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We have ended our distribution of Obutto products as of November 30th, 2018.

Obutto Pre-Order Update - 11/30/2015

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Hi Everyone,

Here is an update regarding pre-orders from Obutto.  Our container is scheduled to ship out anyday now, it will take approx 17 days to reach the US in Seattle, WA where our warehouse is located.

Barring any US Customs exams/holds, we should be shipping right around Christmas.  It may be slightly after Christmas, but we're hoping not.  We do understand the time of year is important to most for Christmas Gifts, etc.  But not really much we can do when we are selling these items quicker then they can be manufactured.  We are also not the only distributor, so Obutto is getting hit from all ends.  But they are honestly doing one heck of a job keeping up with demand as best they can!

We greatly appreciate your patience and for choosing Obutto for your gaming cockpit! We would not be here if not for every single one of you who support us!

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