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The Main Differences Between Gaming On A PC And A Console


A long-held debate among gamers is whether or not it is better to game with a PC or a console. While the consoles on today’s market, such as the XBOX One, have surely come a long way since days of old, gaming PCs are often the preference of serious gamers. The reasons behind this choice are many and to understand why this preference exists, it is helpful to recognize the key differences between gaming on the two systems. This can help you determine whether or not upgrading to a custom gaming PC is the right step for you.

Check out the main differences you will experience between the two and start building your custom gaming PC today.

Precision In Game Play

A major difference between gaming on a custom PC and a console is found in the way you can control gameplay. From a first-person shooter game to a racing game, utilizing a gaming PC gives you the ability to control everything in a much more precise manner. This is in part due to the fact that you can choose how you want to control things. Rather than being stuck with the proprietary controller that comes with your gaming console, you can choose whether or not you’d like to utilize a mouse and keyboard or some other control that you have purchased for your system.

Control in gameplay on a PC is simply more customizable, which is a theme that carries throughout the gaming PC experience. A console is much more of a “what you see is what you get” the day you purchase it, rather than a gaming PC which can be tweaked to your own personal preferences.

The Quality Of Graphics

If you invest in the right video card and the perfect high-quality monitor set-up, you can far outperform a console with your custom gaming PC. While this is entirely dependent on the PC that you build, with the right knowledge, you can create a gaming PC that allows you to enjoy superior graphics during gameplay.

Not only is a higher quality of graphics enjoyable for your visual experience of a game, but it can also help you notice important details that improve your gaming skills. A console cannot be upgraded in the same way a custom gaming PC can, which means there is no way to improve the quality of graphics you see.

The Longevity Of The System

Technology is always on the move and improvements are made non-stop to how computing works. However, once you purchase a gaming console, you will be stuck with the same technology forever. This can cause a gaming console to become obsolete rather quickly, leading to another gaming console purchase in the near future.

Conversely, with a custom gaming PC, as technology advances, you simply replace parts as needed. This allows you to keep the system you have while constantly improving it overall. Not only is this a money-saving benefit, but it is also better for the environment as you are not required to simply toss away old systems for new ones every few years.

Game Options

Another big difference you will see between gaming consoles and gaming PCs are the number of games available to you, as well as the cost of those games. With consoles, you are limited to the games that were created specifically for your system. This proprietary aspect also causes game prices to remain high, long after a game has been on the market for some time.

On the flip side is that when you utilize a gaming PC you have a much wider array of options for games. There are many games that are available on PCs long before they hit the console market or, in some cases, the games never arrive for consoles. You can also find prices that are lower as you are shopping in an open market, rather than in a proprietary store, such as the XBOX store.

What Subscriptions Are Needed

Another difference when choosing a gaming PC over a console is that you won’t need to purchase as many subscriptions. For example, in order to play multi-player games on a console, you need to purchase a subscription. This is usually a fairly low cost, around $60 a year, but over time, this money can add up. If you didn’t have to pay this $60 each year, you could utilize that extra money to upgrade something on your system instead.

This is exactly what a custom gaming PC allows you to do. You can play multiplayer games without a subscription, which means more money in your pocket for improvements to your PC or to purchase another game.

Build Your Custom Gaming PC Today

We might be a little biased, but it truly is a superior gaming experience when you switch over to a high-quality gaming PC versus utilizing a console system. However, the key to enjoying these benefits is investing in a premium PC that is designed for gaming. Your old run-of-the-mill laptop or desktop won’t cut it. These systems won’t be able to produce the high-quality gaming experience you seek and, in these cases, it is better to simply use a console.

However, with the right investment, you can unlock a whole new world of gaming. Our custom gaming PCs are designed to provide an incredible gaming experience. We utilize only the very best components to allow you to customize the ideal PC for your needs. Shop our custom gaming PCs today and reach out to learn more about the products we carry.

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