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We have ended our distribution of Obutto products as of November 30th, 2018.

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We are ending our distribution of Obutto products.

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It is with great sadness that today we announce that we are exiting our distribution rights to the Obutto Gaming Cockpit product line effective November 30th. We do not know what Obutto's plans in the United States will be going forward and have no further information. For support for your Obutto product, please contact Obutto directly here: https://www.obutto.com/contact-us/

For over 8 years, we have sold thousands of Obutto's and even more accessories to thousands of happy gamers over the years. It's been a pleasure to serve all of you.

We are focusing more on our Gaming PC's, and have a very large announcement coming up in the months ahead on a new venture, a separate company that will be a sister business to Main Performance PC - It will be unlike anything anyone has seen before.

It will be in the Auto Racing Sim & Flight Sim Market, and our goal is to change how motion simulation effects this industry, in a very positive way both from the end user, and the commercial racing and flight world.

In the meantime, we'll be conducting some sales to get rid of our current Obutto Accessory inventory.

Thank you again to everyone who supported us in sales of the Obutto over the years, it was a fun ride.

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Obutto Pre-Order Update - 11/30/2015

Hi Everyone,Here is an update regarding pre-orders from Obutto.  Our container is scheduled to ship out anyday now, it will take approx 17 days to reach the US in Seattle, WA where our warehouse is located.Barring any US Customs exams/holds, we should be shipping right around Christmas.  It may be slightly after Christmas, but we're [...]

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Update on all Obutto Pre-Orders - 8/29/2015

Hello Everyone,Both containers have shipped!  They actually shipped out Wednesday 8/26/2015 - Anticipated travel time is 20-22 days.  As always, there may be unforeseen delays as with any kind of ocean freight.  US Customs also plays a role in any delays once they do make their way into Seattle Port in Washington. Any delays will [...]

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Obutto Pre-Order Update - 5/4/2015

Hi Everyone,A quick update regarding pre-orders.  First of all, we still have available pre-orders for this upcoming shipment. There is no waiting list, or pre-order list for anything past this upcoming shipment.  If you place your order with us, you'll get the unit from this upcoming shipment.Our containers are being loaded onto the vessel and [...]

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Obutto Pre-Orders

Hello Everyone,We are expecting two containers containing 130 Obutto oZones (Some of which are already pre-ordered, so pre-order stock is around 90 as of this posting.) and 180 Obutto R3Volution cockpits.  We also have accessories on the way.Obutto R3Volution Pre-Orders will be up tomorrow.  ETA for this round is end of May 2015. As always, [...]

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Obutto Pre-Orders for Mid March 2015

ALL PRE-ORDERS FOR OZONE AND R3VOLUTION COCKPITS PLACED ON OR PRIOR TO 2/26/2015 WILL BE ARRIVING MARCH 2015. ANY PRE-ORDERS PLACED AFTER THE ABOVE DATE WILL BE FULFILLED BY MAY 2015 IN OUR SECOND ROUND OF PRE-ORDERS.Hello Customers!It appears that we are very close to selling out of Obutto R3Volution Pre-Orders.  oZone Pre-Orders are already sold [...]

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Obutto oZone Pre-Orders Sold Out

We are currently sold out of Obutto oZone Pre-Orders. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a time frame for when more will be arriving, but we are attempting to get a second container on order of them for our October Shipment. There is NO guarantee that this will happen.

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Why should you Pre-order an Obutto?

Main Performance PC, maker of world-class sim racing PC’s and hardware, has announced on August 20, 2014 that they are now accepting pre-orders for the highly sought Obutto Gaming Cockpits.MPPC already discussed some of the reasons Obutto’s are valued as top iRacing equipment (http://www.mainperformancepc.com/blog/pros-use-obutto/), and now you have a chance to get your hands on one of the best racing simulator cockpits [...]

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Pros use Obutto

Looking for a great way to upgrade your PC sim racing setup? Don’t have a racing cockpit to go with your customized gaming PC? Why not go with an Obutto gaming cockpit, available through Main Performance PC?The top of the line sim racing cockpits from Obutto are hard to beat, and if you need more convincing, just [...]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE4/28/2014Kannapolis, NCMAIN PERFORMANCE PC PARTNERS WITH GARRETT SMITHLEY FOR TALLADEGAGarrett Smithey Racing and Main Performance PC has partnered this week for Garrett's first ARCA start in the 2014 racing season. Garrett will pilot the #11 Goodwill Ford Fusion in the International Motorsports Hall of Fame 200 at Talladega Super Speedway, with Main Performance PC riding on the rear bumper [...]

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