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What Does Delidded, Binned, And Overclocked Mean?


When it comes to building your dream customized gaming PC, there are a few important terms you will want to understand. You will commonly hear those in the custom PC world referring to binning, delidding, and overclocking. Whether you are completely new to the world of customizing a PC or you are looking to deepen your existing knowledge, knowing how these processes work and what risks you face when you start tweaking your computer’s hardware will go a long way in ensuring you don’t wind up with an expensive pile of overheated junk. Check out the following quick breakdown of these common terms.

What Does Binned Mean In Regards To CPU?

Simply put, binning is the categorization of a CPU. It is the figurative sense of throwing a product into a bin based on the final characteristics of the product.

When a CPU is manufactured, it goes through an extensive array of processes before it is a sellable item. During this process of manufacturing, even a tiny flaw can lead to an inferior product. While this minor flaw might not lead to the complete disposal of the CPU, it might mean that the product has to be sold under different ratings. By reducing the clock frequency, a CPU’s performance characteristics can be lowered, making it possible to still sell the product. In other cases, the CPU might not have any flaws, but the market demand is for lower performance models, so existing products will be converted to be sold as a lower performance CPU.

Overclocking Your CPU

In some cases, you might own a CPU that is capable of running at higher speeds than it was graded at. You can see from the above definition of binning that, in certain situations, CPUs are capable of more than they are marketed for. For this reason, many gaming enthusiasts choose to overclock their CPU. This process involves setting your CPU and memory to function at a faster rate than the speed grade it was given.

Overclocking can be an effective way of improving the performance of a CPU but it should only be done if you are extremely knowledgeable. At Main Performance PC, we can help you with the process by testing your CPU and providing you with the settings required for your CPU's overclock rating.


Delidding Your CPU

Finally, when you decide to overclock your CPU, you will run the risk of overheating the component. Higher speeds equal more heat, which is why it is important that you have the right cooling system in place for your sped up CPU. This is where delididing comes into play. A delidded CPU is one in which the stock integrated heat spreader (IHS) is removed. Removing the stock IHS allows for an improved thermal transfer material to be installed, leading to lowered operating temperatures. This can be crucial in preventing your CPU from overheating in the case of an aggressive overclock.

Turn To Our Team For Help

Interested in a delidded CPU? Talk to us today about our professional services. We can help you with delidding and we will professionally add Thermal Grizzly Liquid Metal to your CPU. We can also offer you assistance in determining what settings are appropriate for overclocking your CPU.  Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you create the custom gaming PC of your dreams.

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