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We have ended our distribution of Obutto products as of November 30th, 2018.

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Make your games & PC usage look even better with an ICC profile for your monitor

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So you spent upwards of $800 on a high-end gaming monitor, with all the bells & whistles. Maybe this monitor has an IPS panel, which is supposed to be the best.  You unbox your new monitor, clear off your desk and get everything hooked up. Turn it on for the first time, and are amazed at how awesome it looks!

But then you mess with the On-Screen settings within the monitors OSD menu, and customize it to your preferences. Adjusting brightness, contrast, etc.

You are genuinely happy and thrilled with your purchase.

Or, maybe you are not happy with the way it looks.  Maybe you are disappointed with the displays visual performance, but suck it up because the gaming performance is higher.  Or maybe you think this is how it's supposed to look?

But did you know that for most gaming monitors, there are ICC profiles you can install?  Created by users who had the tools to calibrate their screens using calibration tools to get it damn near perfect?

Well, there are!  Your games and general desktop experience can be that much better.

This guide will show you how to install an ICC profile.  The list linked below is for a number of monitors, your monitor may not be on this list.  But search around the web for your monitors ICC profile, and you'll almost surely find it.

How to install an ICC profile:

  1. Navigate to ‘Control Panel – Appearance and Personalisation – Display – Screen Resolution (or Adjust resolution)’. On Windows 10 it is easiest to simply type ‘Colour Management’ into the (Cortana) Search Box at the bottom left of the desktop and skip to step 4.
  2. Click "Advanced Settings"
  3. Click on Colour Management, and then click the button labeled "Colour Management"

  4. Make sure the "Use my settings for this device" checkbox is checked on.

  5. Press the "Add" button and then "Browse" - navigate to the ICC profile you downloaded. Press "Add" and then "OK" - If multiple ICC profiles are listed, you'll have to set the one you want as the default by clicking on "Set as default profile" as well.

Alternatively, you can use the simple utility Display Profile to do this for you - quickly and easily.

I run NVidia Surround - Can I apply the profile to my surround setup?

Yes! In fact, there is a great utility found here called Display Profile - select the profile for your monitor that you installed, double click it, and it applies the profile automatically to your surround setup.

Alternatively, if you have 2 or more monitors, but dont run NVidia Surround or Eyefinity, you can simply drag the program to each individual monitor, double click the profile you installed, and it will install the profile to the display you have the program sitting on.

List of monitors with ICC Profiles - 

PCMonitors.info has an excellent database of ICC profiles, find that database here: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/icc_profiles.htm#the_database

Let us know in the comments section how this helped you!  If you have any other tips or questions, feel free to post those too!

Credit to: pcmonitors.info

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