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Obutto R3Volution Cockpits and Obutto oZone Cockpits are available for PRE-ORDER - ETA 7/31/2018.
Contact Us | M-F 9-5 Central

Company Move - We will not be available by phone during this time.

Starting August 14th through the 29th, we will be moving our offices from Memphis, TN to Gaithersburg, MD.  We are moving to a new shop with more space, and finally have the ability to accept visitors.

Some of you have come to know Christopher Sparks over the years, sadly he is no longer with the company. In the meantime, we do have a new support staff member.  She's very knowledgeable in the gaming industry, and has first hand knowledge on numerous games, and computer hardware.  She's a hardcore gamer, and we're super excited to have Stephanie onboard.  

We will also be starting up a YouTube series, aimed at both gaming and hardware talk, featuring myself & Stephanie.  Look for that to launch in the next 2 months or so while we get our studio setup.

We will have a few job openings as well once we're settled in.  Look for those job openings to be posted here if you live in the Montgomery County, MD area: https://www.mainperformancepc.com/careers/