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We have ended our distribution of Obutto products as of November 30th, 2018.

Update from Obutto regarding Pre-Order's and expected arrival dates.

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Hello Everyone,

We just received word from Obutto that the anticipated ship date for our next two containers containing Obutto cockpits (Current Pre-Order Units) has been extended to the first Wednesday of September (9-2-2015). This delay makes the anticipated arrival to be around the first week of October. 

These containers were scheduled to ship out sooner (Last week actually.) But were delayed due to the recent explosions in Tianjin, China (See here for more information: OBUTTO PRE-ORDERS AND TIANJIN, CHINA EXPLOSION - DELAY EXPECTED

As always, we respect our customers needs, and if you wish to or need to cancel your Pre-Order - you may do so without penalty for a full refund. If you wish to cancel your order, or have questions concerning your order, please submit a ticket by clicking here.

 If you do intend to keep your pre-order with us, we appreciate your patience. We definitely want nothing more then to move Obutto cockpits.  We aren't making any money if they are not moving out!

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