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R3Volution cockpits are IN STOCK but only a few remain. oZone cockpits are OUT OF STOCK with no current ETA.
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Obutto oZone Triple Monitor Mount Change

Hi Everyone,

There are now two version of the triple monitor mount for the Obutto oZone. Depending on when you purchased, only one version of this mount will work for you. The OGCTMM1 is for Obutto oZone cockpits purchased PRIOR to 6-15-2016. 

The OGCTMM2 is for users who purchased after 6-15-2016 and onward. These Triple Monitor Mounts ARE NOT backwards compatible with one another. We've updated the wording on our website to help make it more obvious of which one you would need to choose if purchasing this accessory. 

If you accidentally purchase the wrong unit, we will only ship what you ordered - as we cannot assume that you did not need what you ordered.  But if the wrong item is ordered, our standard return policy applies, along with re-stocking fees.