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Make 2019 The Year You Can Buy A Gaming PC


Purchasing a new custom gaming PC is an exciting experience. From picking out the exact CPU you want to choosing a customized cooling system, the options are endless and the final result is a gaming experience like none other. While you might have the desire to purchase a custom gaming PC, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have the funds to do so. Perhaps you have been dreaming of a custom gaming PC for years and you want to make 2019 the year you finally purchase your dream gaming system. If so, check out the following tips on how you can utilize gaming PC financing from Main Performance PC to make your dreams come true.

#1: Determine Your Priorities

The first thing you should do this year is to determine your priorities. If you don’t make purchasing a custom gaming PC an actual priority, it will never become a reality. Take some time to think about why you want a custom gaming PC. Are you using an outdated system? Are you hoping to make a switch from a console to a PC? Whatever the case, determine why you want this custom gaming PC and then make it a priority in your life. Without putting this purchase at the top of your list, it will always get put off and you will find another year has passed without an investment in a new gaming PC.

While you look at your priorities, figure out if there is anything holding you back from the purchase. Do you spend copious amounts of money on another hobby that you might consider cutting out this year? You can then invest that money into your gaming PC. Looking for areas that you can reduce spending goes a long way in making your dream of owning a custom gaming PC a reality.

#2: Decide On The System

The next thing you should do is spend some time researching the gaming PC you want. Deciding on a system will help you determine how much you will actually spend on the purchase. During the process of putting together a gaming PC, be sure you take time to understand how each component will affect gameplay. While you can cut corners to save costs, you might wind up spending money on a system that isn’t any better than what you have or is only a minor improvement. If you are going to dish out money on a custom gaming PC, you want to ensure that you are spending your money well.

Take time browsing through our array of options at Main Performance PC. You can choose the specific details you want for your system, which means you can invest in the exact gaming PC you desire. Don’t skip out on this important stage of planning.

#3: Create A Realistic Plan

Now that you know the dollar amount you will be spending on your custom gaming PC, take time to create a realistic plan for paying off this purchase. By utilizing financing options, you can purchase the PC today and slowly pay it off over a time frame that makes sense for you. The type of financing you choose will be dictated by your unique needs.

Look over your current budget and put together a plan for how you will pay off this purchase. Now that you have made this investment a priority, you can adjust other spending accordingly. Maybe you spend the next year cutting out coffee stops each day or eating meals out. However you want to do it, make sure you have a plan in place.

#4: Choose Financing At Checkout

Finally, once you know the exact custom gaming PC you want to purchase and you have a plan in place for how you will pay it off, make the purchase. At the point you checkout from our online store, you will have the option to utilize financing. Choose the right financing for your specific needs.

We offer both of the following plans:

  • Planned Payments: From 6 to 36 month payment terms, this plan is available at a reduced promo APR rate.
  • Flexible Month-to-Month: For those who need flexibility, this payment plan offers no fixed term commitment. You can pay your balance in full or make the minimum monthly payment (interest charges may apply) - it's your choice.

#5: Be Sure To Budget Accordingly

Once you have finalized your purchase and you have your financing option in place, make sure you follow through with the right budget. If you don’t normally track your expenses very closely, make 2019 the year you do. By budgeting carefully, you can ensure you never miss a payment on your gaming PC. With the right planning and budgeting, purchasing a gaming PC can be made a reality. Track things closely and factor in your payment each month. If you choose the flexible payment plan, work on putting back extra money each month to put towards your purchase. The faster you can pay off your PC the less interest you will have to pay on the purchase.

Learn More About Gaming Computer Financing

If you want to make 2019 the year you finally purchase the custom gaming PC of your dreams, talk to our team about our gaming PC financing options. We can work with you to help you afford the PC you have always wanted. Take your gaming to the next level with one of our premium PCs and make the purchase simple through our easy financing plans.

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