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Understanding The Role Of Each Part Of Your Custom PC


Each part of your PC plays a vital role in how well the system operates as a whole. When you take gaming seriously, you need your computer to operate seamlessly with little to no lag. One second of lag time could mean the difference between victory and defeat. That is why custom gaming PCs are built to run much faster than your average desktop PC. They are designed to provide you with incredible processing speeds and superior graphics. This all happens due to the components that are pieced together.

If you are looking for the best custom gaming PCs, you have come to the right place. We carefully design high-quality gaming systems that are crafted to offer an incredible gaming experience. Before you purchase a gaming PC, it is important that you understand how each component of your system contributes to the overall smooth operation of the computer as a whole. Check out how each part of your custom gaming PC works to provide you with a quality gaming experience.

The Motherboard

At the center of it all rests your computer’s motherboard. This vital piece is what allows other components to communicate with each other. You can think of your motherboard as the central communication hub for your PC. Because it is responsible for acting as a connection between the rest of your PC’s hardware, it is vitally important to how well your system operates as a whole. You need to think about the design of your motherboard, the size of it, and the compatibility it offers. For example, not all motherboards can support gaming video cards. You need to be sure that your custom gaming PC is equipped with a motherboard that will be able to handle the rest of your hardware needs.

The Processor

Your computer’s processor, also known as a central processing unit, is another extremely important component of your gaming PC. This component is responsible for responding to instructions your computer gives and processing those actions. It essentially drives your computer, which is why a fast processor is of the utmost importance in gaming. In modern computers, most systems come equipped with two or more processors. This allows for faster computing and simultaneous processing of multiple tasks. Picking the right CPU for your gaming PC is going to be a major factor in how smoothly your system operates.

The CPU Cooler

In order to keep your processor running efficiently, you need the right CPU cooler. This component ensures that your CPU remains cool even during heavy processing. Your CPU cooler will draw away heat from your processor and other components. There are two main cooling methods on the market, air CPU coolers and liquid CPU coolers. For gaming PCs, liquid cooling is the ideal method.


Your computer’s memory, also known as Random Access Memory (RAM), is what allows your computer to hold instructions or other data temporarily while processing information. Essentially, your computer’s RAM allows for your system to pull data from your hard drive and store it in its memory to allow for efficient computing. When building a custom gaming PC, you want to look for a higher MHz rating, which will offer increased speed and less latency.

The Power Supply

The part responsible for bringing power to your computer is your power supply. Simply put, this component converts AC current to DC current and channels it to the hardware. It should also regulate voltage, helping to eliminate any spikes or surges.

The Video Card

Video cards, also known as graphic cards, are responsible for generating output information to your display. For a gamer, choosing the right video card is one of the most important tasks in building a quality gaming PC. A high-performance video card will process at a much faster rate than your run of the mill graphic card. For this reason, it is vital that your custom gaming PC is equipped with a premium video card.

The Sound Card

While a sound card is not necessary in order for a computer to function, it is a crucial piece if you want to hear any audio from your games. A quality sound card will deliver crisp, clear audio to your speakers or headphones.

The Wireless Network Card

If you spend any time in the world of online gaming, then a quality wireless network card is a must. This card is what allows you to connect your device to the internet, which is why you will want one that offers superior bandwidth. This will allow you to transfer data at a quicker rate, giving you an advantage over those who are operating with slower wireless network cards.


Not to be confused with your RAM, your computer’s storage is a place where information can reside long-term. Your storage is actually a hard disk drive or a solid state drive where data will be recorded. Your custom gaming PC will be required to have a primary drive, but you can also set up a secondary drive to added space. Solid state drives are ideal for gaming as they are quicker and do not utilize moving parts. Your storage setup can be customized according to your specific needs.

Build Your Custom Gaming PC

Now that you know your way around the basics of a PC, it is time to build your own custom gaming PC. Shop our array of choices and determine the specifics of your new system. Our custom gaming PCs are designed with the unique needs of gamers in mind. You can count on a quality system from Main Performance PC. Contact us today if you have any questions as you put together your dream gaming PC.

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