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Flat Rate Shipping - Revisited (Yes, it's back!)

Hello Everybody,

We've gone back and forth on the Flat Rate Shipping options for a few months now.  We added it, then removed it, and now it's back. The price though, is increased at the request of RR Donnelly (The company providing this service to you.)

Whats changed?

The pricing - when we first negotiated with them, they agreed to a flat rate of $115.  Then it was increased to $155, then we decided that it was too much, because even at $155, we were absorbing about $70 of the actual cost.  The price is now $225, which is the actual cost with them.  For a single cockpit order, UPS/FedEx may still be cheaper (And they remain options at checkout.) But once you start adding in multiple accessories, the flat rate cost may be far cheaper for you.  

Customer disappointment - A few customers did not quite understand what they were getting when they chose "Flat Rate Shipping" and that was partially our fault.  The word "Freight" should have been used in that wording somewhere, and we've changed our site to now reflect that, including the carrier names that may be used, depending on your location.  

Those carriers are R&L Freight and FedEx Freight.

Tracking Information - Freight is different from regular ground shipping via UPS or FedEx.  Yes, you'll be able to track your packages, but your tracking information will not be provided right away when your order ships.  You'll be notified ASAP by email when this happens though. Complete with how to track, and where.  

If you have any questions, or concerns - feel free to drop a message below!  I'll answer them directly!