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Why Investing In Good Monitors Is A Must


You have purchased the custom gaming PC of your dreams. It is equipped with all the latest and best in technology. You then hook up your new gaming PC to an old monitor. The end result? You are disappointed in the PC you purchased.

The problem is that no matter how great your custom gaming PC might be, it will not provide you with the experience you seek if you attach it to a low-quality output. Whether it is an old monitor you had on hand from your desktop computer or an old TV hanging around the house, skimping out on your monitors is a major gaming “no.” Investing in a few good monitors is a must when it comes to ensuring the best gaming experience. Check out the following reasons why you need quality monitors, as well as what you should be looking for in your new set of displays.

The 3 R’s

When it comes to choosing a display system for your custom gaming PC, your focus will be a lot different as a gamer than a normal user would have or even a professional who uses their PC for work. The reason why you can wind up severely disappointed in your gaming PC when you hook it up to the wrong display has to do with a few key factors. These factors are what determine whether or not a monitor will be ideal for gaming. Some high-quality displays are excellent for other applications but don’t meet the requirements of a gamer. That is why it is important to shop carefully and not simply be sold on marketing alone. Check out the major three “r’s” of gaming in regards to monitors.

Refresh Rates

If you have ever noticed that monitors feature numbers followed by Hz, such as 60Hz, 144Hz, or 240Hz, you have witnessed the monitor’s refresh rates. Refresh rates are measured in Hertz (Hz). The number preceding Hz indicates the number of times your monitor will update new information on the screen per second. Not only will this number indicate how many times information is updated in a second, but it will also play a role in how many frames per second your monitor is capable of displaying.

The reason this number is so important to gamers is because a slow refresh rate can lead to lagging in gameplay. While this measurement is such a short period of time that it might seem impossible for someone to notice the difference, you will when you are a gamer. Every tiny increment of time matters in gameplay, so be sure to look for a monitor that boasts a high Hz number.

Keep in mind, the best monitor will only be worthwhile if your graphics card is capable of running at these speeds.

Response Times

The opposite of refresh rates, when looking at measurements of response times for a monitor, lower is better. Response times are measured in milliseconds (ms) and the faster the response rate, the lower the number will be. What exactly is a response time? Essentially, this measurement indicates how quickly your monitor can change a pixel from black to white or a pixel from one shade of grey to another shade.

Long response time can lead to blur during gameplay when something is in motion. This can be particularly frustrating for those who enjoy racing games. The slowest response time that you will probably encounter on the market is 5ms and the fastest is 1ms.


Another key factor to ensure that your gaming experience is all that it can be is the resolution of your monitor. Resolution is measured in pixels and you will usually see this measurement in length x width format, such as 1920 x 1080. This could also be indicated as a 1080p display or 1080 pixels. This would be a Full HD display and is usually a sufficient resolution. However, the higher the pixel count, the clearer your display will be. A sharper image can lead to better gameplay and a greater visual experience.

The following are a few options that gamers generally choose from in regards to resolution:

  • 1080p or Full HD
  • 1440p or QHD/2K
  • 2160p or UHD/4K

Again, if you purchase a 4k display, but you are utilizing a graphics card that is low-quality, you won’t actually experience all that your 4k display has to offer. You must pair your high-quality monitor with the right graphics card in order to truly enjoy the benefit of a high resolution.

Build Your Custom Gaming PC Today

As you can see, every component of your gaming PC counts. Nothing is worse than watching someone invest copious amounts of money into a great gaming PC only to see it all wasted with the wrong display system. Ideally, you want to ensure you have enough funds to invest in a premium set of monitors in order to get the most out of your custom gaming PC.

Here at Main Performance PC, we can help you build the custom gaming PC of your dreams. Not only that, but we can help you pick the right monitors to pair with your new system. Want a triple screen display? We can help you set this up too. With the right display system, you will be able to get the most out of your new custom gaming PC. Shop our online store today and reach out if you have any questions about building your dream gaming PC.

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