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Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit - ETA Late May 2015

Optional accessories may be shown in product images. Accessories sold separately.

As gaming has become more realistic in recent years, our interface with the computer or console has not kept pace. The Obutto series of cockpits are the FIRST cockpits to ever be multi-task cockpits, catering to Flight Sim users, Racing Sim users and General Workstation users, all in one.

All of this changes with the Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit! Now you can be fully immerse yourself in any gaming environment.

Whether you require the use of a steering wheel and pedals, keyboard and mouse or flight sim yokes, throttle quadrants and joysticks, the oZone Gaming Cockpit eliminates the need to detach hardware when you switch games. All your hardware controls are right there available for use.

Console only gamers can simply detach the monitor stand and place the unit in front of the TV. To top things off, your purchase will also come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Please checkout the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


Please click here to view the online assembly instructions for the Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit.


*Optional accessories shown in product photo's.*

What does the Obutto oZone Base Cockpit come with?

  1. Carbon steel main frame - Powder-coated Matte Black (No other color options available)
  2. Real car sports seat (recline-able) as well as mounted on sliders like a real car.
  3. Steering and shifter mount
  4. Single LCD monitor mount for 19" to 40" Monitors/TV's - supports VESA 75x75, 100x100 and 100x200 patterns.
  5. Swiveling keyboard/mouse tray
  6. Pedal tray with rubber cover for grip
  7. Obutto Cupholder (As of 1/1/2014)
  8. All necessary assembly hardware & Instructions
  9. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
My 2010 OBUTTO cockpit with triple monitors....racing & killing (01:18)
The OBUTTO gaming cockpit does it all for me....not only do I get over a 4ft view of the games, but I can easily move from sim racing to shooters (and even flight sims) without the pain of moving my steering wheel out of the way. Well I have to lower it a bit but you get the idea ;) This is only my second day with a rally sim so be easy on me...heh :) Oh ya I'm 6ft 2in tall by the way.
  • My 2010 OBUTTO...
    The OBUTTO gaming cockpit does it all for me....not only do I ...
  • Obutto Ozone S...
    http://www.insidesimracing.tv presents our review of The Obutt...




Expected arrival date to our warehouse is May 29th 2015


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ETA May 2015
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RAID 0 (Striping) takes two drives of the same size and creates a bridge between them to make them act as one large drive. For example two 250GB drives would show up on the system as one large 500GB drive. This increases the speed of data being processed as it writes and reads across both drives. The downside is there is no data security. If one drive goes down in the RAID 0 configuration all data is lost as half is stored on one drive and the other half on the other. This is best used for situations where the data is not critical, but a speed performance increase may be desirable such as when using the machine for gaming.

RAID 1 (Mirroring) takes both drives and uses one to create a real time backup to the second. In this case two 250GB drives will show up as one 250GB drive. This is a good setup for those looking for data security as information put on the main drive of the RAID will immediately be copied over to the other drive as an exact match. You do lose some speed due to the extra processing, but allows for the data to be saved if one of the drives in the RAID go down. Simply replacing the defective drive will automatically rebuild the array over a short time.



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  • Got this for my husband

    by Stacy Bernhart – Mar 13th 2015

    I got this for my husband back in Jan and he's thrilled. Main Performance did a great job answering my questions and helping me figure out what was best for his needs. I actually was going to buy the r3volution but they talked me into the cheaper one since he wont ever go with three screens. saved me a few hundred dollars and he is a happy camper! the main performance staff was very professional and everything arrived and was communicated as promised. I also ordered a PC for him too and that has been a blast as we both share it (He uses it for iRacing, and I use it for my girly games)

  • Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

    by Tyler C. – Dec 24th 2014

    Taking off the bubble wrap was an absolute hell!!!

    The cockpit is top quality! It was very easy to put together, but putting the seat on was a bit tricky. I don't know if it's just me, but I don't think my legs are fat at all and it was a SUPER tight fit with the keyboard tray and the wheel being mounted. Overall I would ditch the keyboard tray like I did and put this on the side of your daily desk. The seat is very comfortable! Phenomenal for racing.

    Cockpit this is 5/5, but as a workstation I would give it a 3/5. Maybe having the articulating keyboard and the acrylic table would help a lot for every day use.

    My seat came with an indent, which has reshaped to normal like I was told and it also had a rip. I was offered a new seat or cash. The mainperformance customer service was TOP notch and very quick and caring and on top of it Chris from Obutto contacted me which just shows they care and stand by their product which is a MASSIVE plus! AMAZING company with an AMAZING product that really makes sim racing enjoyable.

  • Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

    by Dylan – Dec 7th 2014

    in my opinion i was suggest that you spend a little more time on your assembly videos and instruction diagram, i had a little tough time putting the seat together, and iunno if it how i set it up or im just short but my keyboard and wheel platform interfere so i cannot type easily while i wait in a lobby before racing, seems like i have to lower my wheel platform to allow the keyboards in or turn to the side and type on the side. but all in all it a solid quality product, with despite the 3 month wait because of the shipment delay to the warehouse it got here relatively quickly.

  • Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

    by Vince N. – Aug 24th 2014

    This cockpit is awesome! I get great back support from the chair and am playing all my games in it. I purchased it originally for Star Citizen and my x-55 set up fits nicely. I scrapped the intended joy stick holder and used the throttle holder from the flight control pack as well as the longer 'L' connector for my joystick (it gives you more vertical range and horizontally doesn't put it right between your thighs) and used the original chair stick shift holder for my throttle. There are plenty of extra parts to customize the chair to fit your needs. It all goes together very easily. It didn't take me very long to put it together.
    The only real issue I had was with the monitor mount. I ended up buying a new monitor because my HDMI and power plug were covered by the mount. If M.P. goes with an updated 'H' shaped VESA mount they wouldn't have any more complaints about that.
    Get the articulating keyboard mount and the joystick mount pack and you won't be disappointed! I may eventually add the acrylic desk top for some space but for now it is all great.

  • Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

    by Patrick – Jul 26th 2014

    I had been looking for ergonomic chairs when I came across this item. At the prices some of the ergo office chairs are going for, this setup was a steal! I work & play in this seat, and have spent several hours per day in it. This is hands-down the most comfortable I've ever been in front of my computer screens. I'm a big guy, 6', over 250. No problem getting in & out of this, and I don't even have the seat all the way back.

    Assembly was fun, as the unit doesn't come with instructions, but it really is fairly obvious how it all goes together. My only complaint is that the tolerances of the parts (how well they fit together) is a little lax, but the unit holds together fine, and where the fits aren't tight, it's barely noticeable. Once assembled, it's pretty solid.

    They include an alan-key and a stamped crescent wrench. While the alan-key is fine, the wrench is rather a joke. I used my own crescent to do the work; less chance of it slipping off. Bolts/nuts are all standard-size (not metric). If you don't have the extra tools I'm sure the included one would work fine. Adjusting things like the table and keyboard platforms took some playing with, but with the large hand-knobs on the set-bolts this was fairly easy to get done, and they have stayed where I put them.

    I did not mount the joystick arm, and I replaced the standard keyboard table arm with the more adjustable accessory arm because my space is limited. I also have the acrylic table top, as my primary use of this is for work and I needed more space to put stuff. I later added the triple-monitor mount as well, but I'll review those things elsewhere.

    Ultimately, if you spend as much time as I do in front of your computer, you'll not be unhappy with this setup.

  • Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

    by Guest – Jul 25th 2014

    Easy to assemble, but the package is pretty large/bulky. You will likely need 2 people to move it around.
    Only took about an hour to get it assembled, another half hour to run cables and finish the setup.

    Doesn't move around on carpet, very comfy to sit in for long amounts of time. Great for racing as the pedals and wheel is fully adjustable, position wise. Fits the G27 perfectly.

    Also works well as a normal desk setup, as I played quite a lot of Kerbal space program and banished in the setup as well.

    Totally worth the price.

  • Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

    by Lee – Mar 7th 2014

    I think this cockpit is the best value for the money. I did a lot of research and this unit fit my needs better than anything else for the money I was willing to spend. Construction is of excellent quality and it is a very solid platform once put together. Although the instructions weren't all that great it still went together easily, especially with the help of the online videos on the website. I'm very happy with the seat, especially. I was expecting something of lesser quality for the money. It both reclines and is adjustable front-to-back which you don't often find in a budget cockpit. My only complaint about the seat is that for a guy my size (6'-2" 230 lbs) it's a little narrow but not uncomfortably so. I can still spend hours in the seat (with the help of a small pillow) with no problem. On weekends, it's not unusual for me to spend 8-10 hours per day in this seat.

    Ultimately, I found the shifter mount and keyboard/mouse tray to not be to my liking so I made my own tabletop from plywood to hold a lamp, keyboard, wheel, shifter and mouse pad. Since I use this cockpit for general gaming and not just racing I needed something that felt more like a desk when not using my racing wheel and the keyboard/mouse tray was just not that comfortable for me to use. I also prefer my shifter to be mounted closer to my wheel than the shifter mount would allow so the homemade tabletop was the perfect solution. I was going to order the acrylic tabletop but thought that its 40" length would not be quite long enough (my tabletop is about 45-46"). It would be ideal if the mounts for shifter, keyboard, etc. were optional and if they could pass along the savings but, even though I will likely never use them, I still feel that, for the money, this is a terrific unit and I've already recommended it to several friends. One of my friends was thinking of building a custom home-made rig but after trying my Obutto Ozone he said he would buy this instead.

  • Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit

    by Bradley – Mar 7th 2014

    I am overall very pleased with the obutto ozone gaming cokcpit. Here are my Pro's and Con's


    -Very solid, the construction of the rig is phenomenal. Very sturdy and very heavy. The package weighed in at 110 lbs.
    -Easy construction. The rig was mostly self explanatory to put together but does require a quite a bit of space to assemble.
    -The Seat. The seat is extremely comfortable. I have sat through several long races and different gaming and i have been very comfortable. This was one of the main things that i was worried about because i am a bigger guy.
    -Price. For the price that you pay for this rig you cannot go wrong.
    -No bar between your legs. This is one of the biggest reasons i purchased this rig over playseat and VRC rigs. **Plus for the price that you pay for those rigs, you can get more features with the obutto ozone**


    -The keyboard and mouse tray. To be honest this was one of the main reasons i purchased this rig,the tray is covered with "mouse pad" material which i love. But with the steering wheel mounted on the rig it is very hard to navigate this over your legs. Which i stated before, i am a bigger guy so this could be one of the reasons but i think that the overall construction of the tray could be tweaked and made more accessible.
    -The pedal and wheel stands. This is minor but i would have liked to had pre-drilled holes for the pedal and wheel stands.
    -The Monitor Mount. Again this is one minor flaw to the rig but i would like it if the monitor stand would go a little higher. I have a 32" tv for my monitor and the stand has to be all the way extended for this to look right. Once again this is a minor detail.

    In conclusion i would like to say that i am very impressed with this rig! It exceeded my expectations in some aspects but did have its flaws. If i had to purchase a rig all over again, i would not hesitate in buying this particular one. Great product.

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