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Tips For Keeping Your Gaming Room Organized


When it comes to your gaming room, it is easy for things to quickly become a disheveled mess. You spend your time focused on the game at hand and on improving your gaming skills, which can often mean you neglect the upkeep of the space. With so many cables, games, and assorted accessories, it is easy for your game room to swiftly become a hodgepodge of tangled cords.

While having a bit of a mess might not bother you, over time, a sloppy space can make your gaming experience less enjoyable. It can also mean that you lose things and wind up spending money on replacements for items you already have. This year get your gaming space organized with these key tips and invest in the perfect custom gaming PC to go with your new and improved space.

#1: Start By Going Through The Clutter

The first thing to do is to tackle the mess that currently exists. Begin by grabbing a trash bin, a donation box, and your cleaning supplies. Go through the room bit by bit, sweeping away the clutter. If you find an item that is meant to be there, put it in a pile for organization. If you locate an item that is donatable, throw it in your donation bin. Clear out all the trash in the room and give every surface a cleaning.

You should finish this stage of the process with a pile of belongings that you want to keep in the gaming room. Anything else should be out of the room at this point. Focus on clearing out as much space as possible.

#2: Invest In Shelving Or Storage

Next, take stock of how much shelving or storage space the room has. Often, a room becomes cluttered and your items are lost in a pile because there is a lack of options for organizing the room. If you don’t have a shelf to put your games on, for example, they will likely wind up in a pile on the floor.

Invest in some shelving for games and other stackable items and purchase some bins or containers for extra cords, cables, and accessories. This will allow you to now go through the pile you created in step one and determine what belongs where, which takes us to step number three.

#3: Designate Locations For Different Items

Now that you have space for storing things, go through your pile of belongings and determine what needs to rest on a shelf, what needs to be stored away, and what is going to be used daily. Wrap up cords and cables individually and store together in a well-labeled bin. Take your games and organize them on a shelf where they are easy to see and access. If you have an array of accessories, put these in a labeled bin as well.

During this process, as you figure out what fits where, make yourself a detailed list of what you have on hand. For example, have you kept a few different racing controllers over the years? Write down a detailed list of what items you have to ensure that you don’t buy things you don’t need and so you know what you could potentially sell off down the road if you want. This list will be easy to add on to and will keep you from fumbling through bins at midnight in search of a specific cable you may or may not have.

#4: Make Cleanup Easy

Now that your room is in order and everything has been cleaned, create a way to make cleanup easier going forward. For example, do you have a mini fridge and a stack of snacks in your game room? If so, make sure you have a trash can and recycle bin within easy reach. Purchase a few simple cleaning products that can be tucked away in your game room. This will allow you to quickly dust down electronics as needed and sweep up any crumbs from a late night game fest.

The simpler you can make it to keep things organized and clean, the better. You might be surprised at how much your gaming skills improve when you have a clear space around you. A cluttered room can detract from the game at hand, but a clean room can allow you to focus solely on gameplay.

#5: Adopt A Mantra Of Out With The Old And In With The New

As you go forward, you have a fresh start for your game room. Consider getting rid of older equipment and upgrading to better technology. Now that you have a clear space, you can start considering how to improve your gaming experience overall. Maybe that means investing in a gaming chair. Perhaps you need a new steering wheel for sim racing. Better yet, it might be time to get rid of that old lagging PC in lieu of a new gaming PC. Consider selling off old parts to help fund a new purchase.

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