a Mac guy all my life. Needed to get a dreaded PC for iRacing and everyone recommended Main Performance. Their customer service was second to none. They promise to call you back within 20 minutes for customer support - and they do! Even if the boss has to do it himself, which he did in my case. Can't fault it. Everything works perfectly and I'm enjoying the system.

Worth every penny

Written by Daniel J. on Jun 21st 2013

Iracing never drops below 200 fps no matter what the settings. Came extremely well packaged, ran perfect, didn't have to touch a single setting. Great pc from a great company.

Extremely happy

Written by Tom Wargula on May 5th 2013

I've owned computers now about 15 yrs., and without question this Main Performance GT-2000K-X computer and Tech. support has exceeded all my expectations.

I am very pleased

Written by PBenz on Nov 7th 2012

Overall I'm very pleased with Main Performance PC and would not hesitate to purchase from them again. Their customer support is top notch, and I'm very happy with the product.

De-Lid & Apply Liquid Metal Pro to Intel CPU for better cooling & overclocking ability - Includes 15% larger copper IHS for even better performance
Logitech G29 Racing Wheel
MPPC Warranty (required)

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