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Top Benefits Of Investing In Our Professional Delidding Services


So you’ve decided to push your CPU to the limits. You know that you can get far more processing power out of it than you currently do. However, before you overclock your CPU, there are a few things to consider. First off, are you sure you know what specific settings you should utilize when overclocking your CPU? Secondly, will you have the right cooling system in place to handle the added heat?

This is where our professional delidding services come into play. We can help you prepare your CPU for improved power. Check out the top benefits of investing in a professional delidding service through Main Performance PC.

The Benefits Of Professional Delidding

If you are contemplating an investment in professional delidding, you won’t be disappointed. Our team works hard to provide a quality service to our customers. We take the time needed to carefully approach the process with an unrivaled attention to detail. Check out the following benefits you will receive from this service.

Premium Quality Materials

When you opt for a professional service, you will enjoy the benefit of premium materials. At Main Performance PC, we utilize Thermal Grizzly Liquid Metal. This product is esteemed for its long-term protection. We also create a customized copper IHS for your CPU. The end result is a cooling system you can count on. Peak core temps are usually reduced by up to 15-25c after our service is completed.

Testing For Overclocking

It can be a true guessing game to know what settings to utilize when overclocking your CPU. When done wrong, you can wind up destroying your processor as well as other important components. If you opt for professional delidding, you can also take advantage of our optional binning services. We will put your CPU into one of our test benches to determine what temperature departures occur. We will also begin the overclock process to figure out what the max voltage for your CPU is, as well as the speed your CPU can achieve while holding under 80C. In the end, you will receive the settings you need for your CPU’s overclock rating.

3 Year Warranty On Work

The moment you delid or overclock your CPU, you have voided your warranty. However, when you opt for professional services, you can gain a new warranty back. Our delidding process is guaranteed, backed by a three-year warranty. If anything happens during the delidding process, we will replace your CPU free of charge.

NOTE: THE DELIDDING PROCESS VOIDS THE INTEL WARRANTY. We are NOT responsible for this, and you purchase this service at your own risk!

Interested In Our Services?

If you want help delidding or binning your CPU, please reach out to our team today. We will work with you to get the most possible out of your processor. We offer precision and expertise that makes the overclocking process easier for you

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