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The Importance Of Audio When Gaming


When you are investing in a custom gaming PC, you will have an array of options from which to choose. You can pick the exact motherboard, processor, video card, and monitor you want to ensure the highest quality experience. Each component will play an important role in how enjoyable your gaming experience will be. We all know the frustration, for example, of trying to improve your gaming skills on a PC that lags.

However, when investing in a custom gaming PC, there is one area that is often overlooked — the audio. From the audio card you put in your custom gaming PC to the headset or speakers you utilize during gaming, how you hear your game is of the utmost importance. Without quality audio, your gaming experience will only be a fraction of what was intended by the game designers. Check out the following reasons why audio should be a major consideration as you shop for your next custom gaming PC and reach out to our team to learn more about the quality gaming PCs we offer.

The Ability To Feel Immersed In Another World

In The Art of Game Design, the author posits the importance of sound declaring, “Sound design is what truly convinces the mind that it is in a place; in other words, ‘hearing is believing.’” Just as a video game would be lacking if the graphics were subpar, a game without audio is missing a key component of immersion. You want to feel as if you are actually residing where your game takes place.

Whether you are racing down a track or fighting off zombies, audio will help you feel more present in the game at hand. Every single noise in the virtual world contributes to the overall mood and effect of the gameplay. From epic scores of music to the explosive quality of a machine gun being fired, audio draws you further and further into the games you play.

Your Interactions With Other Players

In many games, interacting with other players is part of the fun or perhaps even integral to strategy. For this reason, it is important to think of audio as a two-way street. Not only do you need to be able to hear everything clearly, but you also need to be understood easily. No one wants to be in the middle of battle only to try to make out a fuzzy and muffled voice from a member of their team.

Think about how you will be communicating with other players. Do you plan to invest in a quality headset with a built-in microphone? Consider the quality of your voice, not just how you hear the game.

Not Missing A Detail

You are sneaking around a corner when someone comes up behind you and shoots you in the back. If your audio had been quality, you might have heard them approaching you. In this way, subpar audio can prevent you from taking note of key details in a game.

When a game is being created, the designers consider every single minute thing. They program in specific audio for a reason. Having the right audio card and headset or speakers is critical for you to be able to tune into those vital moments.

Tips When Choosing Audio

As you can see, audio is undoubtedly just as important as the visual components of your custom gaming PC. Picking the right sound setup will ensure that you get the most out of any game you play. The following are a few tips to consider when you are choosing the right audio system for your custom gaming PC.

Think Of Comfort

For most gamers, a headset is an ideal choice for an improved audio experience. Having a built-in microphone paired with a quality headset makes player interaction a breeze. If you decide to utilize a headset, one of the most important things to consider outside of sound quality is comfort. Nothing will ruin your gameplay quite like a pounding headache from an uncomfortable headset.

Consider Your Living Situation

Do you have roommates? Are you in an apartment with shared walls? In these situations, it might not be plausible for you to invest in huge speakers to crank up your game’s audio. If you live in a shared space, consider quality headphones instead.

Determine A Realistic Budget

The quality of your audio will be determined in large part by your budget. When it comes to audio, you get what you pay for. From the audio card you install in your custom gaming PC to your speakers or headphones, the money you invest will play a role in how premium your audio experience is. If you can, try to leave a good amount of room in your budget for your audio experience.

Create Your Custom Gaming PC Today

If you are hoping to improve your gaming experience and want a better audio set up, we invite you to browse our custom gaming PCs at Main Performance PC. We offer an array of gaming PCs, each geared toward an improved overall gaming experience. From a quality audio card to the right accessories to pair with your PC, we offer an array of choices for the serious gamer. Feel free to reach out to our team to learn more about the products we offer. We look forward to helping you improve your gaming experience.

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