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4 Things To Know About Financing Your Gaming PC


Perhaps you have spent the past year dreaming of your ideal gaming PC. You have pinched pennies and saved in every way you can possibly imagine. However, you still don’t have the money you need upfront to purchase your dream gaming computer. When this is the case, there are other solutions available. Here at Main Performance PC, we offer a unique financing solution for those who wish to purchase a gaming PC but lack the funds right away to do so. We work with a company called Klarna to provide flexible gaming PC financing options.

If you are thinking about financing your next gaming PC, check out the four things you need to know about financing through our company.

#1: Planned Payments Can Offer A Reduced APR Rate

If you are looking for an option that will save you the most, choosing planned payments can provide you with a reduced promo APR. How does this plan work? Essentially, you will sign up for a planned payment program through Klarna. They will require you to choose anywhere from a 6-month to 36-month payment term. By locking into this fixed term commitment, you can become eligible for reduced APRs.

When is this the ideal choice?

A planned payment program works well if you know exactly how much you can put down each month on your gaming PC. For example, if you know that each month you have an excess of $300 to put towards your purchase, you can commit to a fixed payment plan and enjoy the bonus of lowered APRs. In order for this to be a successful plan, you need to be certain you are capable of sticking to your budget. This plan does not work well for someone with erratic income or a poor understanding of their monthly budget.

#2: For Flexibility, Choose A No Fixed Term Commitment

The good news is that if a fixed payment plan is not ideal for your lifestyle, Klarna also offers a flexible month-to-month gaming PC financing option. This plan features no fixed term commitments, which means you can pay your balance in full one month or simply make the minimum monthly payment as you go. You will have to pay interest charges but the choice for how you repay your purchase is entirely up to you.

When is this the ideal choice?

If you are someone with an erratic income, a flexible payment plan might be the perfect fit for your needs. For example, if you work in the service industry and rely heavily upon tips and the hours you are given each week to work, you might not have a specific budget to work with each month. This can make it difficult to commit to a specific payment plan. In this case, a flexible payment plan will be your saving grace. As long as you can cover your minimum payment each month, you are fine. During a month where you made a little extra dough, you can simply pay more down on your PC.

#3: Our Financing Option Might Be Better Than Your Credit Card

You may wonder when considering the purchase of a custom gaming PC and your financing options available, why not just put it on your credit card instead? The reality is that most credit cards do offer competitive APRs. In fact, odds are good that your credit card will charge you extremely high amounts of interest. Once you start racking up credit card debt, it can be near to impossible to pay it off. Even when you make your monthly minimum payment, you might not make any progress on your original purchasing price. It is best to compare the options you are offered through Klarna after your credit check and determine if this is a better APR than your credit card offers.

#4: The Process Is Extremely Simple

Lastly, keep in mind that unlike many financing options available, ours is extremely simple. You do not have to go through any sort of complex paperwork to access gaming PC financing. How does our process work?

  1. Add what you like to your cart
  2. Choose Klarna at checkout to apply
  3. Enter some simple information
  4. Find out instantly if you are approved
  5. Complete your purchase

It is as simple as that. If you are interested in gaming PC financing options, please reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can help you purchase the gaming PC of your dreams.

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