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​Custom Gaming PC Financing: Should You Do It?

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When it comes to getting the custom gaming computer of your dreams, it might not always be cheap. If you want just want a computer for light gaming, head to the local big box store and grab a “gaming” desktop tower for $400. But if you want the ultimate custom gaming PC, it’s going to cost you considerably more. Still, it’s worth it. Trust us. We play on them every day, and we’re still impressed.

While we do have affordable gaming PCs such as our Turbo RYZEN Extreme, many people have us customize them before they leave our distribution center. And if you start with something like the Predator X-i9, you can max it out with triple monitors and have no problem breaking $10,000 (over $13,000, actually, and you can add in an Obutto cockpit with a bunch of Obutto accessories for good measure).

So if you want the best custom gaming PC but don’t yet have the funds, what do you do? We’re happy to offer gaming computer financing at Main Performance PC via Klarna. Let’s take a look at why people investigate our gaming PC financing.

You Get It Now

Why do people buy things on credit? Because they want it now.

Buying on credit isn’t always a bad thing. If there were no credit for mortgages, almost no one would be able to afford a house. If there were no credit for car loans, everyone would be buying $4000 used cars...except there wouldn’t be many used cars because no one bought a new car!

Yeah, we know the basic argument here. “People need a place to live” and “cars get people to their jobs.” That’s true. But people often buy things for fun on credit, and as long as it’s done responsibly...why not? People often buy hobby gear on credit, such as boats or camera equipment. (Few people would fault someone for going on safari and financing an $8900 lens.) But some people think that gaming is a less noble hobby. Well, we’re here to tell you that your hobby is certainly as legit as boating, and you’re less likely to get hurt doing it! So if you want the best desktop gaming PC around, go ahead and get it. You’ll be glad you did.

The Rate Might Be Lower

As of this writing, typical credit card interest rates are hitting an all-time high, which means that on average people are paying over 17-percent a year on their purchases. So if credit cards are that high, doesn’t it just make sense to look into loans that might be considerably cheaper? Maybe your credit card is at 24.99-percent, and if so then we bet you’ll get a much better deal from Klarna. You might even qualify for a reduced promo APR rate if you go with the Planned Payments option. Whether you choose to pay it off over six months or 36 months, you’ll have your share of options when investigating gaming computer financing.

Why Not Finance Your Custom Gaming PC?

As we mentioned above, we’re all for responsible use of credit. You could save up for years for your gaming PC, only to have something come along and snatch it away. Or you could be playing on one of the most powerful gaming desktop towers in just a couple of weeks and enjoy it for years — and we mean years — to come. With easy monthly payments, you can be having fun all that time instead of saving up your money and buying something outright.

At Main Performance PC, we truly think we’re the best place to buy a gaming PC. Click here to view all of the prebuilt gaming desktops we offer, customize it to your needs, and at checkout simply choose the Klarna option. You’ll be gaming before you know it!

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