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​Practical Ways To Cool Down Your Custom Gaming Computer

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Computers hate heat, and yet nearly everything they do generates it. Not only can heat cause a computer to slow down, but it can also put extra strain on it and cause it to fail prematurely. One of the primary ways that people improve the performance of their custom gaming computer is to have it delidded, which helps to keep it cool via liquid cooling. Internals fans can also dissipate the heat in a custom gaming PC, and an efficient power supply can also help.

But those are all technological ways to keep your gaming desktop tower cooler. Once people get it out of the box, they want their computer to just work, without having to crack it open and start replacing parts. While technology can help keep the temperature down in a computer, there are very simple, practical, and often free ways of keeping your computer cool. Take a look.

Keep Air Circulating

Internal fans can send the hot air out of the gaming desktop tower’s case, but it heats up the air in the vicinity. If the hot air just stays in the same place, it’s keeping the cabinet hot, which makes heat dissipation all the harder.

What can keep the air circulating? If it’s summer, you can keep your computer near the air conditioning vents. You can also purchase an aftermarket fan that helps to push the hot air out of the computer’s area.

Know Where Your Vents Are...

Be aware of where your vents are, because that will let you know which areas to keep clear.

...and Keep Your Vents Clean

Unfortunatly, dust and dirt can seriously affect the way that a fan works, causing it to fail prematurely. This can be exponentially worse if you have pets in your home, because pet hair is a big fan-killer. Make sure to vacuum the vents regularly, and get inside the case to gently vacuum the hair and debris out of there. There are often multiple fans in a computer, so make sure you know the internal layout so that you don’t miss one.

Don’t Cover It Up...

Every instruction manual for every piece of tech you’ve ever bought and plugged in has warned about using it in, on, or under heat-trapping items such as blankets and couches. While the average person won’t do that with a toaster, you’d be surprised at how many custom gaming PCs aren’t running as efficiently because of trapped heat. People will stack game cases on top of them (plastic traps heat) or they’ll put the PC directly onto their carpet to trap heat from below. Make sure that you’re not keeping anything — including enclosures like desks — around your computer that will trap heat.

...but Keep It Covered

If you check some computer sites that have suggestions on how to keep computers cooler, you might run into one that suggests you run it without the case. At first glance this might seem like a good idea. After all, no case means less heat trapped inside, right?

Well, unless you live in an actual clean room, you’re going to be doing more harm than good. The dust and dirt that’s in the air is going to end up moving through the fan a lot more, causing it to get gummed up, slow down, and stop it from doing what it’s supposed to do.

Keep The Room Cool

There’s a reason that Google and many other companies keep server farms in Iceland: the natural cold. If you can put your custom gaming PC in a colder location, such as a basement, that’s going to help it stay cooler. Better to wear an extra layer of clothing than to sacrifice your nice new gaming desktop tower.

Reverse Your Overclocking

We know, you’re almost certainly overclocking our processor. It’s one of the oldest and most surfire way to increase performance. People have been doing it for decades.

But let’s say you overclock your processor, and in doing so you’re not noticing any performance boost. Or maybe you’re giving up gaming for a few months in order to take a class, and you know that gaming will just get in the way. By reversing the overclocking, you can reduce the amount of heat you’re producing and possibly extend the life of your computer.

Make Your Custom Gaming PC Last!

The custom gaming computers that we make at Main Performance PC are built to be powerful and to have the components inside to keep those powerful components as cool as possible. But that doesn’t mean that you can stick them under a blanket and expect them to work for long. Follow the advice above and your machine will last longer and perform better.

Ready to get the best custom gaming PC for the price? We look forward to building it for you. Check out our gaming desktop towers right here.

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