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Obutto R3Volution Cockpits and Obutto oZone Cockpits are available for PRE-ORDER - ETA 7/31/2018.
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Obutto Pre-Order Update for February 2017

As promised, we're providing you an update from the manufacturer (Obutto) on it's arrival. Due to the holidays in the US, and then Chinese New Year from January 27th through February 2nd, production and work in China pretty much comes to a halt during this time. This included the last bit of work needed on our largest order ever placed with Obutto.

Unfortunately, our estimate of February 28th, was a bit off. The new expected arrival date to our warehouse is now March 31st. Obutto just notified us this evening that they have been having a difficult time confirming a booking for a single vessel for all three of our containers, but has finally found one that is a bit too late in the month to make our estimated February 28th expectations. It is tough booking a vessel so close to after the Chinese New Year, as other large companies are taking up almost all available bookings at the same time.

Shipping via Ocean Freight usually takes about 17-21 days from departure. Our containers are now scheduled to be loaded on February 23rd. So, you may be asking "Why is the new ETA March 31st if it only takes 17-21 days?". Well, the answer is we tend to try to under-promise and over-deliver. There is a chance that they could arrive much sooner then the end of March, but delays do happen, and US Customs can be very difficult to guess on.

We certainly understand that some of our great customers may have purchased and planned around our original ETA date, and we're certainly just as frustrated as you may be that they are not getting here sooner. As always, our position on pre-orders has always been, and will always be the following:

You may cancel your order, at any time - for a full refund, no questions asked!

If you paid via Credit Card, the refund should appear within 3-5 business days.

If you paid via PayPal, the refund should be immediate.