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Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

Optional accessories may be shown in product images. Accessories sold separately.

As gaming has become more realistic in recent years, our interface with the computer or console has not kept pace. The Obutto series of cockpits are the FIRST cockpits to ever be multi-task cockpits, catering to Flight Sim users, Racing Sim users and General Workstation users, all in one.

All of this changes with the Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit! Now you can be fully immerse yourself in any gaming environment.

Whether you require the use of a steering wheel and pedals, keyboard and mouse or flight sim yokes, throttle quadrants and joysticks, the oZone Gaming Cockpit eliminates the need to detach hardware when you switch games. All your hardware controls are right there available for use.

Console only gamers can simply detach the monitor stand and place the unit in front of the TV. To top things off, your purchase will also come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Please checkout the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


Please click here to view the online assembly instructions for the Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit.


*Optional accessories shown in product photo's.*

What does the Obutto oZone Base Cockpit come with?

  1. Carbon steel main frame - Powder-coated Matte Black (No other color options available)
  2. Real car sports seat (recline-able) as well as mounted on sliders like a real car.
  3. Steering and shifter mount
  4. Single LCD monitor mount for 19" to 40" Monitors/TV's - supports VESA 75x75, 100x100 and 100x200 patterns.
  5. Swiveling keyboard/mouse tray
  6. Pedal tray with rubber cover for grip
  7. Obutto Cupholder (As of 1/1/2014)
  8. All necessary assembly hardware & Instructions
  9. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Obutto Ozone Sim Racing Cockpit Review #2 (06:20)
http://www.insidesimracing.tv presents our review of The Obutto Ozone Sim Racing Cockpit.Tom puts it to the test, compares it to version 1 and puts it on the "REVS" scale. He attaches (or attempts to) attach wheels by Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec. The models tried were the Logitech G27, Fanatec GT2 and Thrustmaster T500RS. We hope you enjoy the show. Please visit our sponsors at http://www.iracing.com, http://www.gamepod.co.uk & http://www.tamiyausa.com
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RAID 0 (Striping) takes two drives of the same size and creates a bridge between them to make them act as one large drive. For example two 250GB drives would show up on the system as one large 500GB drive. This increases the speed of data being processed as it writes and reads across both drives. The downside is there is no data security. If one drive goes down in the RAID 0 configuration all data is lost as half is stored on one drive and the other half on the other. This is best used for situations where the data is not critical, but a speed performance increase may be desirable such as when using the machine for gaming.

RAID 1 (Mirroring) takes both drives and uses one to create a real time backup to the second. In this case two 250GB drives will show up as one 250GB drive. This is a good setup for those looking for data security as information put on the main drive of the RAID will immediately be copied over to the other drive as an exact match. You do lose some speed due to the extra processing, but allows for the data to be saved if one of the drives in the RAID go down. Simply replacing the defective drive will automatically rebuild the array over a short time.



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  • Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

    by Lee – Mar 7th 2014

    I think this cockpit is the best value for the money. I did a lot of research and this unit fit my needs better than anything else for the money I was willing to spend. Construction is of excellent quality and it is a very solid platform once put together. Although the instructions weren't all that great it still went together easily, especially with the help of the online videos on the website. I'm very happy with the seat, especially. I was expecting something of lesser quality for the money. It both reclines and is adjustable front-to-back which you don't often find in a budget cockpit. My only complaint about the seat is that for a guy my size (6'-2" 230 lbs) it's a little narrow but not uncomfortably so. I can still spend hours in the seat (with the help of a small pillow) with no problem. On weekends, it's not unusual for me to spend 8-10 hours per day in this seat.

    Ultimately, I found the shifter mount and keyboard/mouse tray to not be to my liking so I made my own tabletop from plywood to hold a lamp, keyboard, wheel, shifter and mouse pad. Since I use this cockpit for general gaming and not just racing I needed something that felt more like a desk when not using my racing wheel and the keyboard/mouse tray was just not that comfortable for me to use. I also prefer my shifter to be mounted closer to my wheel than the shifter mount would allow so the homemade tabletop was the perfect solution. I was going to order the acrylic tabletop but thought that its 40" length would not be quite long enough (my tabletop is about 45-46"). It would be ideal if the mounts for shifter, keyboard, etc. were optional and if they could pass along the savings but, even though I will likely never use them, I still feel that, for the money, this is a terrific unit and I've already recommended it to several friends. One of my friends was thinking of building a custom home-made rig but after trying my Obutto Ozone he said he would buy this instead.

  • Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

    by Bradley – Mar 7th 2014

    I am overall very pleased with the obutto ozone gaming cokcpit. Here are my Pro's and Con's


    -Very solid, the construction of the rig is phenomenal. Very sturdy and very heavy. The package weighed in at 110 lbs.
    -Easy construction. The rig was mostly self explanatory to put together but does require a quite a bit of space to assemble.
    -The Seat. The seat is extremely comfortable. I have sat through several long races and different gaming and i have been very comfortable. This was one of the main things that i was worried about because i am a bigger guy.
    -Price. For the price that you pay for this rig you cannot go wrong.
    -No bar between your legs. This is one of the biggest reasons i purchased this rig over playseat and VRC rigs. **Plus for the price that you pay for those rigs, you can get more features with the obutto ozone**


    -The keyboard and mouse tray. To be honest this was one of the main reasons i purchased this rig,the tray is covered with "mouse pad" material which i love. But with the steering wheel mounted on the rig it is very hard to navigate this over your legs. Which i stated before, i am a bigger guy so this could be one of the reasons but i think that the overall construction of the tray could be tweaked and made more accessible.
    -The pedal and wheel stands. This is minor but i would have liked to had pre-drilled holes for the pedal and wheel stands.
    -The Monitor Mount. Again this is one minor flaw to the rig but i would like it if the monitor stand would go a little higher. I have a 32" tv for my monitor and the stand has to be all the way extended for this to look right. Once again this is a minor detail.

    In conclusion i would like to say that i am very impressed with this rig! It exceeded my expectations in some aspects but did have its flaws. If i had to purchase a rig all over again, i would not hesitate in buying this particular one. Great product.

  • Fantastic product

    by Rob – Feb 10th 2014

    This product is nothing short of amazing. Quality is great, chair is comfortable and it is sleak and smooth. Setup was easy, took me and hour and half and that was with spongebob on distracting me. I am using this as my personal desk/ office but mostly for gaming, and it is perfect for it. The most comfortable ive been when i have played. My friends and I play call of duty on the weekends and when we play it is usually a couple hours. I could not even tell this last weekend that i was in a chair for over 2 hours. My only problem was a fault of my own, i assumed that my monitor had all the holes for the mount but it didnt and i didnt know this until i was trying to mount the monitor( my monitor is only a year old) so i had to jimmy rig it a little. Went to lowes and got some roofing straps, their all pre drilled. I just built my own mount that went around the monitor and then i mounted it to my obutto ozone.....if your a gamer, this product is for you

  • One of the best options available

    by Jason L – Jan 19th 2014

    This is probably the best rig for the money out there. Sturdy constriction, a comfortable seat, and multiple mounting options for the attachments make this a great value.

    My only suggestions would be better instructions; that being said the way the Ozone goes together is pretty logical and not too difficult, but others may struggle.

    My other gripe is with the monitor mount. The holes lined up perfectly with my monitors VESA mount, but the spot where the power cord plugs in was covered by the Ozone's mount. I simply drilled new holes in the mount to make some room for the cord. Once again, those not as technically savvy may find this a challenge.

    All in all, this may have been the best investment I've made in my sim racing setup, and the fact that it can double as a normal workstation when not racing is just perfect for me.


  • Best bang for the buck!!!

    by RMcCanney – Dec 27th 2013

    Great sim for the price, very comfortable and sturdy. Same complaint as others about the keyboard but its not really an issue just preference. I actually didn't get the table top and drilled and taped the keyboard tray and mounted it behind the wheel until I come up with a better keyboard option. I would prefer a tilted keyboard tray off the right side so will probably buy a ram mount and go from there. Overall though its a 5 star product for the value and the overall strength of the cockpit. I would recommend to anyone!!!!

  • I spent three day on this chair...

    by Oscar M. – Dec 18th 2013

    Vizio 50' 3d tv, pc, ps3, g27 and a cup holder to complete my corner of heaven. I gotta say, I thought this was over kill, expensive and maybe not that comfortable. It's hard to gauge a product online and get over petty complaints from certain people. Well let me tell you those people are wrong. It is not overkill as I'm only using an extra foot and a half of space. Expensive? Think about it, it's a desk with one of the best chairs you can possibly get. You can easily spend $400 in a crappy chair and desk and not have the level of comfort offered by this cockpit. Uncomfortable? Not at all. I read someone complaining about lumbar support... Buy a Memory Foam Lumbar pillow and that will fix that problem right up. Not everyone needs/wants that support. But if you do, very easily fixable. I waited too long to make the jump on something like this. It will change your gaming experience even if you are just playing FPS. Delivery was promised til the 27th as the cockpit was a pre-order item. It was delivered on the 12th and playing on it by the 14th. Good company, good product. You will not regret this purchase.

  • great cockpit, really bad monitor mount design

    by james redfern – Sep 15th 2013

    this was very easy to assemble, very solid design and overall great desk/cockpit. BUT be warned the monitor mount is a very bad design. i wanted to use my 23" 3d monitor with this, but when vesa mounted the mount blocks all the display ports and power supply port for the screen. i then tried to mount 2 other 23 inch screens and again when vesa mounted the cockpits mount blocks all the ports, make sure you monitors ports face downward other wise the mount blocks them. if you use a 32" tv (which is what i'm using for now, and forced to play in the native 720p of it which sucks until i find a 1080p monitor that will mount) a 32" monitor mounts just fine and the ports are unobstructed, but every screen i've seen 23" or so the ports are blocked. so again, the rest of the design was great, but that one horrible design for the monitor mount makes the ozone an "ok" setup, rather than an "awesome" setup.

  • I'm sure Glad I bought This

    by stone775 – Sep 11th 2013

    HI All, i ordered the Ozone on 09-03-13 and it arrived on 09-10-13. I started to open up the BIG box and there was a really nice looking seat and a little heavy, then there was all the part's and when I finally got everything unwrapped 30-40 mins. later, they was nicely packaged also. Everything had a really nice finish on them, It did impress me, NO problems at all with looks on the frame, Simply Gorgeous! Then I started to put it together in about 2 hours I had it finished (I took a couple breaks) But, it was Very Easy to put together. Next I set in the seat WHOoooo, Very Comfortable easy to slide forward and backwards and recline works very well also. This seat is Not a Cheap seat like on some other rig's that cost much more than the Obutto Ozone. This really Impressed me! You need this one!

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